Not another Long Island!

The song that still sticks to my head from that night….

Being in lockdown mode just reminds me of the nights spent going out back in 2019. To some degree, while I am fulfilled with life right now given how cool work from home is, I occasionally think back to some of those nights out. Now this not to say that I necessarily miss them but I have no regrets on having them, they make for some good stories.

Back around a year ago, I want to say more mid-November, I went out on a Saturday night to explore a bar for my friend and give him the scoop. The bar is over in West Village and in an area a lot of people fresh out of school in their twenties go out in. Overall, it has three floors and I managed to be friends with some of the door guys there. I’ve been there a few times but the plan was I go first, if the vibe and talent is that good, then my friend comes out.

Before I go out, I decide to listen to some good music and have a couple of drinks. My thoughts are that I go out with a good vibe so I start doing some pushups and even went on a mile long run a few hours before to get the blood flowing. After taking a cold shower, I have a few drinks and watch some football game before catching an Uber right. The weather is cold but not as cold as you’d expect for a November in NYC, the year in general was warmer than usual.

I arrive and the door guy recognizes me, it is this tall cool black guy who is friendly to most other than the obvious people who need to get thrown out of the bars. After making small talk with him, I go into the bar and order my usual Heineken from the bartender who remembers me by name as well. I feel a lot more energized for some reason and try to head to the second floor before some guy approaches me, he seems really amped.

“Whoa, look at this dude,” he says.

“Yo,” I reply, a bit shocked but a slight smile from me, he seems like a cool dude.

“I mean fuck, nice jacket,” he says.

“Thanks,” I reply.

I do not know what more was said after that but I notice the guy seemed friendly, his name was Conor. We chat for a bit and then he hits on a nearby girl, she seems to play it off as she is social but rejects him. The way the guy rubbed it off made his positive vibe rub off on me.

“I tell you what, we are having a party upstairs and I am getting you in, you have a Long Island on me though,” says Conor.

“Oh well, thanks man!” I reply.

As a basic beer guy who does not experiment much with other drinks, I learned that night how powerful a Long Island is that night. I could barely stand after finishing the drink so what happens next? Well, Conor was an MBA student at an Ivy League, he got in for Private Equity research or something and used to be a former military guy. Most of this classmates, largely Asian and Indians, were having a birthday party for one of their friends. So, Conor proposes we get another drink which we do and it is a fucking Long Island. I have another Long Island with Conor and his crew of twenty or so people, man that shit is strong.

Liquid courage right? Well, now me and Conor go around the bar randomly approaching. West Village bars are usually good for partying but tough to game at because quite frankly, the crowd gets really cliquish. You get a lot of kids fresh out of college who still stick with their college cliques, go figure most are not even from the city or even the region. Still, we approach a good bit and I end up bumping into this tanned brunette.

“Oh my god, you’re that girl from Blurred Lines,” I say.

“What, I get that maybe twice a year,” she said.

“So you only go out twice a year then?” I ask, she laughs.

We chat for a bit and then start making out, I grab her ass and then feel my shoulder being rubbed by Conor whose hand I smack away. Somehow, not sure what happened that night, but I could not close the deal. The girl gets dragged away from her friends so we exchange numbers before she leaves, did not feel like much was going to happen from it. Then, the song plays, it is a really catch tune.

“I say dance for me dance for me dance for me oh oh”, it sounds like some little kid singing it or something. I later come to find that the song is Dance Monkey by Tones and I. The beat just possessed everyone in the bar who started to dance and soon after, I joined. I have never been able to dance, I am really stale and flat footed at it even though I played sports growing up. Somehow, maybe I was that bad or decent (who can tell when you are drunk as hell?), I had the crowd looking at me and roaring. The song ends and I hear a loud roar from the crowd and some claps, get a toast from Conor’s crew who are upstairs.

“Okay, you need another one, yeah!” says some random white dude with a red beard.

“Uh yeah sure,” I reply.

“Two Long Islands yeah!” shouts redbeard, my mind is going what the fuck, these things are fucking powerful. The best part is I did not have one on my own dime at all, they are expensive but seemed like the crowd that night had money.

We toast and have another Long Island, I feel even more energized. Two girls walk up to us, one blonde and one tall brunette. Redbeard hits on the blonde, she seemed more into him anyways. Tall brunette does the dance I was doing and I dance with her, now they are playing some Drake song, I think it was One Dance. At some point, she puts her arm around me and we start making out. So much easier to do in a very crowded bar, she smelled great too.

The night slowly starts to wind down, think it is closer to 2 AM by then. Brunette’s name was Lori, she was from Ohio and visiting. My place was a long Uber ride away, hers was a hotel nearby. We go back to her hotel and take off our clothes, I was amazed by how nice her tits were. After putting on a condom, we fuck and I felt really hard that night too. Lori knew how to ride a dick and ride it good, it had been a while since I came and moaned. The hazelnut type of smell coming from her made it easy for me to make out with her afterwards, she knew how to pull off her ponytail too.

Then the morning comes and I am really fucking hungover, like really hungover. I also realize that not only am I hungover, I forgot to close my tab at the bar and never got Conor contact information. Somehow, that song from Tones and I the night before kept playing in my head. I look up the artist, no thanks…..

I struggle out of bed and put on my clothes, even see the condom lying around on the floor so I throw it away. The bar does not open for another two hours so I end up staying in bed with Lori. Morning sex always feels better than a night of being drunk, even when you are hungover. We fuck again and this time, I actually hit it raw which she is okay with, felt a lot better than usual. I tell her I didn’t close the tab from the night before as she tells me that she didn’t close hers either.

We lay around in bed naked, talking about life and what brought her to NYC. Apparently she is taking a business trip to the city and wants to move there eventually, we exchange Instas and then keep chatting. The two hours fly by, she even stroked me as I was telling her a story and the way her soft hands grabbed my hard dick had me moaning as I told the story.

“Hold on,” she said, getting inside the sheets and then putting her mouth over my dick. I have no idea if it is because of how hot her breath was after a night of drinking or what but the way she blew me, shaking her head like a bull shark eating a meal made my lower body vibrate. After I let out a long breath, my lower body thrusted up and I shot a messy load in her mouth which she casually spat out on the hotel floor. I feel bad for the maid that had to clean that, it was a really nice hotel too.

Not long after, the bar does open and I head over there with Lori. We get our cards after closing out our tabs and then she has to get brunch nearby. Before she does, she heads back to get cleaned up and get some mouthwash, for obvious reasons. I catch the Uber back to my place and practically nap that whole day, the song playing.

The sex was great and so was the night but I was so spent that day from the hangover that one thing came to mind for me, I am never having that many Long Islands in a night even if I do not have to pay a fucking dime for it.

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