Paying attention to data, observations and trends in dating will save you

If there has been one trend I have noticed in men that reach higher levels of success with dating which include things like constantly dating beautiful women and hooking up with a fair number of them, it is their keen attention to the trends and observations. What such men have the ability to do is use the trends, observation and data behind dating to their advantage. In the end, they make these aspects of dating work for them rather than being oblivious to them.

An Indian leaves Toronto.

One of my friends, we’ll call him Rav, was born and raised in the great city of Toronto. When he was growing up to an immigrant family, Rav received a fair bit of racism and also had to deal with the aspect of having overbearing parents. Now as he grew older and became an adult, Rav got into shape and started to improve his life on many accounts. Despite the effort, Rav was just struggling to meet women and did feel like his Indian background hindered that.

After having had enough, Rav packed up his bags and moved to Chicago. After his first year in Chicago, Rav managed to meet a lot of women of various races and backgrounds. Rav got with cute blondes, hot Indian girls, cute Asian girls, cute black girls, a sexy Latina, and even a hot Persian girl in his first year alone. How do I know this? Well Rav has a habit of bragging and sent me proof, some of which included sneaky nudes of women he had just fucked.

As the year passed, Rav told me about how that change alone made such a huge difference. The biggest regret Rav had is that he wished he had listened to his gut and observed what had been going on in Toronto. Toronto has a very high Indian population and in the many popular clubs and scenes he was in, he noticed a somewhat discouraging trend. While seeing Indian women who were hot with white men was common, it was rare to see Indian men with good looking white women. It’s not that women in the city were opposed to going interracial, Rav said he saw a lot of black guys having success but Indian men were left in a bad spot.

Rav did not know what was going on but he knew something was a bit off and it was an underlying social trend too, very subtle in its nature. I have talked to a number of women from Toronto myself and do notice a bit of anti-Indian sentiment. Other than Rav, most Indian men I have met from Toronto are quite miserable.

So what lessons do you need to take away here from data, trends, and observations?

See the bigger picture and notice the complexities of the game, how it all adds up to either benefit or go against you.

The men that women, especially beautiful women, pick are based on a number of things. Things like looks, money, and “game” obviously matter but what matters almost as much are social perceptions and the way guys who are like you are viewed in a given area. The misconception here is that you can simple be “alpha” and lift weights, somehow women will like you. Unfortunately for you, what goes into women and especially groups of women loving certain kinds of men is far more complex than that. Some say that the men who succeed the most are in the right place at the right time but even in that moment, local biases play a big role in whether or not women go for you.

All of this does matter more if your look is not one of universal appeal.

If you are a 6’5 guy with an athletic body and a nice tan? Chances are you might not be as impacted by this. While you might not be as impacted, you will still feel the impact in terms of potential. You could be regularly getting with hot girls in a given area but instead in a less favorable one, have to settle for relationships and lower quality. You are not exactly starving but you’re not eating a damn good medium rare steak either. On the flip side, if you happen to be a member of an ethnic minority group that is quite small in that given country then this starts to matter more, it can in some cases be a difference between night and day.

Make observations in your area, what kinds of guys are having success and how different are they from you? 

If race is concerned, look at how many men in the area look like you and see how they are doing. Now if these men are not having high levels of success, chances are that you will be fighting an uphill battle once you try your luck. You see, people are very keen on blending into their environment. If attractive women in a given city notice that certain kinds of men are avoided, they will also avoid those certain men because they do not want to lower their own status. You can certainly still have luck but you will be fighting in an unfavorable environment.

How often do certain kinds of women hook up with men who are like you?

Some stereotypes are true and are there for a reason such as Asian women loving white guys a lot and girls into the club scene and rap music open to going for black guys. Other stereotypes about region are also true such as the south, certain areas at least, being a tougher place to meet beautiful women if you are a minority. Pay attention to these trends because quite frankly, you’d be surprised at how people and especially beautiful women act in accordance to their demographics. Do exceptions exist? Yes they do but I would not count on it.

Pick your scenes carefully as well, it’s not just locations.

If you are say an Indian guy like my friend, you probably won’t do too well in the more urban hip hop scene because that culture tends to look down on Indian people and Asians. You will be left scraping bottom of the barrel in that given scene compared to say some midwestern All American fratty scene. As the saying goes, get in where you fit in.

Turn the trends in your favor, play in situations that favor you.

Play in situations, scenarios, demographics, and areas that value your look and style. Put yourself in situations where you are initially at an advantage and allow yourself a chance to win. The game is already hard as is, do not make it any harder on yourself. The most intelligent and higher level men who have had a lot of success with beautiful women always do as much work possible on the back-end to rig the game in their favor.

Get obsessed with data behind dating, I mean super obsessed with it. Be more strategic.

Get in where you fit in. Be obsessed with the data, trends, and other observations behind dating. You will be surprised to find that they matter a lot more than you think, almost as much as your looks and game if not more in some cases.

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