My first night out in NYC

Whenever you move to a new place, there is that exciting feeling of it all being new. Somehow, I think back to years before COVID-19, before lockdowns. Compare it to a freshman in college in his first semester or when you move to a new city after school. In those first few months, you do not know what is what and who is who. The bars and clubs seem exciting to you as you wonder about the kinds of people in there and the life of the city.

After moving to NYC, I spent the first couple weeks in an Airbnb just to look for apartments and places. When I first arrived, it was cold and things moved fast right off the bat. The Uber driver I had amazed me in the way he drove through the Manhattan traffic, almost hitting certain cars but not hitting them.

Then I arrived and looked for apartments while staying in an Airbnb. After a week passes, it is late at night on a Thursday and I can hear the music playing across the street. I hear yelling and people having a great time which puts in a place where there is a decision to be made.

The whole ordeal brings me back to my school days when I stayed in to study and could hear drunk students going out into town. Somehow, someway, life put the same decision on my plate in my mid-twenties so what do I do? On one hand, I have to be focused on my apartment hunt since I am in an Airbnb, only have a week and might even have to be up early. On the other, not going to be in my mid-twenties forever.

So fuck it, I get dressed and try to look decent enough before heading out. Now the city is kind of cold, its winter, but people are all down to party.

I see a bar where the commotion seems to come from and there is a long enough line outside. The group seems to be people in their twenties who dress well, a lot of hot girls which coming from Atlanta I was just not as used to, even if Buckhead. So I get in line and there is a guy in front of me with a beanie and jacket on, we make eye contact and I smile.

“Out here by yourself mate,” says the guy, in an accent that sounded somewhat either Irish or Scottish, I cannot tell.

“Yeah man, new to the city,” I reply.

“Oh same here,” he says.

“Yeah but you got a crew huh,” I say, smiling.

“Nah mate, have to be a lone ranger,” he replies.

“Oh I see. Yeah man, seems like this bar has talent if you know what I mean,” I say.

“That’s Manhattan for ya,” he replies.

We chat a bit more and decide that he should wing me once we get inside. In front of us in line are a group of hot girls and behind us in line? A group of hot girls, welcome to Manhattan. I intentionally made sure to whisper to the guy, his name was Liam, about the wingman part. After moments of silence between us, I turn around and make eye contact with one girl who had black hair, green eyes, and a nice tan.

“You get asked this all the time but where are you from?” I ask.

“Uh, I am white, huh,” says the girl, looking at me confused.

“Looks like you do not get asked this a lot,” I reply, with a smile.

“Well okay, I kinda do, I mean why do you ask?” she asks.

“Well I know you’re white but you look kind of like European or something, or like mixed with something,” I say.

“Really, I think I look white,” she says.

“No, you kind of do look mixed Katie,” says her friend who is a taller and paler brunette with curly hair.

“Shannon, I am Irish!” she replies.

“Oh boy, I started a fight, now I feel bad,” I say.

“No no, we just love arguing,” says Katie.

“So you two are sisters then,” I reply, as the two laugh.

“Yo fuckfaces MOVE!” says a muscular guy behind them, apparently the line had moved ahead from me and Liam who was observing.

“Dude he is moving chill out,” says Shannon, getting an attitude with the guy who gave her a stink eye and cold look. We move and are almost towards the bouncer.

“Alright Katie and Shannon, pull out your fakes,” I said.

“Oh bad pickup line,” said Shannon.

“If you were a booger I’d pick you, better?” I reply, as Katie laughs.

“You got a way with words stranger,” says Shannon.

“I got a way with a lot of things,” I say, as the two laugh.

“Yo dude, come on!” says the bouncer, as I show him my ID and get in the bar.

“You were going for a while there,” said Liam.

“I was hoping you’d wing me,” I replied.

“I have you on the next one,” he says.

“Sure, I am gonna get a drink,” I say, it takes Shannon and Katie forever to get in.

As I get a drink at the crowded bar, I see a good enough crowd. The girls outnumber the guys, I head to the bar to have a short blonde dance in front of me, she is drunk. Bar is crowded but I open a tab, my first drink is a fuckin Corona….Now I look back and see that Liam seems to be getting into a shouting and shoving match with the guy who called us fuckfaces in line. Well fuck, within seconds I see both guys get thrown out of the bar, there goes my wing.

Shannon and Katie seemed to be with a group, mainly guys and girls in that group. I walk around the bar, without a wingman and it is packed. Everyone seemed to be closed off in their own group and it seems like maybe I made a mistake coming out. See a hot blonde near me and try to make small talk only for her to look away and keep walking, ouch.

I down my Corona and then get another drink, have probably had like four or five drinks since then. Not long after that, I accidentally bump into this curly haired tanned brunette who smiles at me and I make small talk. At this point, I do not even know what was said but we got to making out minutes later only for her friends to pull her away. One was a short fat chick and another a grumpy looking Asian girl, there we go again.

Now it is always hard to walk around in a packed bar alone and not look like a sleazy PUA. I never really mastered that trick of going out alone and not looking like you are that lone guy by yourself. Now I do try to make small talk with any guy I randomly bump into in order to get momentum going, one shouts “fag” in my face. Welcome to NYC I guess but dude was drunk and wearing a Bama hat, so shocking.

Then it hit me, realizing where in the world I was.

Yeah, I was in Manhattan. Even looking around, I saw the differences between the clientele in a Manhattan bar versus even the wealthiest part of Atlanta. The people were better dressed, taller, and in better shape. Even if the ratios favored men, the truth is that there were a lot more guys on their game. While in Atlanta I’d see my fair share of chubby and poorly dressed guys who looked silly with girls, in Manhattan every guy had his game on point with fitness, looks, and even genetics it seemed.

Now I get bumped into by some dude with a Syracuse collared shirt and say excuse me, he seemed to be in a good mood and with his girlfriend. Not so long after that, I make small talk and they with a group of other people. Everyone seemed to be in a big crowd and they get me a shot, I take it and I am getting there in terms of being drunk. We have a good time and it raises my mood. Yeah, it really hit me, I was in Manhattan and these people seemed to be on another level and so was the scene.

People start scattering and I talk to the couple some more but then have to use the restroom. I come out and they all seem to have moved places. So I walk around and make small talk with this cool Asian guy who was dressed preppy but sharp. We have a good convo going and all until we bump into these two brunettes.

One short curly haired brunette has the hots for the Asian guy and this taller pale skinned brunette and I talk. The brunette I talk to has a Texas shirt on so we make small talk over that. I lean in more, it is a crowded space and at anytime a guy can slip in. An old friend always taught me that you lean in to the girl in a loud venue and softly talk to her, it works better than just yelling and having her thinking you are on drugs.

“So is this more fun than Austin?” I ask.

“Oh yeah, way more fun,” she says, leaning in as I put an arm around her shoulder.

“Are you always this fun?” I ask.

“Well you’re gonna have to find out,” she says, smiling.

“I am happy to but I might be too fun,” I say, leaning in and speaking softly in her ear, she laughs.

“Not sure how you guys find bars in this city, this already seems like a good place, you’re telling me there are better ones for the weekend?” I ask.

“Yeah, I mean this is more of a weekday place,” she says.

“This city knows how to have a fun weekday,” I reply.

“Where are you from?” she asks.

“Georgia, don’t even get me started,” I reply.

“Uh dude, Missouri, try that,” she says.

“Not for us fun people,” I say.

“Nope,” she says, shaking her head as her friend is making out with the Asian guy, she glances in that direction.

“Oh you feel so left out,” I say.

“Uh not really,” she says.

“Let me fix that,” I say, bringing her closing for a kiss as we lock lips. Something really rose up in me, she was really sexual and arousing in a way. We keep making out, I am hard as fuck and my blood is boiling, been a while since I felt like this. She grabs my head and drags it closer to hers. As soon as we stop locking lips, I tell her where I am.

“See that apartment across this street?” I ask, pointing out the window.

“Uh yeah,” she replies.

“I am staying there, let me close out my tab and lets have more fun,” I say.

“Uh, I have to check on my friend,” she says. Ouch. She checks on her friend who is being picked up by the Asian guy and making out with him.

“I think your friend is having more fun than you,” I say.

“Asshole,” she says, shoving me as she laughs. I grab her hand and bring her closer.

“I think she is going to be the one to ride the Longhorn tonight,” I joke.

“Oh my god,” she says, laughing.

“You feel left out again,” I say, smiling.

“Sometimes being fun is lonely,” she says.

“Yeah you’re having the wrong kind of fun,” I reply.

“You really know how to use that tongue,” she says, laughing and pushing my face back.

“Don’t give me any ideas now,” I reply.

“Oh my god,” she says, laughing.

“I mean I was thinking of having ice cream with you sicko,” I reply.

“Oh yeah, ice cream, keyword for what?” she asks.

“For something cold and sweet that you have for desert,” I say, smiling.

“Yeah ice cream,” she says, rolling her eyes. The curly brunette heads out of the bar with the Asian guy, she sees it. I kiss my girl on the neck and behind the ears, softly.

“Okay, I am not in the mood for ice cream,” she says.

“Let me close out before we go anywhere, then we can get what you are in the mood for,” I reply.

I close out my tab and head to the crowded bar with her, a couple guys do try to flirt on the way but she ignores them. NYC guys are more aggressive, I’ll give them that. Bartender takes forever to close out the tab, I am having a raging erection thinking of what I will do to this chick, and then finally like five minutes later they get to me and close out. I tipped well.

So I head out with the brunette, she looked like a younger Courteney Cox almost. We head to my Airbnb and immediately as we get in, we strip down and make out. As dangerous as it seemed, I ate her out. She had a nice dark haired landing strip that went so well with her pale freckled skin and blue eyes. I put on some protection, fuck her good, and cuddle with the pretty body as I get lost in those blue eyes. The night passes and she heads out in the morning, we exchange numbers and social media. Apparently, her friend got railed really good by the Asian guy based on the text.

Brunette leaves after having some water in the morning, I make out with her before she does, tells me she will be in the Lower East Side on the weekend. Amazing night, comes to show that sometimes when in doubt and you hear the party, just go join. Stay in there no matter how awkward and tough it gets.

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