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Winners treated it as offseason while losers treated it as a lockdown.

As lockdowns end and even NYC enters phase 2, soon to enter phase 3, I have been beyond annoyed in recent months from guys whining about the lockdown. Now it usually takes a good bit to get me annoyed to where I have to speak out but man, even when some of my close friends have done this, it has made me get to the point where I am left with no other choice.

If you are suffering from COVID-19 right now, have gone through a job loss from the recession which has put a financial strain on you, and are suffering in a major way then my prayers go out to you. I genuinely feel for those of you out there who are going through a legitimately tough time to where things like putting food on the table and your actual health are in jeopardy. Please know that this post does not involve you at all.

For the rest of you who have been “miserable” in this lockdown and whining nonstop, hope you have a thick skin because this one is gonna hurt.

“I can’t meet girls, I can’t party, I can’t drink, I can’t approach women, oh man the lockdown sucks! Life sucks, life is miserable, I am miserable, I wish I had company, my depression, blah blah blah!”

Oh man oh man oh man, cry me a fucking river already kid. I mean fuck, you are in good health and can put food on the table, life is so fucking tough. Hell, you might have even qualified for a fucking stimulus check or even have a way you are getting money right now but life is so fucking tough. You are probably in first world country with good healthcare to where if shit was to go haywire or you were to come down with COVID-19, you’d have it better than someone who is a developing country without that quality of healthcare yet life is so fucking tough you spoiled brat.

I sound angry don’t I? Nah I am actually annoyed. Now let’s talk about the dating and meeting women aspect of it all.

Oh yeah, the dating and meeting girls aspect of it right? How you wish you could go out to bars on weekends again and start making some approaches after downing a few shots. Yeah please tell me all about it that my friend, oh how you wish you could nervously stand around on a crowded street and then awkwardly approach a girl who is just trying to mind her own business, getting a fake number in the process.

I am sorry, you’re lonely? That is so fucking sad, let me cry with you my friend. I mean let’s ignore how millions of Americans lost their jobs (a lot of them having mouths to feed), hundreds of thousands have lost their lives, million or so dealing with infection, and all the while we have dealt with riots. Yeah forget about all of that, let’s prioritize how sad and miserable your life is because you cannot go out to get wasted and do night game anymore. Give me a fucking break.

In case you fucking missed it, this lockdown was a massive wakeup call to you and how obsessed you became with drinking, “going out”, and yeah “approaching” women (likely without that much success).

For one, you could have still been chatting with girls you already know, matching with them on dating apps, and connecting with new women that way just building your pipeline. Dating apps too tough and unforgiving? Great wake up call, maybe it is time to start looking out for your health, managing what you eat better, and improving aspects of yourself to where women might want to consider swiping right. Reality is, lots of guys meet decent looking women on dating apps, maybe you are the problem and not the millions of people who match from them.

Better yet, it exposed how emotionally and mentally weak you are.

“Wahhh wahhh help me, I have no girls to approach and I cannot go out, wahh wahh I feel so lonely. Wahhh!”

If you cannot handle being alone and by yourself in a problematic time, I got news, you’re fucking pussy. Perhaps now it is time to stop being a fucking pussy and find peace in yourself before you leech off of other people for company. Perhaps it is time to start finding ways to make your time useful than spoiling yet another diaper your ass is wearing because oh, the bars just happened to not be open since you know, they don’t want millions more people getting infected. If you desperately need company and people to not feel miserable? Well your life is a fucking mess internally and chances are, those people see you as a fucking nuisance anyways.

Now if this lack of going out to get wasted and lack of temporary female attention from women smiling back at you because you just happened to finally work up the courage to say hello is breaking you down, well you were pretty fucking weak to begin with. All this lockdown did was expose how your life is just lacking, how you are a leech that needs to rely on female validation for his life, how you cannot find peace within yourself, and how weak and fragile you are. I mean there are people out there dying of this shit and not having a dime coming in to feed themselves but man, they are holding stronger than you because you can no longer nervously stand around at bars anymore as you work up the courage to say hi to a girl who is just there to enjoy her time rather than speak with you.

To winners? This is offseason.

You know what good teams in sports do versus not so good teams? They use offseason to get better for when the season actually fucking starts. Yeah, this offseason might not have a clear cut timeline but I can promise you, winners saw it as offseason. Losers on the other hand, saw it as a lockdown which makes their entire world end, as if they were doing much winning anyways when things were open. See that’s what I don’t get, how is it that the very guys who are not constantly walking out of the bar with the hottest girls are somehow the main ones whining about how the bars aren’t open? In fact, I’d say those guys could have benefitted from the lockdown far more than the guys who are taking this lockdown as a blessing.

Can you fucking believe it guys? The same guys who could have benefitted significantly from this lockdown were whining about it happened. The guys who could afford to lose a few pounds, create a new stream of income, learn more about game, read more, and seriously reflect on their past failures? Those are the guys whining about having the actual opportunity to do that.

Oh and as a final say, that alpha male you envy? Let me fucking repeat myself, he was using this time to get better.

Yeah, that’s right, he wasn’t whining about how much the lockdown sucks and crying like a baby. The alpha male who would be cleaning up with or without the lockdown? He was counting his blessings. Remote work meant he was using those extra hours to build a side business or get a better workout in, maybe even get better sleep. The free time? Oh you can bet your fucking ass he was not letting it go to waste.

Now the lockdowns are ending and these three or so months? They furthered the gap between the haves and have nots in game.

The haves found ways to make extra money, pick up an extra hobby, pursue that hobby, network online, read interesting shit, cook better food, and learn new things. Oh while you were bitching and moaning about how you can no longer leer and nervously approach uninterested women on the streets or at the bar? These guys could have given less of a flying fuck, they were probably even ignoring their countless matches on dating apps and making women miserable by not giving them any fucking attention. That’s right, these guys were getting better in the given months and even widening the gap from the competition.

The have nots were constantly bitching to all of their friends nonstop about how bad the lockdown sucks, oh how useless leaders are, how tough their life with good health and a paycheck is, and oh how they miss “social interactions” where they could otherwise bitch and fucking moan about other shit. Yeah, the have nots or the “80%” of men who don’t fuck 80% of the women out there? They were constantly letting the entire fucking world know how bad the lockdown is and how miserable life is for them. Ironically the people who went through far worse like you know, having their health hit hard and not having a paycheck come in? Even they are crying less than their ungrateful counterparts whose world is about to end because they can’t go out anymore to “approach” random women.

You see the thing about alphas? They don’t really need pussy and female company on a consistent basis, their life already has so much good shit going on.

When you look back at this, ask yourself what you did with that free time you had because time is the most finite resource out there.

Ask yourself what you did with all of the free fucking time you had, ask yourself that. Yeah, the lockdown will end soon and it will be over in most places by July but seriously, ask yourself how much you did with all of the free time.

Did you make yourself a more attractive guy?

Did you learn useful shit that can actually put more money in your wallet?

Did you develop and grow yourself as a person to where higher quality women want to be around you?

Did you spend any time on improving yourself?

If pussy is so important to you, did you spend time reflecting on past approaches and where you can improve? Did you go back to the drawing board?


Did you whine to all of your friends about how miserable you are in this lockdown and how you wish it would end? Yeah, cry on that shoulder, just what a real fucking man does. /s

Because if you were the latter, you missed a great opportunity and you will pay for it.

I don’t hate you, but just know that this was an excellent opportunity where the extra time that you will never get back could have been used to make yourself a more attractive man. Once they make you commute again? Kiss goodbye to these extra hours in the day. I mean let’s do the math, it is uncertain when the US as a whole really went into lockdown but let’s say by April 15th it was the case which was a Wednesday.

Say you save an hour on commuting to and from work. Right now it is June 25th.

On the week of April 15th alone? You had 6 extra hours in your day.

April 20th (Monday) to April 24th (Friday)? 10 hours. So that is 10 hours per week since we are counting weekdays, I won’t include holidays here. We are 16 hours so far.

Add 8 extra hours for the remainder of April as it ended on a Thursday. Now that is 18 hours for April.

May 2020 had 21 working days. Now with two extra hours a day, that adds up to 42 hours in the whole month’s working days.

We are now in June 2020 and it is June 25. We have had 19 working days so far, multiply that by 2, 38 extra hours.

Let’s add all of this up, we have 18 (for April) + 42 (for May) + 38 (for June so far) = 98 extra hours so far in the year for you to get your free time back. Almost a 100 so far and even if you divide that in half, it is quite significant when you add it up over time.

Chances are I am being lenient here and the figure is much much higher, but the question remains, what did you do with all of that free time?

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