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Bucket list items for my twenties.

Not that long ago, I made a post about the things I wish I would have done in my twenties. Now not that long from now, my twenties are going to end and I am going to be thirty before I know it. With the few years I have left in my twenties, there are quite a lot of things I wanted to get to doing. COVID-19 and the lockdown have put a damper on things, especially travel, but I know that this will not be forever.

So why am I doing this again?

While it helps to look back on the past and reflect, it also helps to look to the future. By looking to the future, you start to have a vision. Sometimes when life gets a bit too dark or gloomy, it helps to have some things to actually look forward to. Not only am I sharing my bucket list, I want others who read this blog to have one too.

Get in physically good shape.

Six pack abs, body fat close to single digits, and looking good at the beach. I have never truly been at the point where I was shredded like a male model or a fitness coach but it is something I have long wanted to do. At some point, I did start to look great without a shirt on but an unhealthy lifestyle and stress related to work put a damper on that. The new has started to internalize this more and deal with it better. Of all the things on my list, getting in good shape is at the top.

We can debate how much looks matter all day but the truth is, when you look good it is easier to feel good. Just the idea of being above average looking but knowing you can be even hotter, getting hotter girls on dating apps, and having better experiences can leave you feeling even more excited for the self-improvement.

Get multiple streams of income going.

Along with getting in good shape, this comes in at a close second. You are simply not going to make it if you just rely on your 9 to 5 to get rich. On one hand, yeah you need your 9 to 5 but on the other? You need another income stream. At one point, I wanted this so bad that I almost fell into an MLM scam as a result. Maybe you, my fellow reader, could play a role in helping contribute to one of my income streams (hint: this blog) but at least for the first year or so, I do not see this blog being profitable. As fun as blogging is, it is unfortunately not a lucrative side-income stream.

Learn how to fight.

I used to somewhat be into MMA when I was a teenager, even taking up classes in it. As I did grow up, I faced some confrontational situations from guys who felt that they could push me around. Even though in these times it would be tricky to find as many MMA gyms open, at least in NYC, I know that it will be great to finally get into when the gyms do open up. Knowing that you can legitimately beat the shit out of most men if push really does come to shove is a powerful feeling. I have no doubt that an MMA gym will make a huge difference on my life.

To travel to party destinations while I still can.

Mikonos is at the top of my list right now even though my friends have said that certain islands in Europe can give it a run for its money. I have barely taken any PTO in my days at work, in fact I only take it for doctor visits or maybe a day off. In most cases, I am the type to work for most of the year and have a habit of being quite the workaholic.

At some point, as the grey hair comes, I know that I will be far too old to fit in at a Mikonos and will stick out in a big way at the nightclubs there. By getting this exciting travel demon out of my body early, I will be able to not live with the regret once I do turn into that older guy. Plus, it helps to see what the hype is about.

Spend a portion of my life working a party job.

Whether it be club promoter, bartender, or anything to do with working in that environment. I was never able to do this in college which is when a lot of people do it and get into it but I always wanted to do it during those days. Unfortunately at my school and in my college town, if you were not in Greek Life then these kinds of jobs were impossible to get. Now after school, I am not even sure how this would actually work. On one hand, I have a career already and even working this job on the side could lead to me really burning out. Maybe I take a part of my twenties where I take a sabbatical or some break from working and do just this.

I also wonder at times if doing this after school would still be the same as it was back then. Back in my college days, the bartender at the local party spot was something very high value and worth the fun. Now after college, who knows what it is. I’d still push for it though and see where that takes me, it still remains at the top of my list. Who knows, if I am rich enough, I might just set up a bar in my place.

Start taking model pics of beautiful women.

Yeah, weird weird hobby right? I bet you didn’t see that one coming. I actually want to be able to get so good at the social media game and photography that I am taking quality model pics of beautiful women, maybe even some I have been with. Obviously, this means this getting a point where I am constantly getting with good looking women. Who knows, at one point, I give back to a woman by giving her a modeling career. Nothing better than to put an exclamation point on women in your life by simply giving them a modeling career most women dream about.

Somehow consider going back to graduate school.

Yeah, as odd as it sounds, as little time as I have on my hand, probably go back to grad school. My undergrad experience was unfulfilling and quite frankly, I wish I could claim a different Alma Mater than my current one. I cannot even get myself to root for my school unless I am trying to troll a yankee when it comes to college sports, usually football. Graduate school is no easy step or process, it is something that requires the careful planning I feel like I could have done a better job of.

Probably make this site bigger than it is right now.

I feel like this goal might be quite a reach because so much of what we talk about is quite taboo. A lot of the discussions we have are not things you’d say out in public, especially around dating. For the near future, unless I woke up with nothing to lose, I’d love to keep my identity a secret. At times, I have even considered doing a podcast and a few bright ideas have come to mind. We have been live for under a year so I’d give it maybe another year, if it does not take off after that, we would have to decide if it is worth it to just delete the blog altogether or just not write on it anymore. Sharing my experiences and growth as I pursue the other bucket list items though will undoubtedly contribute to the growth.

Quite a hefty list!

Yup, quite a lot to do and not enough time to do it. I am going to be a busy guy through it all. The stuff towards the bottom of the list might not even happen or if it does, might happen for me after 30. Despite that, still feels good to look to the future!


2 thoughts on “Bucket list items for my twenties.

  1. Thanks for the article man. I also want to setup multiple streams of income but feel I’m too introverted to work a party job. I would probably hate it.

    Also bro, good news I’ve been dating actually haha. Like multiple really beautiful women are messaging me and planning dates. If you could do an article on how to date multiple women without hurting their feelings.

    I’m low key kind of worried because they are all starting to like me. Crazy either have none or have in abundance.

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