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The one thing that will make your life enjoyable and make you attractive.

Looks, money, lifestyle, status, “game”, and the list goes on when you are trying to evaluate what matters most when it comes to attracting women. We can all work on various things and debate all of this endlessly. Over the years though, after really thinking about it, there is one thing I think all men can work on to be more attractive while also enjoying their lives even more. Now this one thing might take some of you years to get right but once you do, your life will be a lot better for it.

Stop being bitter.

Bitterness is something I have seen run rampant amongst younger men, especially in the western world. Now if we are being a bit rational here, in irrational times, you have a lot of reasons to be bitter. You get the short end of the stick in many ways and had a rough go at life. A number of my readers have some serious traumas and scars from the past which has made them become resentful and angry towards others. As someone who has been there, I can understand where it comes from.

Say you want to approach a beautiful woman, well if you have been rejected harshly by them before, it might lead to you not wanting to approach one. You might then go down a path of hating all beautiful women when deep down inside, you wish you could be with one right now. Maybe you see a group of people you wish you were friends with but if you were socially rejected in the past, you would probably look down on them and have resentment while deep down wishing you had friends.

What sucks about being bitter is that you cannot even enjoy the moments that make life matter.

Bitterness will eat away at you and even take pleasure out of some of life’s best moments. You almost become a slave to your past even when the present rewards you with some great opportunities for living life. Even if you go to that nice party because someone was kind enough to invite you, you end up souring the mood always complaining about the past.

Other people feel it too, they end up avoiding you as a result. Even if they cannot put a finger on it, the vibes and the energy coming off of you is toxic and their intuition is telling them to stay the fuck away from you.

What people like are optimistic souls that make their lives better and interesting. People love having a laugh and they love people that bring good emotions out of them. When they encounter someone who is resentful and hateful, it makes alarms in their head go off.

Sometimes, it is not even your words but just the tone and emotions behind them. People pick up on all of that and realize that you are probably not going to be fun at parties, so you don’t get an invitation. A lack of social life and lack of socializing means you end up sucking with women since women avoid men who lack social skills, outside of some exceptions.

How can you stop being bitter?

If you have read the post so far and can acknowledge that this applies to you, I congratulate you. The first part of fixing any problem is acknowledging that there is one, so great on you to do that. As for how, I am actually going to release a series on losing bitterness and why it is so vital to your development in game. What you can do right now is appreciate the moment you are in and express gratitude.

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