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Things I wish I would have done in my twenties.

One of the few things that still gets me to this day is how quickly my twenties have flown by but thankfully I still have a couple more years left. Some say that it is by far the most important decade of your entire life and I am still not at the point where I can validly agree or disagree. What I will say is that as great of a ride as my twenties have been, there were some things I wish I would have done differently or realizations I wish I had a lot sooner.

In no ways is this that much of a post with regrets.

Not long from now, I plan on making a post about my bucket list for my twenties so far. My bucket list will in many ways uncover how what I plan to do in the following years will in many ways, if not all, fix all of what I failed to do. Despite the outrage over the lockdown, I am actually happy about this time to develop myself and appreciate not having to get up every morning early to go to work.

In some ways, it worked out the way it should have and I don’t have that many regrets. If Georgia was too fun and too good for me, then I would have probably been settled down at the age of twenty-five and not even started this blog. The life experiences I had in NYC would have never happened because I would have been happier down south, who knows.

Without further delays though, here are things I wish I would have done differently in my twenties.

I wish I took working out and getting a stellar body very seriously.

College was weird for me in that I did not fit in socially and saw guys who were overweight, hideous, and not so good looking fit in just fine. So I thought, why bother in college with a good body when a lot of guys who seem to be killing it look average at best? I wish I had wasted all of my time in the gym instead of trying to go to social drinking events where people were largely in their own cliques anyways. At least that is how it was in the south.

If I had spent time in the gym lifting, eating an amazing diet, and working on getting that six pack body; I would have actually been even that much better off for it a lot sooner after college. After college, your looks, game, and lifestyle are your bargaining chips as opposed to what social circles approve of you. It seemed unreal to me at the time but I wish I had not bothered much with social life in my final two years of college and just put in the time in the gym and on setting myself up for a job instead of grad school.

I also wish I had taken up a sport like martial arts/MMA or something to be confident in defending myself. The feeling of knowing you can more than hold your own in a fight will help you get a lot of beautiful women out there. I did MMA for a few months but did not get to continue with it.

I wish I graduated college sooner and realized that there is a life after college, and it’s pretty fucking awesome.

At one point, I was in an awkward phase in my senior year of college where I thought this was it. I thought that college was the end-all and be-all of partying, drinking, and meeting women. Little did I realize that these were sayings from guys who had no plans of amounting to that much after college and were going down a laid out path of marriage and kids by 25.

At no point did I realize the possibilities and everything that was doable after college if you decided to remain single and make some money, not even the fun partying that laid ahead. In some ways, I lacked the vision for the future and everything I read on the internet was one-sided (“best four years of your life!”). Looking back at it now, most of the guys who stuck around in the college town after graduation were losers and after a while, the small circle became very old. I see much more beautiful women in a big city and experience more fun parties as well.

I wish I had taken life into my own hands sooner and realized that my parents were just bad people.

Maybe I sound a bit too harsh here but my parents wanted control over me above all else, what it does is that it gives a narcissistic and just plain out sociopaths a feeling of power. I wish I had seen this for what it was instead of thinking that they are my parents and they want what is best for me. My dad lied to me and said he has me set up with a promising opportunity in Boston, as soon as I graduated college though, he said it never happened and they saw certain things in my profile that discouraged them. Needless to say, I never even talked to this company.

If I had taken life into my own hands sooner instead of letting it come to me, I would have been happier a lot sooner. In life, you have to be proactive about things or else, you get dealt the short-end. I completely take responsibility for what happened on this and knew that sitting around on my ass just hoping was not going to do much. Even today, I know that the second I get to a point in life where I am just sitting around waiting for things to come to me is the second I feel I am setting myself up for failure.

I wish I had moved to NYC sooner instead of settling for Atlanta.

After college, I ended up back home and it led to the worst months of my life, ever. I didn’t search for a job and ended up working for free while dealing with a family so toxic that it actually made me physically sick dealing with them. When I moved to Atlanta, I was not running towards something great; I was running away from something terrible. My sanity, mental health, and even physical health were in grave danger being around such toxic people so I jumped at the first opportunity I got.

If I had moved to NYC a lot sooner, I would have been happier in life. Given the energy I had in my early twenties. I would have probably been even more excited at the culture and nightlife of the city as well as the overabundance of good looking women. When I moved to NYC in my mid-twenties, my psyche had kind of been beaten down by finally escaping a toxic home and a toxic work environment. I learned in life, sometimes when the chips are down, get even bolder and fight even harder. My social life would have surely been a lot better!

I wish I would have gotten a party job like bartending in my early twenties.

Maybe I should have done it in college, working even as a barback or in my early twenties right out of college. As I get older and hit closer to thirty, it becomes less and less realistic for me as I have made strides in my own more professional/white collar type of career. The nightlife industry in NYC is very competitive and very cut-throat. On the plus side, I am not as gravely impacted by COVID-19 as I would have been if I was working in the service industry but then again, who isn’t impacted by COVID-19 other than health care professionals when it comes to job stability?

I know that I would have had the most fun years of my life and a hell of a party if I decided to work at a nightclub or a very lit bar. This is something that still remains on my mind and I know that nightlife is pretty much the haven for attractive loose women that love to have fun. The coming year might be telling of how events have impacted nightlife, only so much even I can predict, but this is something I wish I would have done differently.

I wish I would have put in serious hours on a side income.

For a blog like this, it might even be years before we can see any sort of financial return and even that is a stretch. Quite frankly, my readership is not high enough for me to even make money like right now so my job is my primary source of income. As I approach my thirties though, this is a very scary place to be. Truth be told, once you are in your thirties, you are kind of behind if you have not put in the hours on a side hustle. If you have the energy and power in your twenties, I highly recommend investing it into side income somehow, ideally something like affiliate marketing.

So that about does it.

I have had a lot of fun times in my twenties and the best part is, they are not even over. I’ve never been a believer in the fact that you have “a lot of time”, quite frankly you do not. In my life I have seen enough men in their thirties who are married, older, and and way past the years of life meant for fun and valuable experiences. If you do not take away anything else from this post, realize that you have almost little time and your twenties will be over in the blink of an eye.

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