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The bachelor takes a break and reflects.

As many of you who have kept up with my story may know, in the past few years I’ve not only been living in Manhattan, but also living in one of its more lively areas. Imagine an entire area where majority of the demographic is people fresh out of college up to maybe their late-twenties to early-thirties at the oldest. Even now walking around, I see people hanging around drinking outside despite the COVID-19 scare and a beautiful woman every time I walk around the block. At times, I don’t even think some of the top party schools can compete with many areas of Manhattan in terms of talent.

For the past couple years or so, especially before COVID-19 hit, my weekends have consistently involved going out to drink, often getting drunk, and partying. I had some success on these nights bringing women back and having moments that to date have been some of the best of my entire life. Yeah, the area might have more than its share of druggies, crazy characters, feel grungy, smell awful, and at times scare a guy who is not used to such conditions but if partying and hooking up are your key goals, very few places on the planet can rival it. Overtime, you learn to deal with the loudness and grunginess of such a place.

As you may also know, that has come at a cost.

I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight in the past couple years and am a shell of my former-self physically. In some ways it does actually even out because before coming to NYC, I lived in game hell aka Atlanta. In Atlanta, the women are not nearly as good looking and the scene is far more cliquish but I was also a lot better looking myself. In NYC, the scene is more open and beautiful women can be found at every corner but I look a lot more hideous. I probably spent upwards to a hundred dollars some weekends on just going out and drinking, putting my financial goals on hold for the time being.

At one point, a month ago, when I looked at myself shirtless and saw how I was almost growing a gut it hit me. When I check my bank balance and realized how much cash I had burned partying and how much I could have saved, it hit me. When I looked at my 401k balance and saw how it crashed with the spread of this thing, it hit me. It hit me.

The recent times have not helped any either.

We do not know the status of COVID-19 right now, some states which brushed it aside as a joke are paying the price right now by closing again. I have family in places like Texas and Florida, things are not very good in those places. A second wave of this thing is most definitely not out of the question at all.

A green tour.

The past weekend, I went to visit an old friend in a much greener part of the region. You know, like a jungle where you actually see trees instead of concrete everywhere. I took a breath of the air, it was fresh, and it did not smell like crap or garbage. I looked down and no longer had to worry about stepping on feces anymore because homeless people don’t shit on the streets as carelessly there. After that I took a walk around the neighborhood and there were normal people there going about their days. The weather was hot and at times teased rain but it was beautiful, so so beautiful. Best of all, I would not be paying out of my ass to live in a room the size of an average large closet.

So I decided, it was time to make a move. NYC’s nightlife will realistically not recover until the end of 2021 or towards that time. I moved to the area I moved to exclusively for its nightlife and nothing else. The way the game is going right now, I think nightgame is likely going to take a hiatus and could potentially be on its way out for the large part altogether. So it makes no sense for me to continue living in an overpriced area if the main draw is going to be gone.

Sure, the optimists will claim it is all temporary and by the end of the year we will all be getting drunk. I do not fault them for their optimism, some people genuinely do put it all on nightlife and partying.

Working for a bigger purpose, thinking strategically, long-term, and some call it “monk mode”!

The difference between the winners and losers in life is that winners think strategically, many moves ahead. A winner will know that a girl who is teasing is not worth the time, a loser will fall for her immediately and burn his time. A winner will not be a simp for a woman leading him on with the empty promise of sex, a loser will simp his entire 401k, savings, and bank account for such a woman. Losers think in their emotions and desires, winners look at the situation at hand and think strategically.

Now the way I see it, there is a higher Return On Investment (ROI) for me if I spend the next few months getting into shape, developing myself, straightening up my finances, and living a clean life. Now with this being the reality, I will be looking to move very soon.

Don’t worry though, I will invest just as much time on this site and writing for you guys. You will hear more epiphanies, reflections, guides, and various things from me. Some nights, I might just go out every now and then and I will share it with you guys. Before you know it, I’ll be back hitting the game hard again!

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