Direction of this site moving forward and a new contributor!

For all of my followers who are aware, my last post was post number 100 on this blog. I did want to talk a bit more about the direction of this site moving forward and how it might actually change a bit.

I am going to incorporate more of my own experiences and exchanges with women into future posts on top of social exchanges in general. The site will also become kind of a journal for me to recount certain days so you can keep up with what my day to day is usually like. Hopefully if pulled off right, I might be able to add some pics as well. On top of this, due to requests I have been getting, we are going to have a comprehensive online dating guide as well as discuss matters like race and game.

Joining me on this site is my first ever contributor, Pablo! Pablo is going to share his story soon and will look to add additional material to the site. After hearing Pablo’s story myself, I found we had a lot in common but he also brings a unique experience as well. We are actively looking for a couple more contributors so anyone interested in joining should feel free to contact me.

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