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The truth about people that hate social media

Now I bring you to part 2 of my social media series, the truth about people that hate social media. 

I feel like social media is a polarizing topic because the people who hate it seem to really hate it. For the communities that lets say focus on helping men improve with women, hating social media is just a way of life, despite the most popular dating coaches using social media and Youtube to promote their brand. Having been involved with such communities, I found over the years that their hatred for social media is quite strong. Now overtime, in real life, I have also met people who had a passionate hatred for social media, Instagram being the most hated platform by them. 

Just to preface.

When I make this post, I am not talking about people who could care less about social media or are indifferent to it. I am not even talking about people who refuse to use social media because it is too much work or against their principal in life. In some ways, I genuinely respect those people and their decision to remain indifferent and not use it. 

Who I am talking about are the people that will preach about how evil social media is, cite “studies” (even if they are true) to validate their beliefs, and berate others for being on social media or wanting to do something with it. The very people that come in on every social media discussion and just have to let you know how they think it is the worst thing since the devil. If social media was a political candidate, these people would be the news “analysts” from the opposing party talking about it.

Something I read in a Robert Greene book and later see play out.

I am a big fan of Robert Greene’s work, it has shaped a lot of my views of people to some degree although I do find it a bit pessimistic at times. Greene’s recent book called the Laws of Human Nature talks about a phenomenon which Robert Greene tweets himself about from the book. Now Tweets get taken down all the time so if this gets taken down, it pretty much says that behind any vehement hatred is a secret envy for the hated person or people. I have seen this play out time and time again in my life whenever someone has hated another person a great deal.

First of all, let’s try to hear some of these people and their arguments out.

“Social media is fake, all of it, it doesn’t represent real life.”

The girls use filters and angles to make themselves look hot or the group of people that look happy but are really miserable in real life. Now let’s think about this, even without social media, doesn’t a lot of this happen anyways? Women put on makeup and do various things to make themselves more attractive in ways we might not consider “natural”, same with men. People going through tough times in life put on a mask of being okay to the public and in front of others because they came to their senses to find that society does not give a flying fuck about their issues. 

Now some may argue saying social media is making it worse because these people now have a bigger audience and others are led to believe that their lives are better than they actually are. My argument to that is, why does it even matter? If you end up being that concerned about people portraying their “fake” lives on social media a certain way, maybe your own life needs some work!

“It is bad for society and linked to depression and mental health issues”

Yes, there are studies that say social media can cause feelings of worthlessness in people but let’s think about it for a second here, how miserable or empty does your life have to be that someone else’s happiness and success being shown on social media makes you sad? In fact, why do you let yourself feel worthless because someone you know gets a lot of likes and followers on some random app? Isn’t it time to take accountability.

Yet, some people will claim they are not the ones suffering from this and are trying to be well meaning or just call it out, saying how it is destroying society. The problem is, people who are becoming depressed and having mental health problems are going to have them anyways. Banning social media and the use of it is not going to make mental health problems disappear, in fact, social media can be used to bring attention to certain mental health issues in ways that marketing and personal mail cannot. 

I am actually a bit annoyed that some people will claim to champion for the mentally sick as a way to combat social media when otherwise, they would not have even cared for people in such a terrible predicament.

“It violates your privacy and puts you at risk.”

Fair point, poor use of social media can make you susceptible to being robbed and getting into bad situations. Social media is like any tool, it can be used in good ways and incompetent ways. While some social media companies have been known to violate privacy rights and put your data on the web, the truth is, even without social media the government and others known more about you than you would like them to. If you work for a given company or own your own business, someone can Google your name and come across information about you.

Of all the arguments, this one has the most merit and I can understand why some people would actually want to steer clear of social media because of it. On the flip side though, we are moving towards a society where people want transparency about others. Your employers want to know what you think about and the mindset you have about life so they know they are not hiring someone who is a bad fit. Your future girlfriend, wife, or lover wants to know who you are as a person so she knows she is not getting into it with someone who might be a serial killer. Even friends you might want to make want to know that they are talking to someone with hobbies and interesting experiences.

Better question, what exactly do you have to hide that you are so concerned about others knowing about your social media account?

“It takes away from the mystery you can provide women.”

The truth is, girls who were attracted to you were going to sleep with you even without a social media account. You can simply put your account to private or not post all of your life on there. This whole being “private” thing is a tricky line to walk, I argue for the opposite in the sense that if you live an interesting enough life worth bragging about, why not share it? If not, then why not work on making your life more interesting rather than just chasing women all the time?

Women only know so much about your from photos and social media profiles, it just adds some content by you having photos on there. Contrary to what the red pill will tell you, women find it a red flag if there is rarely anything they can find out about you, it makes you seem weird. In many ways, it takes away from the commonly held truth that women love men that other women love. Why does this guy have no friends? Why does nobody care to follow him? Why is he all alone? What is he hiding? Why is he so out of touch? Those are the questions running through her head.

“You live for selfies instead of enjoying life, everyone is on their phone the whole time.”

Sure, some people get selfie crazy but I’ll argue this point saying that social media creates a footprint of your life. A well put together pic of you traveling or having a great time goes down as an awesome memory, something you can look back on months and years down the road. Most of all, you were going to take photos while on vacation anyways so I fail to see how social media is to blame. Selfies? Yeah, the people who do that obsessively are seen as weird.

Now some in the Red Pill community will claim it has women all in their phones but I have some bad news for you. If she is all in her phone when you are trying to talk to her, it is not because of social media, it’s because she is just not interested. Perhaps work on being a guy worth talking to?

Now, finally, let’s talk about people that hate social media. 

Took a while to get here so at this point, I may as well get to the point.

Why are these people so upset over social media?

Why do they bring in their hatred and disdain for it when others are trying to learn how to leverage it?

Well, the truth is, it goes back to my post earlier by what Robert Greene said. As part 1of this series stated, finding success on social media is not easy. Not counting celebs and public figures, usually hot girls, cool well-connected guys, or people with amazing content are really the ones who win out. For most people, it is tough to get traction on social media.

Now you look at people in the game community and others who claim that they are “red pilled”, in that case, the fakeness and cold nature of social media should not faze them at all. Afterall, to these people, isn’t life that kind of a game? Why so much humanity and care for society now?

So the reality is, the dislike towards social media is actually envy towards the very people doing well on it. Social media should be banned and gotten rid of because the world cares more if a hot girl uploads a selfie as opposed to some wise sage philosopher talking about how screwed up the current dating atmosphere is. As you can see, that’s what they are trying to say. If you cannot win the game of social media, have it banned outright.

All of this disdain towards social media rarely comes from a place of concern, it comes from a place of, well, lack. Now add to that a crabs in a bucket element where if anyone close to these people wants to strategize about how to use social media successfully, they’ll take over the discussion and talk about how it is the Satan. If I cannot have success on social media, why should others close to me?

I can’t be too mad here, in some ways, it is tough to swallow your ego.

It’s not easy to admit that you suck and quite frankly, it is more convenient to just blame the current times. Very easy to hop on the social media hate train when no one is buying your crap and people are largely ignoring you right? Then why is it that majority of the big voices in the game and self-improvement community are taking to Twitter and other social media platforms? 

The reality of the matter is probably that it sucks to suck. Most people who hate social media with a passion hate how it brings their insecurities and otherwise lackluster lives to the surface. Seeing other people have fun lives, on the surface at least, makes you angry on the inside because your own life has little fun to it. Social media or not, no person living a satisfying and fulfilled life gets that angry over its use and others having a great time and success on it.

It is tough to want something, realize that right now you might not be in the condition to get it, and then realize there is work to be done. Tough without a doubt to see that maybe where you are right now, people might not care about your life and what is going on in it. Yet, some people take the path of least resistance and start hating the very thing they are failing at, call it sour grapes. Then, all of that hate gets disguised as some unique form of virtue-signaling or moral self-righteousness.

In the end, society is not going to pause for such people. Social media is not going away and it will continue to be a part of our lives. The question is, what are you going to do about it? That is what the next part of my series will touch on.


8 thoughts on “The truth about people that hate social media

  1. I seriously dislike social media for the same reason I hated reading the Daily and SUNDAY newspaper comics — it feels like such a tremendous waste of time. I feel like I’m missing out on other things that are actually important and have a good return for the time I spend with them. Twitter and Facebook are the worst. If I ever get on those sites for whatever reason (usually hitting the link by mistake or needing to wish an old friend Happy Birthday), after a few minutes I feel a little stressed and can’t get off that site fast enough.

    1. I get where you are coming from but this is where you need to exercise self-control. If you cannot control your time on there, then you need to realize why that is what it is about yourself that you need to change.

      1. You’re completely missing his point. He just doesn’t value consuming this kind of digital content as much as other experiences in life. It’s not a waste of time, because he can’t control himself, but because he just can’t find any value in it. Same goes for me. I love meeting people in person and thus prefer spending time with people IRL rather than spending time with them online. I’ve tried social media in Facebook, but to me you won’t really get meaningful experience from this. And I can totally understand that people hate social media: Because you sometimes feel locked out, when you’re not using it, as more and more people prefer to meet in the digital space only. I used to be like this too in the early days with messengers and Facebook, but what I’ve learned from this experience is that meeting people IRL just matters much more.

      2. You’re entirely missing the point. Social media is junk food. Hardly any of it is real. It’s a BIG time waster & designed to keep you bogged down. Doesn’t matter how much “discipline” you have. That’s like saying you only have a large diet coke once a week instead of every day. The Big Tech giants NEED your attention so they stay in business. And most ppl on social m are f——ing narcissists who are hooked on getting their cheap dopamine shots every time they get a like or comment. And the ppl who rarely get likes are depressed. I could go on but quite frankly your article wasn’t carefully thought through & honestly it seems you’re downplaying the seriousness of it. Furthermore, many teens are getting scammed by “sexploitators” to share nudes. Seriously social m is REALLY dangerous for a variety of reasons. Doesn’t matter what “safety precautions” you take. If you’re on it, Big Tech owns your a$$. Where YOU become the commodity. (Which is why I spelled “ass” with dollar signs). So to answer your last question on “what am I going to do about it?” Stay the HELL away. I can find happiness & lucrative business & social satisfaction in other ways!

      3. I am not here for the conspiracy theories or any of that, I am here for the practicality of it and the truth is that what this blog stands for (getting laid), social media makes very easy.

  2. Anyone who loves social media has total complete problems from within! If you are using social media, you are not gaining anything. You are just helping the billionaire crooks make more profits! You don’t have control over what you post on social media. Social media is not revolutionizing anything. It is very corporatized and very censored. Social media is causing more harm to our society than anything else. It tells people that it is ok to be so shallow in every way. A lot of people stop communicating face to face these days which breaks up friendships and relationships no thanks to social media. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook,etc are collecting personal data and it is being sent to third party companies and the US goverment. And that is ok? Heck! These social media companies like Meta is practicing illegal, bad business but FB and IG are good for business? Where’s the logic behind that bs? Even true voices have been banned from social media while propaganda is very acceptable! Whoever wrote this article, must be a capitalist guy who thinks all technologies are so good when a lot of them are not.

    1. You have a point and I wrote this a while back. Since then some of my beliefs have changed. However, we can only complain for so long, we have to adapt eventually.

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