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Crazy times and you

As much as I am the fan of keeping the blog as relevant as possible to topics that pertain to a male Millennial who happens to be single, I kind of wanted to talk about what is going on right now. For all of my fellow Americans, especially those that live in big cities, you are probably all too familiar with the riots inspired by police brutality in Minneapolis. Now I usually don’t try to get too involved with politics, especially not on this blog, and have long been a believer that the news just try to make your life more depressing.

Yesterday night, I sat up having dinner and I heard loud chants right outside of my apartment building. Now for a while I thought nothing of it given that we had protests earlier in the day that were peaceful and the cops were not acting in any violent ways. As I met up with a friend for some day drinking, people were having a good time just chilling in the city. I was surprised to find how many people did not even have their masks on despite us living in a city being hit hard by COVID-19. A good number of hot girls were out as well dressed in summer clothes, I kind of regret not  approaching.

I even went for a run around the park, cops were gathered around and it seemed relatively tame  in the afternoon. Night comes and I hear glass breaking as trash cans are shoved over, all kinds of shouting on megaphone, and I almost felt for a second that I was living in some kind of an armageddon.

Now a big part of what I preach on this blog is that you have to be aware of your surroundings, the times, and the trends. Right now, the world is really on edge and the public is largely worried. Police are on edge, regular people are on edge, and people are concerned about the basic needs such as safety and security. As much as I have been a fan of not paying attention to the news, it is your responsibility to be aware of what is going on and attune yourself to the world. In other words, don’t get depressed by the news but don’t be out of touch.

Here is what you should be doing in these times.


A man was held down and a victim of cruel police brutality and every single day citizens of the United States suffer from this. While it is no secret that we need reform, politics aside, empathize with what people are going through. Empathize with how some people have to live in fear of their lives from the kinds of cops out there who might not be good people at heart, even though great cops do exist. People are losing their jobs left to right, worrying for their health, having their businesses burned down, and  having to live in fear from the very institutions meant to protect us.

As for how this is relevant to your day to day even in normal times? See things from the other perspective instead of making it all about yourself. You notice a girl out alone or at night where she is constantly dealing with predatory sketchy men that can harm her, maybe you’ll understand why she does not want to be approached at that time. Try to think how you can make others around you feel secure and safe while also accomplishing your goal in mind.

Be connected and keep up with what is going on.

I do not watch the news all that much, most of it is political babble that I could care less about no matter which side it really comes from. Lately, I have learned to some degree, you have to be in tune with the news and what is going on while being not too emotionally invested. Hearing about injustice and what the government is doing should not ruin your day, it should keep you informed of the fact that there is injustice and the government has certain plans you need to be aware of (lockdown and not entering buildings without a mask).

On a social level, this makes you more relatable and gives you things to talk about with people. I would not talk politics too much or even controversial things but you are more aware of where people’s minds are in the situation. Know where the trends are going, what is happening, what will change in your world, and what your role will be there.

Look ahead and out for what is going to happen after this has all passed.

To say that we are living in unique and interesting times is an understatement right now. For those of you who love going out at night, nightlife is practically going. For those of you who are used to going to the office, remote work has become mandatory for the most part. You get where I am coming from, your life has directly changed and many of you have felt the impact of it. The question you should be asking is how you can detect trends with the times and use them to make your life better.

Whether it is dating, career, or anything that concerns your well-being, you need to know where everything is heading and how you can make the most of it. Use remote work possibilities as a way to invest more in your workouts before work since you don’t have a commute and in your side business after work. 

I don’t have a strong close to this, stay safe out there and keep your ears to the ground.


2 thoughts on “Crazy times and you

  1. Thanks for the article man.

    “Use remote work possibilities as a way to invest more in your workouts before work since you don’t have a commute and in your side business after work.” is exactly what I’m planning on doing and coming out on the other side of this in a better position by making myself into the best person possible.

    “Look ahead and out for what is going to happen after this has all passed.”

    Right now, my entire focus is just on getting my shit together, doing well in my internship, getting muscular naturally, and moving out of my parents house.

    I empathize with George Floyd, and all unarmed, unjust deaths that black people have suffered from in the United States.

    Take care man.

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