What part of the world has the best looking women?

It’s Friday night, maybe Saturday, and it’s you and the guys. Everyone has a few beers and you go off to talking about random topics. If you are in a company of straight guys more on the masculine end, at some point you end up talking about women. At some point after talking about women, you talk about the kinds of women you like. After that, you talk about women from various parts of the world and how they look.

Then it gets asked: So, what part of the world has the finest women?

Maybe this is one of those posts where I don’t want to sound all self-improvement centric. Sometimes, I’d like to think of myself as a guy you can have a drink with or just chat with without constantly showering you with the self-improvement talks (that can get tiring no matter how good it is).

I really had to take my bias out which most guys will not be able to do.

We all have a type, mines would probably be a really hot girl with black hair, olive skin, and a Middle Eastern or Indian appearance. Closest thing I can think of is some beautiful Bollywood actress. At some point, I realized that my type was not going to be the type for most guys. I had to consider what most guys said and then start to look at this a bit more objectively.

Now I was not going to get a PhD in this (be a hell of a thesis though) so I thought, why not look at which countries produce an abnormal amount of supermodels?

A survey from a while back seemed to say Estonia and Eastern Europe/Baltics were the winners. One other source backs it up when you look at models per capita which is a far better metric than models overall. For fun, we also include where in the world most Victoria Secret Supermodels come from. The US wins but interesting to find how the Netherlands punches way above its weight class in the list. Given the US’s dominance, interesting to note how the Midwest dominates for Americans.

Sad to see, my “type” did not fare so well so it shows you how much I had to swallow my ego and pride for this. Now as you look around, some lists do point to Latinas and Indian women as among the most beautiful when you Google it.

So then I started asking guys I knew over the years.

The internet might claim one thing and not all guys are going to be into thin supermodels, so I asked their take. Most commonly, I found that guys I knew were into hot blondes or dark haired white women who looked like Megan Fox in her prime. Once talks of background came in, men raved about the beauty of Scandinavian and Eastern European women.

I knew guys who visited Poland, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Hungary, and the Czech Republic who had a lot of great things to say about local talent. I obviously left out some countries but generally in that region, they said the best looking women came from.

Now the other part does come down to bias and preference, you are not going to convince a guy with a thing exclusively for Asian women that other parts of the world have attractive women in them. Guys have to look past their own biases when thinking about this which is a tough thing to do, even though Eastern European women are considered among the best looking in the world, they are not my type.

So the verdict?

If I was to take a guy who didn’t have a preference or bias at all and recommend a place, it is tough to beat Scandianvia and Eastern Europe. I’d edge slightly more to Eastern Europe for the purposes of variety as well. I’d include the Baltics and Russia into that mix as well. The best looking women on the planet come from those areas.

If you have other thoughts, I’d love to hear your comments below.

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