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How having a good career and money can actually help you get laid.

“Money doesn’t just buy you a better life—better food, better cars, better pussy—it also makes you a better person. You can give generously to the church of your choice or the political party. You can save the fuckin’ spotted owl with money,” – Jordan Belfort (played by DiCaprio) on the Wolf of Wall Street movie

One topic I have seen come up repeatedly as I look around at sites that link my content a lot is one of money. Now the topic is not about lacking money but rather if things like a nice career and money actually stop you from doing well with women. I have spent some time talking about this in the past as you can see on my posts here and here. Despite the two posts, I think that my message did not get across clear enough.

Women are not your parents, they aren’t “proud” of your career.

Made VP at whatever bank? Great pay for my meal.

Graduated a tough residency at whatever med school? Cool, I’ll call you when I am bored and need to get married.

You catch my drift here, women are not amazed at your career unless they are in a stage where they are done with partying and sleeping around. When it comes time for a marriage, women will care about your career and yes, you will be led along a few dates before you can come close to getting your dick wet. Now imagine this compared to being some random meathead at a nightclub she met who looks like he works at the docks, that guy is probably getting a one night stand. I have noticed that men, especially from certain cultures, have a tendency to flaunt their career around to impress women but it’s not going to work. Unless you are a high-end Instagram photographer who can get her a modeling gig, a DJ at a hot nightclub, a tatted up bartender at the top bar in town or a male model yourself, you’re not impressing her

Yet there you are, the white collar guy working an office job with a suit who doesn’t want to risk throwing his life away on a job just so he can get laid.

You don’t want to work in the high risk nightlife industry (which is reeling from COVID and has a very questionable recovery), pull strings to play the social media photographer angle which is so overcrowded, and probably don’t have the proportions to be a male model. As you read this, you have learned that while you invested years into your education, the guy who crashed on his friend’s couch while working at a nightclub is getting with way hotter girls than you. Meanwhile, you deal with entitled plain women at your workplace and do not even have the same access as the guy working as a DJ does. Now what do you do about the big mistake of taking your education seriously? (that’s sarcasm, stay in school kids, at least finish high school!) How does money help alleviate problems?

The problem is, most men who are in this situation use money the wrong way, it’s natural as most are naturally guys who struggled with women growing up.

So you get a six-figure paycheck as someone that works as a software engineer or some white collar job that pays a lot of money, well, you’re probably going to hope women fall at your feet. Not just that, you’re going to overspend on dates and talk about your job at Google trying to impress her (remember, she isn’t your parent). Date ends, thanks for the meal, and you probably never see her again. The issue is, you were relying on money and your career to help you get laid from the get go. If you want to get laid a lot, that is not how it works, you have to think about money and your career differently.

Money should actually buy you freedom, flexibility, open up more avenues, and a chance to experiment with being creative.Havin’ money’s not everything, nothavin’ it is.

“Havin’ money’s not everything, not havin’ it is.” – Kanye West (Good Life)

Money should not get you the girl, it should make having all the fundamentals of getting a girl easier and more smooth. In other words, money should make it easier for you to build up the fundamentals of being a sexy guy.


Money buys you the ability to pay for a better fitness instructor, eat better, and the ability to spend more on quality health products. You can afford sexier clothes and dress better as a result because money is not an issue. Now you can spend on things such as a better barber, better grooming saloon if you have issues with bushy eyebrows, and potentially other things to maximize your looks. Such things are tougher to afford when you are poor and despite what anyone says, looks fucking matter.


The hottest girls are not hanging out in poor neighborhoods and if they are hanging out in poor areas, they are trying to get the fuck out. Most of the best looking women want to be near wealth and around successful wealthy people. Compare the wealthy and well off areas of any major city to a rundown poor area of it, you’ll find a lot more attractive women in wealthy places.


All the cities with the best party nightlife that a lot of the hottest girls gather to? Well, rent there is not going to be cheap. Even when I lived with a roommate in the prime part of Manhattan where the party goes on, rent was fucking expensive. Money buys you the ability to live in a prime area without having to commute long distances to go out. Now I only make one example of lifestyle but there are clearly many many others as well, this is just one part of it. You can live in the prime areas for hooking up and meeting women, buy a place near the best clubs, and often get into activities that might introduce you to good looking women.


Unless you absolutely suck with your social skills (money can buy charisma coaches!), you’ll run into more friends as you get wealthy. Certain people in your industry and others would want to be friends with you because, well, wealthy people generally want to be around others around their same social class. What you will find is that a lot of these people who are wealthy also have others in their family who are wealthy, they come from generations of wealth. Many of them have an “in” at certain social clubs that others want to be a part of and there is a sense of exclusivity there. One other thing, a lot of the most attractive women are rarely hanging out at poor trashy establishments, they want to be near wealth themselves. Money in some ways puts you in a certain bubble and in a long enough timeline as you go out in certain areas, you realize it becomes a small world and you see the same faces over and over and over again.

The chance to “experiment” with creative ideas.

Say you are one of the out of the box creative kind who wants to be innovative when meeting women, money buys you the ability to actually do that. You see, it’s hard as fuck to really focus that much on the game when you can barely pay rent and have no idea how you will put food on the table. Whether you want to launch that creative modeling agency to recruit aspiring models (legally that is) or find a way to be the next Dan Bilzerian, well, money affords you that opportunity.

Money does not help you get laid directly, it helps boost the fundamentals which make it easier for you to get laid.

Whether it is looking better, living in better areas, making the right kind of friends (on the right side of the law instead of involved in petty crime), or being around better looking women, money grants you opportunities for that. The power of money should not be seen as direct as in you flaunting your career, your wealth, or buying tables at a nightclub, it should be seen as more indirect.

You don’t stress out about that trip to an exotic country anymore where the women are beautiful and game more level. You can move to any city that is having a great scene and is packed with loads of single women compared to being stuck in one city. You can join that high-end gym with better equipment and trainers so getting in shape is easy. You also have more of a peace of mind not being in debt or unable to pay rent since you have money, obviously peace of mind is relative since some rich people are hyper competitive.

4 thoughts on “How having a good career and money can actually help you get laid.

  1. Thanks for the article. Honestly could not have come at a better time. I was pretty surprised in my own life that women weren’t impressed with what a guy does for a career especially when girl is 21-25 years old. Basically just all about fun and not being “stuck” or tied down to a man.

    Anyway definitely going to work on career and use my money to improve my looks, logistics, and coaching. Thanks man, take care.

  2. Hey man. Just wanted to say that I love your blog. Have read almost every post and I can relate to your past a lot. Do you have any recommendations for someone with an unemployable major? I graduated a few years ago with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and have been working various dead-end jobs ever since. Currently I’m working in a call center making $17 an hour. I recently started seeing a career counselor and hired a resume writer, so hopefully they can help. But do you have any tips yourself?

    1. Hi man, unfortunately I do not handle work related questions and advice, at that point this blog would get too broad. I would recommend being more clear on where your skills are and working backwards from there. Wall Street Playboys is a great resource.

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