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Dating apps are quite reflective of your value whether you like it or not.

So lately, the trend in the pickup and game community has been to start hating dating apps. The reasoning goes that it does not give a man the chance to run “game” and online game isn’t exactly “game”. For starters, this is very telling of how far out of touch the game community has fallen and why most young men will benefit by not taking them too seriously, although they do make decent points here and there. I wanted to talk about why online game is game and why dating apps are quite reflective of your value.

“But it is just so fake and a waste of time”

Facts here will disagree with you as they state that most couples meet through online dating. If most couples are meeting this way, then it is far from a waste of time my friend. Anyone who claims that online dating is a waste of time just sucks at it and usually has a bad profile. These are the kinds of guys who put bathroom selfies up and poor quality images up, get no matches, and complain how it is a waste of time. Fact is hot girls are on dating apps and they are meeting men on there as well, that’s just the reality there is.

“It isn’t really game”

Okay, so you are not spitting pickup lines to a stranger but online game is actual a very special type of game. Online dating at its core is both sales and marketing in one. You are successfully marketing who you are to the world, what determines the success? How many matches you get, you can treat the matches as leads. What is the sales aspect of it? How well you convert your leads into opportunities or dates. Game is ultimately the tactics you use to convince women to give you a chance. For online dating, you have to be well-versed in understanding what women find attractive based on a photo and gear your presentation to that.

To make yet another sales analogy, you are no longer knocking on doors and telling people to buy your shit. You are doing most of your reaching out through online as sales has gone these days and so has dating which has followed suit. So in the end, you do need to say the right things over text, get a gage of her mood, and close fast. Online game is the toughest game there is but it is still game.

“It does not reflect how attractive you are, only photos, not your style and swagger.”

On online dating apps, you cannot go forth and present your “game”, swagger, and vibe is the claim. I disagree with this too. Online game is representative of how you present yourself except you are using one exact moment in time to do it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well based on the photo you present, you are making the case to the many women out there on why they should take a chance on you. That one photo and how it is taken, if it is good, tells them that you are someone who is aware of what is cool, what is hot, and great at presenting himself. Your text game and the way you use words on a woman online talks to how convincing you can be.

The movements and vibe is now put into frozen blocks of time called photos, the question is can you actually present yourself in a way that shows how in tune you are with society and what women find hot?

Yes, it is quite reflective of your value.

If you are a hot guy, you will get a lot of matches on dating apps. Not only do dating apps reflect how good you look, they reflect whether or not you “get it”. By “get it”, I mean how socially in tune you are with society and what women find attractive. How you can present yourself to be that guy to women who they are not embarrassed to bring around to friends.

Compare this to the guy who goes around mindlessly spamming women with approaches, that guy is weird and does not “get it”. Online dating success shows that you understand what it takes to portray yourself as someone who is attractive and someone who can convince total strangers over a screen to meet up with him in person.

I am not discounting the value of real life game either.

I will rarely grow tired of going out to meet hot girls and fun nights at bars when things open up. Instead, what I am saying is that if you are the kind of guy who gets a lot of matches on dating apps, you will go out and meet lots of cool women who feel your vibe. Conquering online game is like beating the toughest level of an opponent. One exception is how you hold your own in an interaction in-person but that is easier to learn than knowing trends of what women find attractive.

Whether you agree with me or not, the truth is that online game is here to stay.

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