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How you should approach social media

After discussing the truth about social media and about the people that hate social media, I wanted to bring it back to you the reader. Afterall, if this series ended with no actionable advice, it would be quite worthless. How should you be approaching social media?

First of all, change your attitude towards social media.

One of the reasons so many people get depressed and angry from social media is because they find others having a good time and at times, it makes them bitter. Stop comparing yourself to other people on social media! In fact, learn to be happy for other people having a great time in their lives, even if someone out there claims its all fake.

Someone got a cute new puppy? Great, be happy for them.

Someone got a nice new house? Be happy for them.

Some guy got a hot girlfriend? Be happy for him.

A lovely couple just got engaged? Be happy for them.

Group of people traveling to a fancy vacation spot? Be happy for them.

All too often, the people depressed from social media are just angry about the fact that others are having a good time and they are not, misery does love company right? Stop being that person, learn to be happy for other people, it will actually change who you are as a human being. 

Train yourself to be happy for people, it will actually make your own life better, at least on the inside. Learn to not envy people who are doing better than you, instead, ask yourself how you can improve.

Social media is not life or some competitive battlefield, it is an avenue for you to connect with the world to see what is going on and share your stories with those that care. Social media is a way to stay in touch with friends and love interests through cool photos and snaps. Plain and simple, you are not joining some demonic cult by getting a social media account. 

You are building your brand, plain and simple. Without a brand in today’s world, you are nothing. You are out of touch and out of sight.

Sadly, you have to be on it.

Plain and simple, without a social media presence in today’s world, you are kind of toast. Now some guys are exceptions to this rule but even they find themselves underperforming overall. Think about it, almost all famous celebrities and public figures are on it as well as anyone who is just about anyone in your age group. People even prefer to connect on social media than through phone numbers because you can do so much more with a DM or Instagram story than you can with a phone number. Maybe I used too strong of a language here but in these times, you are really putting a ceiling on yourself by not being on social media.

On the other hand, you still have to monitor what you put on social media. Do not use it as your political soapbox or your soapbox for social issues, no one wants to hear it, especially if it leans right. Social media should be treated as your life journey complemented with quality photos and a nice caption, that is it. Occasionally, you put up an interesting snap or story but that’s about it.

Learn from the pros on it!

Someone taking a quality picture that gets a lot of likes? See what they are doing and what kinds of photos are getting a lot of likes. See what is going on to where the pics get a lot of likes compared to those that do not. See the theme, image, the way it is done, hashtags, and how it adds up to a lot of likes and engagement. Take it as a journey to learn how people are marketing themselves, it will actually pay off once you start taking pics for dating apps. Get a feel for what makes an image and post successful and no, it’s not just how hot the person is, it is how the photo is taken. See the filters and how the image looks like on the top accounts, learn.

Don’t get caught up in the gossip and drama, see it for the modern day art that it is. Do not envy the people having success on it, be glad that their profiles are public and learn from them. Your time should be spent learning how to make great content which could benefit you in the future as you not only build  your brand but potentially start your own business.

Don’t be on it too much.

So there is a fine line between having an account and becoming one of those people who became so obsessed with social media that it drove them to depression. You don’t live on social media or base your life around it, you use it as a channel to market your life to the world and build your brand. Outside of that, you just go on and live your life.

Treat it as a way to test your emotional control to see how happy you get when others have a great time versus being angry. Use it as a way to see how good you are at marketing and photography to where others want to engage with your content. See it as a way to store memories and stories for great times in your life when you are older and looking back on it all. Use it to build your brand and show to the world, especially women, that you have an interesting life that does not involve just watching Netflix all weekend.

For now, that is all there is to it but as I have said, we will be talking about social media a lot in coming months and for as long as this blog is around. The truth is, social media has become a huge part of our lives and almost everything we do, you would be a fool to sit on the sidelines.

My next post will talk about how I used social media to have success in the long-run with dating.


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