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How you should be using wealth to score more often

I’ve written about career success and its correlation to having success with women before and our dear friend Pablo has elaborated on it as well.

So I have seen a trend recently takeover saying that wealthy men actually struggle with women and dating when it comes to short-term flings. If you are a guy with wealth, women want to lead you along and lock you down rather than sleep with you like they would a “struggling artist”. Well, if you are one of those guys who happens to fall into that trap or way of thinking then I have some news for you…you’ve been doing it wrong.

I have not only managed to make a decent chunk of money in recent years but also been around guys who are wealthy and get their fair share of action. What I have noticed in them are certain things that allow them to leverage wealth to not be used as suckers and get their fair share.

The meaning of wealth has changed and there is a new language with the younger newer rich.

Wealth used to mean a fancy car or a fancy suit, if you still think that, you are many many years behind. I have seen guys like that and quite frankly, they are a fucking laughing stock. People laugh at the guy who buys bottle service to get women or displays fancy watches to show how rich he is. Such a guy is setting himself up to be, at best, a sugar daddy. One thing that such a guy yells? Out of touch! 

Instead, the new rich do not brag about fancy homes and fancy cars, that is too “try hard”. The new rich showoff their rich life through life experiences and life improvements, both of which will to some degree involve social media. In current day, the meaning of “status” has changed to where a fancy suit and fancy watch no longer make you the cool kind of high status. So how should you be using wealth?

Wealth should always be used to improve lifestyle, especially looks.

Access to a fancier gym, higher quality food, fitness trainer if needed, surgery if needed, and anything that makes you physically attractive should have wealth using to leverage it. Now with clothes, having them fitted is enough but with other things such as fitness and appearance, wealth should be used as a way to have a healthier living.

Wealth should be used to maximize logistics.

Wealth should let you or free you up enough to decide the cities you want to move to and live in. You should be using it to find the prime cities and not settle for the Torontos and San Franciscos of the world. The wealth you have should let you get an apartment or a place near the city center and the prime areas. For a New Yorker, it might mean getting a good apartment of high quality in the Lower East Side.

Wealth should be used to make yourself more interesting by doing things like traveling more.

Go to that trip in the Greek Islands and go party hard at the spots people fantasize about, post it on social media. You are no longer the boring worker bee, you are now the interesting well traveled mystery. Now you are not just sharing some kind of an object to show how rich you are, you are sharing an experience. That is what moves people these days, experiences and not the objects!

Wealth should be used to pursue hobbies you were focused on or had a passion for.

Whether it is going jet skiing, having an expensive camera to take pics with, or whatever expensive cool hobby you wanted to do? Wealth should be used for that. It should be used to pursue the hobbies you always had a passion for but could never really pursue due to a lack of wealth, this makes your life more fulfilling.

When creatively used, wealth should buy access.

Wealth should, when creatively used, buy you access to friends and circles where you are likely to meet and mingle with women more. What wealth should do is create opportunities for you to be around more women and around more guys who are good with women. By making yourself more interesting and someone who is worth being around, it gives them a motive to want you to hang out with girls that they hang out with.

Notice how nowhere did I say that you should flash.

No fancy watches, expensive suits, or anything. Instead, you are using wealth to create a life experience that you can sell to the world. A well put together Instagram account that does not seem fake is an example of such a wealth. What you are portraying with your wealth is not that you are some sucker who sits in a cubicle all day and deserves respect because he flashes a fancy suit. Once again, the corporate guy yells boring old school snob who lives a boring dry life.

The truth about women, especially the hot ones, is that they are bored.

Think about what keeps an average hot girl up at night in most cases, I bet most of you can pinpoint it to social media perception and you’d be right. Selfies, hashtags, what others think of her content, and so forth. A hot girl stays up all night worrying if her life is interesting or cool enough, this is the case for the vast majority.

When they pick guys, they pick guys who raise their status on the cool scale or guys who seem like they would be real fun to be around. A guy who has high quality pics of him looking good and partying on the Greek Islands? Way more fun than a guy wearing a suit and tie trying to look like he works for an Investment Bank. As I will say again, the former yells fun life experience she could be missing out on while the latter? Boring corporate guy who is misguided in what everyone wants.

By being the guy who is using his wealth the right way, you are making yourself instantly attractive for the one night stand. You frequent bars where a lot of good looking women party at and take them home for the night if your game is tight. You leverage your social media account and have pics that net high amount of lays on dating apps. Most of all, by having such a system, you operate with abundance and do not let women lead you on.

My personal experience with wealth.

The biggest difference I noticed in becoming wealthier, although I am not exactly at a banker salary, is that I was in a better environment which made access and opportunities possible. When I was growing up poor, I noticed that there were a lot less good looking women around me. As I got wealthier, I went to wealthier areas where the quality became higher and higher. You will find that correlation yourself, even compare the women you see in Manhattan to women in bumfuck middle of nowhere. There is a reason men pay thousands in rent even when they could be somewhere more comfortable.

Just that access and proximity alone made wealth work for me. Sure, there might be guys with “tight game” and all of that who could charm women far better than I ever could but here is the problem, they do not have access. A lot of them might be smooth talkers and not even look that bad but their circumstances keep them in environments that are not as fruitful, that leads to a lack of opportunities.

A guy who has wealth on the other hand has access. Even the Chads you envied growing up? They grew up in their youth alongside hot girls instead of in a dump where the average girl has a kid by 16 and poverty is a real issue. You find that the best looking people are generally in wealthier environments. So by the virtue of growing up in a rich suburb with a large school? That guy had a massive advantage over a guy who looked good but grew up far away or not in the vicinity of those same women.

For me, the biggest difference wealth has made has been in the proximity and access. I do enjoy doing hobbies that I could only dream of but even that is secondary. What has worked for me is that I can be near more women who are attractive and get a chance to approach them or mingle with them.

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