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Tough and uncomfortable discussions are a test of character and unveil a lot.

In recent years, as I have peeked over certain discussions that happen in male centered spaces around some “touchy” topics, I have seen something troubling happening. What happens is that such discussions that center around things like race and looks are promptly shut down because they are “unproductive”. After-all, since you cannot change your race or your looks, why even bother discussing it? Yet, I feel like this very thing has contributed to the decline of the pickup and red pill movement.

Before I criticize, I do want to say I get why these discussions get censored.

I am going to talk about race and attraction since well, looks are a lot less of a touch subject. Now most discussions that center around race and attraction have certain characters that are constantly involved:

  1. The white nationalist/Alt Right types. Will swear left and right that attractive white women do not go interracial and the ones that do are loe quality. Treat self-improvement dating forums as their own Alt Right echochamber to talk about white supremacy. Will throw “study” after “study” out there with the end goal being to prevent guys of other races from succeeding with women, particularly white women. Some are very forward about their white nationalism while others are more subtle. The subtle ones will talk about how white girls they “know” say such horrible things about minorities and how minorities should not even try.
  2. The race whiner. A very weak-willed man who needs a shoulder to cry on and wants to desperately convince everyone that women will not fuck men of his race. Will whine day in and day out about how easy white guys have it and how his life is just so difficult. Often times, a low value guy who is usually short, unattractive, and a soul-suck to be around to where hardly anyone wants to be his friend. Yet, in any race discussion, he is there dominating post after post to make sure everyone hears his cry, almost like a baby crying out for his mommy. In most generations, this thing wouldh have been weeded out and not even have much to cry about because the tough times would have humbled him but not now, a forgiving society has given this soft soy creature many shoulders to cry on.

So in a weird way, I can see why a lot of people will want these discussions censored. Not only do they become unproductive, they also become toxic to other younger and susceptible minds who are developing. Imagine being new to the game, otherwise optimistic, not knowing much, and finding how someone who has been in it for years and happens to look like you is talking about how tough it is. Overall, not a good look at all for the community and it is poison to the long-term well-being of everyone.

Yet you CAN have a productive discussion on race.

The truth is, you can have productive discussions on race because it does matter and there is a lot you can do about it. You can do a lot about what kinds of locations to game in, types of cultures to avoid, cities to avoid, and what to be mindful of when gaming in regards to your race. For example, I’d happily tell some cool Pakistani guy to go to Hungary or Sweden if he wants to date hot girls but you can bet I am telling him to avoid Spain like the plague. Now if I was Pakistani, I’d want to know all of this or wish that someone had told me this. Similarly, I’d tell the same guy to go to New York City where his race is unlikely to be an issue compared to San Francisco or Atlanta where it is likely to be a major one.

Now that is a productive discussion on race, you are telling someone actions they can take and things they should be weary of. In fact, I’d argue that by not talking race, you are putting limitations on the development of a large number of men out there.

Perhaps the problem was not the discussion but the people taking part in them, it’s a great chance for you to potentially trim the fat.

I am of the opinion that perhaps the Alt Right white nationalist and the race whiner types never had any business on the community in the first place. Such men are negative, contribute little value, and are not good additions in the first place. If anything, the “touchy” subjects that incite controversy are a great chance for you to see who belongs in your community and who needs to go. Instead of silencing the discussions, silence people who don’t have much business being there in the first place.

People with weak character will whine, mope, and cry when uncomfortable discussions happen, the strong characters? They will find resolutions.

A man with weak character will whine about race and make the overall discussion negative, have a victim’s mindset, and sour the mood. I’d argue that such a guy has no hope with becoming good with women so you would be better off trimming the fat and saying your goodbyes. Now a more proactive guy with strong character will share his experience, maybe state certain limitations or talk about demographics he is not successful with, share what has worked for him, and give actionable advice to others.

You are telling me that you will not allow that guy who can make a significant impact on the overall community and take your brand to the next level speak? Are you telling me that the successful guy who has pulled through and has his unique perspective to share is being silenced? Why?

Why should such a strong and successful character have to pay the price and be silenced because a bunch of weak-willed whiners who have no business being a part of community in the first place happen to cry louder? If you did it right, you’d be trimming the fat and making sure such weak toxic characters have no place in your community in the first place.

It’s not just about race, it is about every uncomfortable discussion out there.

For example, looks.

The discussion of looks makes uglier and less attractive guys uncomfortable because everyone will talk about how looks do not matter. Truth is, women do care about looks but there is a lot you can do to improve your looks. Why should we continue to ignore this and say nonsense like “you can’t change your looks” when in truth, you can? Working out, dressing better, and other things I am not going to bother to mention on this post can be done to significantly improve your appearance so why limit that discussion?

If uncomfortable discussions bring out negative thoughts in you, then perhaps the discussions are not what needs to be silenced, you really have ways to go.

The issue isn’t that racism or racial preferences are common in dating, the issue is that you are so sensitive to it all. Maybe deep down inside you know women might not be into men who look like you, have not really come to terms with it, and it somehow turns you into a fucking crybaby whenever it is discussed. Well I got some news, racial preferences aren’t going away and you are holding back the development of other men because you just so happened to wet your diaper over them soyboy. Maybe it’s time to come to terms with the fact that you’re just a pussy with no hope for the future and find greneer pastures other than pursuing women or maybe it is time to be honest with yourself, are you willing to actually improve?

Same with looks, maybe you’re short or ugly or whatever. Whenever the discussion comes up, you want to silence everyone and say they do not matter but you know deep down they do. You know that you are likely to pickup and score when you look good than when you look like a slob. So why not let the true discussion happen and control your thoughts and emotions when you hear things that might make you uncomfortable?

The reality is, strong men with strong character are okay with the uncomfortable and okay with having themselves emotionally tested. If they cannot handle it, they see it as work that needs to be done. If they can, well it is a testament to how they are not overly sensitive crybabies. Unfortunately, it seems like some establishments have taken to pandering to cry babies.

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