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Troubling times.

I was planning on continuing my series in today’s post but I kind of wanted to give a peek for readers into my life, almost calling out an elephant in the room. Society in recent months has went through hell and quite frankly, it is one of those times where even people close to me are feeling it. A good number of my friends have gone through being laid off, furloughed, and have left a city which makes dreams happen.

Every day when I wake up, I cannot answer if this will be temporary or if this is something that is going to be more long-term. Maybe we wake up to a reality where perhaps remote towns and smaller cities rise as large cities empty out due to the prominence of remote work. A lot of questions are asked that impact each and every one of us reading this blog, the answers are up in the air.

One of my friends who believes in Astrology to the point he is an expert at it said that 2020 is going to be a very testing year for the world at large. So much of what we have been used to, overlooked, and ignored is going to surface and we will be forced to answer the more difficult questions out there.

Yet, trying and difficult times are times for growth.

One of my friends is an aspiring MMA fighter and he told me that you have to almost “find your waterfall”. For those of you who keep up with the UFC, it is what Coach Jackson told Jon Jones in a fight as he was in his corner. As trying as these times might be, and they surely are very trying, I see each one as a time of growth.

Be a good person, have integrity, and fix your daily habits. I feel as if lately, I have almost fallen out of sorts with having healthy daily habits and forcing myself to almost grow. In some ways, I am fortunate to have what I have. Working remote means being able to save time on commute so it is on me to make the most of the time I have.

And here is a question you should be walking away from with the lockdown.

As it all happened, with that extra time you had, how did you grow? The lockdown sucks but quite frankly, it is a great opportunity to find peace in yourself and grow. The best opportunity to work on that side hustle, workout more, read more books, grow personally, and develop yourself. Most of all, I am trying to see these troubling and trying times as more so growing times for growth and development.

Build a process, build a system, and almost automate your success. You guys can look forward to the next post in my series in the next couple of days. Exciting things are going to come to this blog!

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