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Strong men accept harsh truths and still shine

Inner game and mindset get tossed around a lot and often times, they are just shown as motivational mumbo jumbo. We hear all the time about conquering your mind or being a warrior but the reality is, it is all a bunch of motivational nonsense. We talk about inner game and having a strong mindset but don’t really talk about how to measure that. Anyone can spout something from Tony Robbins and call themselves as having a winner’s mindset but the truth is, even that kind of motivation is temporary and fleeting.

Two extreme ends of the wimp scale.

On one end of the scale, you have these always positive motivational types that you find in Pickup who tell you that you can do anything. Yeah you are grossly overweight, poorly kept, and come off as awkward in social interactions but you can so get the hottest girls at the club. We know these types all too well, the ones who will deny any negativity of life and dismiss it as just negative banter. The kind of guy who will swear that looks don’t matter or that everyone out there is a happy camper who wants to be your friend. You see it all the time in PUA when they try to see you on the power of positive thinking and tell you to lose your “limiting beliefs”.

Now to counteract that delusional and positive end, I bring you to the negative and cynical end, the incel. 

Looks are everything, all women are racist, all women are shallow, and the female kind is evil. Life is a lottery where you either win or lose based on measurements of your face demonstrated by “science”. No better than the comically positive pickup artist out of touch with reality. Negative, bitter, cynical, toxic, and a guy who is clearly not fun at the parties. 

Now while the pickup artist denies harsh truths out there, the incel takes them and exaggerates them. Women caring about looks means women will only date a Tom Brady lookalike. The incel has taken the harsh truths of life and sure, he has internalized them, but they have crushed him in spirit, mind, and body. Now he wastes his days away hating women because reality was too much for him. 

In the end, both are relatively weak people. The pickup artist is weak because the harsh truths scare him and so he denies them. The incel is weak because he accepts the harsh truths but exaggerates them because they have crushed him in mind, body, and spirit.

And some alpha males are just oblivious to the harsh truths of life.

Some guys had it easy throughout their lives so to them, this stuff does not even register. I cannot even say if they are strong, weak, or out of touch entirely. I’d lean more towards saying that these guys are just out of touch and don’t even figure into all of this because they just lucked out in life. Guys like this cannot relate to a guy who is miserable and got dealt the shorter end of the stick.

Then you have the truly strong men who accept the harsh truths of life and still live a happy life regardless.

Yes, women are shallow and care about looks. This guy is not going to be like the pickup artist that denies it or the incel that exaggerates it because it has crushed his spirit. A guy like this will accept it, make the most of what he has with his looks, and just play the hand he is dealt. So he cannot be sought after like a young Cristiano Ronaldo or a Zayn, it doesn’t matter to him, he is happy with what he was able to do.

Life is unfair and harsh, he doesn’t throw in the towel though, he realizes that the thing about luck is that every now and then it will come his way. Even if he was not raised in a good city, he finds his lucky opportunity to get out of his town and find life in a new city.

A truly strong man will rarely deny that life is unfair and that the game is fucking savage, it crushes men with alpha traits out there. Approach enough and try your luck enough, you will realize how much the game of hookup culture is rigged in the favor of women. Now this is why so many men leave bitter, turn into incels, or put on the morally self-righteous religious face of now being a “born again Christian”. 

It is so fucking easy to get bitter when reality hits you.

It is so easy to hate women for chasing alpha males who got dealt a better hand in life than you, it really is. It is so easy to go out after being rejected enough with nothing but hatred in your heart. It is so easy to wish misery upon most beautiful women out there because they never gave you the time of the day. It is so fucking easy to get bitter, toxic, hateful, and turn flat out evil because life just gave you a bad hand time and time again.

The other harsh reality of life is that you rarely get trophies for doing easy shit. If sitting on your ass all day whining on Internet forums was hard, then almost everyone doing it habitually would be pulling in six figures. Yet, it is so easy to write a paragraph on how the modern dating market is fucked and the world is ending because women are taking over along with whatever fucking theory you made up while putting lotion on your hands an hour ago.

You usually get rewarded for doing the tough shit.

Wanna know what is tough here? Having to deal with all of that negativity, the hatred human nature has to offer, the harshness of the game, being told you are no fucking good by some people who want to take their frustrations out on you, accepting all of those cold hard truth that are unfavorable to you, and somehow coming out sane and happy. Realizing how rough and cruel a lot of women and people in general can be but still, having your love for people.

Coming to the realization that while a lot of women crushed your ego, there were some still wanted you. Yet, you missed them, because you were too bitter and in your own head.

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