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How to tell a fraud from someone legit.

In my past post, I talked about why most internet forums and online dating advice communities are largely worthless. Now say you are stuck in a situation like I was and it just so happens that online forums are the only legitimate channel you can find. Your local area is full of people a bit behind times who still think marriage at twenty-one with kids and a house by twenty-five is the way to do life. Here you are in front of the computer and vast world of the internet where anyone can be just about anyone. How do you tell a fraud apart from someone who is legitimately good with women? Here are some ways.

Ask process oriented and situation specific questions to tell the preachers apart from guys who are good with women.

Give them a situation where you are actually pursuing a girl, texting girl, and approaching her. Don’t ask them how they feel about the modern dating climate, everyone from the experts to the incels have an opinion on that which can go for pages. Instead, ask them what they would do to approach a girl who is standing next to them at a crosswalk or in a grocery store. If this guy cannot openly say what they would do in a public forum, deflects in any way,  gives a very broad answer, or starts showing disrespect while being asked that? You are dealing with a fraud.

It’s so easy to pull up statistics, give your opinions on culture, whine all the time, and paint doomsday scenarios left and right. Even a twenty-five year-old incel sitting in the basement of his parent’s house can give you the rundown on how he thinks women are spoiled and have so many options, the truth is, he isn’t getting any action so why are you even wasting time talking to him? 

Make the conversation as process oriented as possible and ask for examples, real world applications, and how they did what they did. A fraud hates going into details because the truth about lying is that eventually, you have a lot of things to keep in mind.

Ask for results.

Some guys will happily send you pics of Tinder convos, dating app convos, texts, and even pics of the girls with them (with faces blurred out of course). If a guy is willing to do that, you are dealing with someone that is legitimate (with a small need for validation but don’t we all?). A fraud on the other hand will not do any of that, expecting you to take him at face value. 

Now this is a slippery slope for me as so far to date, I have not actually offered up any of that but in future posts, that is slowly going to change. It might be quite some time before I put up pics of me with girls, or pics of myself in general, but I’ll be happy to offer up other pieces of proof as I continue to tell my story. My point is, if someone is not willing to prove their shit, they are not legitimate.

So far, I would say that while I have offered up a lot of stories and opinions, I have stayed away from posting pics. Due to this, I cannot blame some people out there for saying that I am not a legitimate source. As we expand and the brand changes, I will be working on incorporating this more into my stories.

Judge the book by its cover, most of the times that is.

If the guy looks like the kind of guy that women would want to sleep with, then chances are, he probably fucks. Most of the times, above average looks with good style will get you a chance with decent looking women in a big city (barring some exceptions like Toronto and San Francisco which have horrible dating scenes). While the game champions will swear looks do not matter, real life tells a different story, women love to fuck hot guys. 

Now there is an exception here, some guys out there are not good looking but due to certain personality traits and maybe even social status, can get hot girls. For these kinds of guys, judge them based on their vibe and how they interact with people, ask yourself the tough questions. Would you introduce them to your friends? Would you be happy to hang out with them in public and even brag about it?

On a forum, this is tough to pick out because you do not even see how these guys look, for this, there is another thing to see.

Judge by trends of the person, see the overall image.

Lots of field reports? Most posts consist of going out and talking to women? Lay reports? Giving action oriented advice that shows expertise? You’re probably looking at a poster that might be a legitimate source of information.

Most time spent arguing with other members? Most content around social trends and politics? An overall negative whiny vibe about the current environment? You’re probably dealing with a fraud.

When you use common sense here, questions should come to mind as to how someone having a fulfilled life and getting laid a lot would waste time on pointless political discussions and forum arguments. Oftentimes, it is the people heavily invested in flame wars and debates who are seeing the least success.


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