Adapt or die, most men in the “game” community lack vision.

Now there are many ways I can describe the “game” community but for right now, I am mainly keeping it to pickup forums, game forums, any guy giving “dating advice” through his platform, and even communities like say the seduction Reddit dedicated to helping men get better with women. While I might occasionally peek on these places, the truth is, one of the reasons along with many others that I stopped posting on there is because I found as a whole, people lacked vision.

You see, even attracting women is like everything else, it evolves overtime.

Business evolved overtime, you used to be able to just cold call all day and get people on the line but then, you needed a better strategy. Now, instead of cold calling and forcing people into meetings, you need to have a relevant message worth their time or else you’re in danger of being blacklisted. As you can see, the same sales organizations that just pound out cold calls hoping something lands are going to be less effective than those who are more strategic. Same goes for sports, business, marketing, media, music, and you get where I am going with this.

Adapt or die.

Natural selection favors adaptable species that fit in with their environment over those that do not. Now it is a bit different here, we are talking things you can actually change but the idea at its core is kind of similar. You can either go against whatever the modern trends are and lose or you can adapt to them, get good with them, and win, In other words, you stop yourself from falling behind the times and letting a newer, fresher, and more innovative rival taking your place.

Case in point, social media.

As we saw in the 2016 election, Donald Trump managed to win due to how he used Twitter and social media along with a host of other reasons. In other words, he had taken a platform of social media which is so relevant in today’s world and used it to drive his brand to victory. No politician had leveraged social media in such a way and through it, Trump was able to win a lot of support and became one of the drivers that won him the presidency.

Staying on the topic of social media since it is important, it is something the “game” community has been very dismissive of and often to their own downfall. You think you are being “mysterious” or smart by staying off the grid but common sense will disagree with you. Most employers are not even going to hire you in today’s world if you lack a LinkedIn profile, you are presenting a brand and a lack of a LinkedIn profile says you are not good at presenting it.

Same with attracting women, if you do not have a social media profile, it shows that you are out of touch, don’t keep up with modern times, and are not good at adapting. Some guys can get away with not having a profile but at that point, she is so attracted to you that you can make countless mistakes and still get her. By not having a social media profile though, you are limiting yourself significantly. Women who you meet on dating apps will assume that you are a fake profile or catfish if you do not provide a Snapchat or Instagram. Yet for some reason, the aging game community continues to persist with its dislike of social media.

Most of all, let’s talk about this lack of vision in the game community.

“Cold approach” game has been the most commonly preached method of meeting women over the past few years and there is an issue with that. I don’t disagree that you can meet women by approaching enough throughout the night and even daytime approaching but how long can you do this without being creepy? You have pickup artists being arrested for their behavior in approaching women.

Most normal people also do not cold approach during the day because even in a big city, it is kind of weird. Now I don’t doubt it works but the truth is, on its own, it has a very low success rate. I think men should still do it, albeit not in a creepy direct PUA way, to build up courage and bravery but not rely on it exclusively.

Other avenues for meeting women which should be talked about is living a more interesting life that attracts women, having a better social media presence to show that awesome life, having better photos, building better networks, and improving overall as a guy outside of game rather than being some spammy creep that hits on everything.

If I was to ask these guys how they want their lives to be five years from now, they could not answer the question.

Most of the newbies and guys who are students of the community could not answer what they want out of life and out of dating. Majority cannot say what an ideal life looks like to them and do not even know what success is by their own metric. Instead, it is going out night after night to chat with women and count up how many “approaches” they did to prove that they get laid.

You have an issue of men who put more time into showing that they are doing “game” by making countless approaches that go nowhere and bragging about it than actually getting results. Even then, getting laid on its own gets old and boring, which is why you have so many guys in the pickup movement that burn out, talk about how bad casual sex is, and ditch the casual sex hookup lifestyle.

Most of the times, these were the guys who went out (often alone) and just spam approached. Rejection, rejection, rejection, and then finally one decent girl gave them a chance and they took her home. Had sex, bragged about it to their pickup buddies, and then at the same time saw their ceiling. Never getting the hottest girls, always that creepy guy out alone, never building up people skills so they continued to be that outcast, and then they quit saying how the game was so overrated. It’s like me going to a local Taco Bell and saying Mexican food is overrated, yeah Taco Bell isn’t even authentic Mexican food so you get my point here. Despite all those years of going out, these guys never fixed the fact deep down that they likely struggled with women because they were lower status in their formative years and social misfits, they never fixed that.

So how does having a “vision” look like? For starters, going outside the box.

Everyone in your hive mind just spam approaches women, usually getting rejected until some random girl says yes, and then they take her home and fuck. Lather, rinse, repeat and then now you have the same guy saying how getting laid and meeting girls is overrated. Now I cannot possibly be the only guy who finds something seriously wrong with this.

Now observe the guys who are actually doing really well with women and regularly showing up to clubs and bars with good looking girls. Look at you friends or guys you may know that are getting with the better looking women every weekend or have hot girl in their lives. Compare and contrast on how they differ from the guys you know in the game community.

A guy with a vision would see that there is something seriously wrong and think more outside the box with how to attract women. Maybe he puts more focus on looking good, having better photos, building a better social media presence, and getting involved in activities that put him in front of women. Maybe he puts more focus on making money and using that money creatively (I do not mean escorts) to meet women or get laid. Perhaps he invests more on being an attractive guy others want to be around and thinking long-term on how to attract women than being short-sighted.

That’s the other thing, being less short-sighted and thinking long-term.

The best generals in history and in my experience the men who were attractive to women, having had the best results, were strategic in how they did their lives. A lot of these men knew when not to fuck a woman because it ruin them socially or make things more complicated. Many of them knew not to mistreat a girl and just “pump and dump” her.

Here is an example, one of my friends is a guy named Sebastian, a Spaniard who moved here at the age of five from California. Sebastian is a good looking dude and among top tier in men I have seen get girls. I have seen him date and sleep with some of the most beautiful women out there.

Sebastian has a good Instagram page of him doing cool stuff, engages in hobbies outside of work (he is a software engineer) which put him in contact with good looking women, makes social connections with guys and girls who are cool (even if the people are couples), and spends time actually building a social life outside of work.

Now Sebastian is picky about the women he dates and sleeps but I’d say most are solidly  above average and a handful of them hot. Rarely does Sebastian pump and dump women, he treats them so well to the point that some women he is sleeping with tell their friends about him. Having roomed with Sebastian before, on three different occasions a girl’s friends come over to his place and fuck him, majority of the time the girl being okay with it.

In hobbies and other social avenues, women and men invite Sebastian to their events. Through making a good impression on them, he is able to have them introduce him to other women who he fucks and dates. Now all of this added to the fact that he does use dating apps with great results? Why? Because one of his friends is a professional photographer and he has a social life that gets portrayed on these apps. When he goes out, he will occasionally approach but it is so natural, he is friends with the staff at these places which is instant social proof. Women might reject him but it means little because they engage more with him than some loser pickup artist.

All of this is a part of Sebastian’s life, he plays the social media game and is so well connected that he gets laid by just living his life. Rarely do I see him cold approach or spam approach when out. Sebastian lives an awesome life with awesome people in it to the point that getting laid is just a part of it all. If he is going to a bar most nights, guarantee he knows some of the people already there and is not going as a stranger. In the social media and dating app age where pickup artists risk being arrested for coming on too strong, guys like Sebastian are king.

Compare this to the typical pickup artist who likely has no social life outside of game, goes out solely to get laid, spam approaches the whole bar, goes home empty-handed most nights, is out of touch with current social trends, occasionally gets laid after enough approaching, and then after a few years grows so bitter towards game that he disses the whole idea of casual sex saying he is “over it” after years of “success” (usually  getting with subpar women).

Now someone with vision would actually build off of what Sebastian does and be even more creative than him.

Who would you rather be?

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  1. Thanks man for this article. So many videos and forums say to go out alone and that pickup artist even prefer being alone. Definitely going to invest in becoming the type of man that other people want to be around.

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