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A tale of two bachelors.

Sonny and Nick are two bachelors in their twenties, here is a tale of the two and how their lives differ.

On a Saturday morning, Sonny wakes up as his mother tells him what is for breakfast. At the age of twenty-five, Sonny lives at home with his parents. After graduating school, he could not find employment so now he works a job he isn’t too happy in. Sonny has breakfast, it is pancakes with syrup and some milk on the side.

Growing up, Sonny’s parents were always overbearing and kept him a bit too close. Instead of fighting the overbearing attitude, Sonny went along with it because it was comfortable. Sonny went to a commuter school instead of away for college because it saved money and it was the “smarter” choice. The college experience Sonny had was limiting because he lived at home, so he found community on the internet. Sonny went with the path his aggressive and overbearing parents laid out for him but the passion was not there.

After breakfast, Sonny goes to his computer and logs on to a pickup community he is a part of. Sonny reads about theories and after an hour or two of some conversations, banter, and arguments; he plans to head out to “sarge”. Most guys talk about how dating apps are ruining society, how “real game” is what women want, and how western society is falling apart. Sonny puts on blue jeans, his favorite white shirt, and a jacket. What happened to his old classmates? Sonny doesn’t know because he is not on social media.

“I am using the car mom,” says Sonny.

“Just be back by five,” says mom.

“Yeah whatever,” says Sonny.

“Don’t talk to your mom like that, we are taking care of you and you are living off of us for god’s sake,” says Sonny’s dad.

“I just said whatever,” replies Sonny.

“Let it go John,” says Sonny’s mom.

“I mean at twenty-five people are on their own, here he is stuck, how much longer can we do this Anna?” ask Sonny’s dad.

“Sonny just go,” replies Sonny’s mom, as Sonny heads out with his head down to the mall. As Sonny leaves, the conversation continues.

“John, come on,” says Anna.

“Come on what? He’s living off of us and is twenty-five years old, at some point Anna we have to let that boy grow up and be a man,” says John.

“John, you know we had a lot to do with this. We pushed him down that stupid path in college, always coddled him, and told him he always has us. We told him to be weary and there you have it, what do you think was going to happen John?” asked Anna.

“Anna, after a while the boy has to grow up, we can’t keep supporting him. He works a shit job despite his degree, he is the laugh of the town, and other kids are at least on their own. I mean just a month ago he tried to make a move on that Wilson girl and her dad was up in arms getting mad at me. The boy needs to prioritize, he can’t be going all Gigolo when he doesn’t even have a career and a place of his own,” says John, shaking his head.

Finally, time to sarge! Sonny goes out, he has had this conversation with his forum buddies who say there is nothing wrong with living at him since you are saving money. Everything with the career and all of that will just work itself out, now it is time to “run some game”. Sonny blasts his favorite song along the way as he drives to the mall, the city is relatively small so the mall is a “prime daygame spot”. After arriving, Sonny parks his car and gets out.

Families, couples, and teenagers for the most part fill up the mall. Sonny walks through the mall, back and forth looking to find some prime targets. Along the way, Sonny sees a couple with a stylish fit guy and a hot blonde by his arm. Sonny thinks to himself what a loser, he must be one of those guys who uses dating apps, social media, and probably pays the high prices to live in an apartment in a major city instead of being smart and living with his parents. Not long after, Sonny finds a cute girl out, finally it is time to make that approach. Awkwardly, Sonny jogs over to the cute girl in the mall as she is not aware of his presence.

“Hey excuse me, I thought you were cute, what’s your name?” asks Sonny.

“Uh sorry, I have to go,” says the woman, getting away from Sonny. A mall worker nearby looks up and shakes his head, already familiar with Sonny and how he normally does this. Sonny considers this a win as he can now write about this in his lengthy field report but he must do more approaches.

Sonny walks through the mall again and keeps a view out, looking at where the opportunity might come. The opportunistic Sonny finds it, he sees a group of three girls who happen to look hot. Sonny goes over and strikes up a conversation with them, he is about to approach “a set”.

“Hey you guys are looking good today, what exclusive party are you getting ready?” asks Sonny, to one of the girls.

“Uh yeah, well,” replies the girl, as her friends look oddly at each other wondering what is going on.

“Well?” asks Sonny.

“No party just a nice day,” says the girl Sonny was talking to.

“Oh yeah it is a nice day,” says Sonny, smiling.

“Yeah, hey it was nice to meet you but we have to go,” says the girl.

“Oh yeah nice to meet you too, hey let me get your number and let’s hang out sometime,” says Sonny.

“Oh I have a boyfriend but have a nice day!” says the girl.

Sonny chalks up another rejection but no worries, it’s a part of life. Not long after, Sonny walks through the mall and looks for more “sets”. Families, teenage couples, elderly people, and girls who look way underaged; that makes up about 90% of the people at the mall and Sonny gets frustrated. The pickup forum he was on told him he can “make it happen anywhere in the world” and to “not look for excuses” so the idea that perhaps he should move to a bigger city never sat in.  The ambitious Sonny finally sees a cute blonde by herself with headphones in, he was told to tap such women on the shoulder which he does.

“Hey, I thought you were cute, what’s your name?” asks Sonny.

“Oh uh, hey, it’s Cari,” says the girl.

“I am Sonny, nice to meet you,” says Sonny.

“Hey, yeah, nice to meet you too,” says Cari, a bit caught off guard by Sonny’s approach.

“So what were you listening to? Kendrick Lamar?” asks Sonny.

“No it was Taylor Swift,” replies Cari.

“Yeah you seem like a cool girl so Taylor Swift is nice, that shirt looks great on you,” says Sonny.

“Thank you,” replies Cari, smiling.

“So are you like new to town? You seem to be from a big city like LA,” says Sonny.

“No, just visiting really, I mean I have to go though,” says Cari.

“Cool, here put your number in my phone, let’s meet up sometime,” says Sonny.

“Okay,” replies Cari, putting the number in his phone.

Sonny smiles, he finally got his “number close”. The bachelor is on a high so he texts Cari and then goes forward to approaching another girl who blows him off. One more approach to go, Sonny approaches a girl who walked past him. The forum he is on told him to jump in front of her and do a “Street man stop” which means waving his hand as he is in her way. Sonny does it and as soon as she says it, the girl opens her eyes wide and side steps him before walking past him. Five approaches, one “number close”, and Sonny heads back with his head held high.

Afterwards, Sonny drives home and arrives back, things are more calm at the house. Sonny’s mom welcomes him back while his dad has that stern look on his face, no longer in the mood to argue. The bachelor goes to his room to write up his field report and then has dinner with the family. Sunday will likely involve him going to church with his parents and the weekdays are back to work. Sonny lives for the Saturdays, at his workplace he is often depressed and has a boss that is a disrespectful shit. Saturday ended on a good note for him though, he got a number!

Meanwhile in Nick’s world…..

On a Saturday morning, Nick wakes up with Lisa nude with him in bed, it was a wild night. Nick and Lisa had matched on Bumble and were working the logistics for a date at the point, she was his third one of the week. A couple years ago, Nick got his photographer friend to take the most flattering high quality photos of him with the best lighting. The result was that Nick’s matches on dating apps went up by a great deal, putting him close to 50 in just a week’s span. Before that, Nick was blindly going to clubs and going out to cold approach, he was a little out of shape and had a poor style back then. Nick also took a lot of advice from pickup forums, it didn’t seem to stick or work.

Lisa and Nick are cuddling around nude in bed, she doesn’t seem to mind his morning breath but the considerate bachelor kisses her on her neck and cheeks. Morning sex is always a blessing so after some light playful wrestling, Nick fucks Lisa yet again. The sounds can be heard by some of Nick’s roommates who smile to themselves at the ordeal.

At the age of twenty-five, Nick lives in NYC with two other roommates to share a Manhattan apartment with. The living situation is not ideal but Nick knows that he wanted to spend his twenties away from the small town he grew up in. Anyone who wants to be a somebody or do something with their lives gets out of Bumfucksville. Sure, he might spend more money and he might even lose the safety net but Nick feels that life at his age is meant to be experienced.

An hour passes, the ordeal ends, and Lisa puts on her clothes to leave. Nick locks lip with his match as she goes on with her day. Nick steps out and gets ready for the day himself, his two roommates relaxing in the living room.

“Plow baby plow!” says Trent, cheering Nick on.

“You had her singing a symphony last night!” says Riley, Nick’s other roommate as Nick smirks.

“Didn’t mean to wake you guys,” says Nick.

“No worries brother, what are you up to tonight?” asks Trent.

“Not much,” replies Nick.

“So we’re going to Brandys tonight” says Trent.

“For sure, I am down. Last week was crazy,” says Nick.

“Oh yeah dude, those girls we brought back were wild,” replies Trent.

After some small talk, Nick heads out to the gym to get some reps out of the way. If you’ve been keeping up with the whole story so far, you know that for both bachelors this is all before the COVID-19 lockdowns. Nick arrives at the gym to get his reps in, a couple of hot blondes are near him and one catches herself eyeing him a great deal. Given the options Nick has, gym for him is a place to workout, not to “game”.

“Hey can you please spot me?” asks the hot blonde.

“Sure,” says Nick, spotting her on her reps. The blonde somewhat struggles but then finishes, tries to make small talk with Nick. She is new to the gym and area, Nick spends a few seconds in a calm tone talking to her about how there is so much to do. The blonde says she is still exploring, Nick tells her he doesn’t want to stop her from her workout but he can give her some pointers, hands her his phone and she puts her number in with a smile.

Nick finishes his reps and his session, on the way out he catches that same blonde looking at him smiling. After taking a shower, Nick heads back to his apartment and cooks up a meal for himself. The bachelor checks his dating apps, there are about 5 or so women on each app engaged in a conversation with him. A few texts flood up his phone too, some of them women sending him nudes and others women asking him what he is up to. At some point, Nick is stuck on the debate of whether he goes out or just works with the opportunities he has.

Friendships and fun nights out are always important though so after chatting with his matches and finishing his meal, Nick goes to a local coffee shop to get work done. After all, it helps to get ahead of work on the weekend for an hour or two and pretty easy to do that when you are in love with what you do.

On top of work, Nick has a couple ideas for a side business he wanted to work on since you need more than one source of income. Given the times we are in, Nick decides it is worth it to invest in social media presence both professionally and personally. Nick sees the value of building his brand and how it can lead to a lot of opportunities.

Nick gets coffee and finds an empty table to sit at and do work. Immediately after putting the headphones in, Nick gets to work on his work things, journals a bit, and sets plans for his side business. An hour flies by, Nick is quite focused on his side income. Immediately after looking up, he sees a tall beautiful brunette look at him and sit across as she smiles, he smiles back.

“I need that outlet,” says the brunette.

“Yeah sure,” says Nick, unplugging his laptop’s charger, it is already at a hundred percent right now; he is going to leave shortly anyways.

“I swear, it’s so hard to find seating nearby,” she says.

“Yeah, they get busy at this time,” says Nick.

“I also have friends coming soon too,” she says.

“Well I won’t be here for long,” replies Nick.

“Oh no please stay haha, that shirt looks great on you by the way, Calvin Klein?” asks the brunette.

“Yeah, friend brought it for me,” replies Nick, smiling.

“You have great friends,” says the brunette.

“We all need them,” says Nick.

“Tell me about it,” says the brunette.

“Mines just won’t join me for coffee in a crowded shop,” says Nick, teasing her as she smiles and plays with her hair.

“Lauren,” says the brunette, extending her hand out for Nick to shake.

Bye bye work, the brunette and Nick make small talk as she gets her coffee. Nick is almost done and the two chat for a few more minutes. Come to find, Lauren lives a neighborhood over from Nick. The brunette tells the bachelor about her plans to go chill at a Williamsburg rooftop which Nick occasionally visits. Not long after, the two exchange numbers and Nick is on his way.

Nick comes back to his apartment to cook dinner and has a nice meal before night time hits. Trent and Riley come back with beers, a couple of girls are also set to join the two. One of girls is Riley’s girlfriend and then some of her friends are coming along. I won’t bore you with the details here but pre-game comes and music plays as it nears 10 PM. The crew is drinking and having a few before getting ready to head out. As 11 PM hits, the crew heads out to a popular bar in the area called Brandys.

The line is long enough but time flies when you are with a fun group of friends. Nick has had about three beers so far and is getting somewhat tipsy. Finally, Nick approaches the line and the bouncer checks the ID. The crew is about eight people total so Nick has to wait a few, seems to be a good time in the club.

Finally, Nick is let in with is friends and opens a tab with the bartender who smiles at him, knowing him by name. Nick and the crew take shots, random guys try to flirt with some of the girls in the crew. Nick is having a good time in the crowded bar, dancing and taking in the good vibes. A song by Drake comes on and Nick dances to it, his energy draws some attention. A cute redhead sees Nick dancing and dances with him in the crowded dance floor.

“You’re on fire,” says Nick, leaning in and whispering in her ear.

“Is this because I am red?” asks the sexy redhead.

“Sure is,” says Nick.

“Asshole,” says the redhead, playfully shoving Nick as she laughs.

More songs play and Nick is having a good time with the music. As it gets intimate, Nick and the redhead make out some. The redhead lives nearby and makes chatter with Nick here and there. At one point after having had some herself, the redhead aggressively makes out with Nick. Nick sees the peak and notices he should close before attraction expires, he asks her what she has planned for the weekend. Redhead says she is free and Nick says he knows a nice place nearby. The redhead plays along as Nick closes out his tab.

Nick takes the redhead to a bar near his spot, it is more tame and peaceful but still loud enough. The bachelor has a drink with the redhead and makes out with her, tells her he lives nearby. Redhead is more than happy to go home with Nick and he takes her to his place, they strip down nude in his bedroom and fuck. The night passes and Nick lays in bed with his one night stand, her name is Audrey. As morning comes, Audrey puts on her clothes and leaves as she kisses Nick.

The bachelor has a busy Sunday ahead but first had brunch with his friends, they enjoy the times in the group. Nick invites one of the girls he has been seeing and she invites a friend, the group is somewhat large. After a couple mimosas and a nice meal, Nick readies up for the coming week. Nick’s phone rings, it’s his mom.

“Hey mom,” says Nick.

“Hey Nick, you mind calling more?” asks Nick’s mom, in a joking sassy way.

“I’ve just been busy,” says Nick, smiling.

“Yeah yeah you are busy, define busy,” says Nick’s mom, smiling as she teases her son. Meanwhile, three texts come through Nick’s phone, all from girls he is seeing.

“Mom I meant to call,” said Nick.

“Look Nick, we’re proud of you, hope you are doing well. It’s just that every now and then, don’t be a stranger,” says Nick’s mom.

“I promise,” replies Nick.

“Hold on it’s your dad!” says Nick’s mom.

“So how are you Mr. Manhattan?” asks Nick’s dad.

“Dad I live with roommates, I am not a young Trump,” replies Nick, laughing.

“Oh to be twenty-five and in Manhattan, boy I would trade places with you in a heartbeat even at my age,” says Nick’s dad.

“Hey, you got more money,” replies Nick, as another text from a match flies through on his phone.

“Look, I know you are busy but mom and I love you, we are proud. Go about your day but call every now and then,” says Nick’s dad.

“I promise old man,” says Nick.

“Oh you fuckin prick!” says Nick’s dad, as the two laugh.

The call ends, Nick goes about his day, and prepares for a week he is looking forward to. Nick’s coworkers are great people he loves being around and his boss likes him. As summer comes, Nick had a trip planned to the Greek Islands. For now, he rather not take any time off. Why do so when you enjoy what you do and the people you are around?

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