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My experience with a pyramid scheme.

In my first year of NYC, I was out and about the city and due to me learning cold approach a bit from PUA, it was not that out of the norm for me to talk to a stranger unless they were sketchy. On one cold winter afternoon, I am running errands and happen to cross paths with a guy who was very well dressed. We noticed that the entire block seemed like weed.

Him: People are really getting lit huh

Me: Oh yeah, not even hiding it

Him: Yeah, this place is a bit crazy sometimes

Me: Yeah man, hey are you about to ready for a shoot? (he had a camera in his hand)

Him: Yeah I am but you seem cool dude, are you into photography?

Me: I always wanted to get into it but the job keeps me busy man

Him: Yeah that was me as well for a while, hey man we should catch up sometime, I am busy right now. You seem like a chill dude.

So I was new to the city, in need of friends to some degree although I had my circle, and was curious on how this guy managed to get to the point where he could pursue his photography hobby. Now what happens is we exchange numbers and a week later, actually meet up at a local Starbucks to know each other better. After that, this guy tells me about a couple he knows who retired early and now travel the world.

Wait, are you this stupid MB?

Yeah, now what I am about to get into is something a lot of you might have even heard or been pitched yourself. Maybe you have encountered someone in your life or a stranger telling you this story as well! At this point, my gut is starting to tell me that perhaps this is something else. Next thing I know, this guy hands me a book by the same dude who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad and tells me to read it before I see him. I am genuinely curious and read the book, it started off talking about how you cannot rely on a 9 to 5, 401k, or any of that in the new age.

Now one of my big goals has been to start another stream of income and find a way to make money outside of my 9 to 5. The meeting itself was all about healthy habits to make millions and how it all leads to making money long-term, a lot of motivational mumbo jumbo. I thought I’d give it a chance and meet the guy again, now this time he is asking me about the book and what my thoughts were.

So I intentionally give this guy BS answers to gage where he is at.

My thoughts are, if my BS is good enough for this guy to still continue to “recruit” me then there is a pretty good chance I am being scammed. Now if I give the guy these answers and he disqualifies me, like any good salesperson should, then there is a small chance this might be legitimate and I would need to look more into it on my own. If this guy still accepts me? Chances are I know I am falling into a scam.

Lo and behold, the guy starts talking to me about the value of passive income, money as you sleep, and how the whole model of Multi-Level Marketing works. I decided to tell the guy this is too much and I cannot come up with the $500 “investment” needed to start my own business. The guy said that it is okay, we can “work something out”, and I tell him right now is not the good time. Face, eyes, and everything was that of someone who felt like they had just been disappointed. To my mistake, I actually kept in touch with the guy over Instagram and forgot to remove him.

So what’s this thing called again?

The name is “Multi-Level Marketing” but it is usually a Pyramid Scheme model. For those of you who have some time on your hands, you can go on Reddit and read about it. I never heard of it but knew from the start that something was seriously off. Ever since then, I get hit up on social media about “making passive income”. Now I have to hand it to them, these guys have done a great job in finding their target audience in me, someone who wants to get to that point of making money outside of his 9 to 5. As you read on and on, you will realize how much of a scam this whole thing is and how so many people have ruined their lives over it.

And it is relevant to this blog HOW.

Who does not want to walk into a bar or nightclub and immediately have a hot girl on their arm or hot girls coming up to them?

Well, the reality is, unless you are a celebrity or a really well-connected dude with social status, it ain’t happening. When it does happen, you better bet there is an ulterior motive. I say maybe if luck and all that line up, it can happen but man it is rare and usually alcohol is involved. I’d say, don’t get your hopes up and this is not meant to be an insult to you.

We all want to work on our own hours and our own terms. Everyone wants to be an “entrepreneur”. Every guy wants to get a lot of hot girls and live that life of a playboy.

Well here is the reality.

Being an entrepreneur is fucking hard, even moreso than a 9 to 5 you clock out of. Sleepless nights, client meetings, working 24/7, and not having much time to yourself. The truth is, that is the sacrifice you need to make in order to get to that level and you will likely work over 80 hours a week once you factor in having a business on top of your 9 to 5.

How about becoming that Dan Bilzerian or that guy who has a lot of hot girls in his life?

Most of the times, you will have to look good. Do not buy the PUA nonsense, looks absolutely matter. You will need to look good without a shirt on which is something I have been working a lot on myself.

A lot of times, you will need to take rejection after rejection. You will have to deal with fucking up many many times before you get it right. Your line might have been weak and man that rejection was cringey!

You might even have to learn people skills and how to socialize with cool people without being their doormat. At times, you might even have to get on the dreaded social media (oh the horror!) and be in the loop on what is socially “in” without being a try hard.

Did I mention the constant shit-tests?

How about having to actually dedicate your time to cold approach whether at nights or during the day?

How about the harsh judgment you will get, even to the point that it can ruin your life, because you decided that instead of marriage you just want to “get around”?

Yeah, there is a reason why so many men get into “game” but a very very small number have success with it, especially as you get older.

As the saying goes, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

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