As people, we all rate each other on the 1-10 scale. For those of you who are against the scale, we can just describe what it means to be a 7. Basically, a 7 is a woman who is above average looking but not hot. Think of a 7 as a woman you’d happily fuck sober but due to some aspects of her look, she is not exactly everyone’s dream girl or model material. You can say she is “cute” but not exactly “hot”.

Over years of interacting with a lot of women and talking to many guys about it, I noticed something. I started to notice it especially more in the nightlife scene as well but also in a lot of social scenes that involve women in their physical prime and their youth.

A while ago, my friend told me that 7s are actually worse than 9s and even worse than women of other looks range. The idea is that women who are not good looking will usually just give up or be nasty in more brash ways, think a Rosie O’Donnell. Women who are average looking are, well, average. 7s are in an odd spot where they are better looking than average women but not exactly model material.

Now there is another key part of this whole argument too, 7s might actually put in a lot of work into looking good which involves surgeries. You can just tell with a 7 who has hit the ceiling on her look but is held back by things such as her short height or mostly average face.

The idea here is that women who fall into this look range desire the hot girl lifestyle of being validated more than other women do and put in the most work into it. Despite all of the investment into besting their own look and being a part of as much of the “in crowd” as they can be, they soon come to a realization. Mostly due to hitting their genetic ceiling to where they do not have that tall supermodel look, a lot of 7s turn bitter and end up being nasty due to hitting that ceiling.

I started to notice it myself over the years.

After many nights of being out and being a part of a lot of social crews, I noticed a certain kind of woman a lot. Many times, she would be the loudest, most vocal, most involved in the drama, biggest gossip, and yes; take the most pride in humiliating men not a part of her crew. The same woman would shower the highest status or best looking guy in the group with endless praises while letting others know they were below him. Climbing the social ladder and trying to have the most pull in the social politics meant everything to her. Being a part of the “in crowd” and trying to flash at the most exclusive spots was also a key part of her existence, all to be popular.

Now I would like to introduce a new phrase to all of my readers who have not unsubscribed after reading this politically incorrect thread, the 7 syndrome.

The 7 syndrome is what I describe as a phenomenon where above average looking women who have invested a ton into their looks realize that they do not have the genetics to be a model. In order to compensate for this, they pay even more attention to social politics, being popular, social ladder climbing, sizing people up, obsessively kissing up to the highest status people, being cruel to anyone they see as “low status”, and being more hypergamous overall. In other words, your harshest rejections in nightlife are likely going to come from 7s than about any other looks category out there.

Now I don’t just use 7 to apply to women who look above average, this can also apply to women who are also hot but past the prime age group for being a model or being that stereotypical hot girl. You can also apply 7 to describe women who are good looking but might see themselves as a part of the out group such as the token Asian girl or Latina in a group of hot white girls.

The root of the 7 syndrome is feeling like you have more to prove because deep down, you are not at the top spot you want to be at and realize it might be due to things out of your control. It is wanting that top spot and glory but realizing that you don’t have what it really takes to get there, mainly due to factors out of your control.

It’s not just women either, the 7 syndrome can apply to so many aspects of life.

Even in social politics, your worst treatment will likely come from people who see themselves as better than the average person in the room but not good enough for the top spot. When I grew up in the south, it was often poor whites who were the most racist because they feel like they had to be. Poor whites had more to prove and so they acted by being more racist towards minorities as a result compared to rich whites who were at the top of the social spectrum in the area.

People who are above average and constantly trying to climb to the top but feel as if certain aspects are limiting them will do their best to avoid the bottom. The best way to avoid the bottom of the social ladder is to ensure that others take the spot at the bottom itself, that way you can at least claim that you are better than some people. 

What should be your takeaway from all of this?

The biggest takeaway you should have is why not just go for the fucking 10? When things open back up at bars and nightclubs, go game the really hot girl or the hottest girl in the group. You are probably going to get at least a kind rejection and know that you went for the best. 

In social situations, do not be afraid to make friends with and socialize with the people who are the highest status in a group. What you will find is that they are often the kindest people with the least to prove and more likely to not engage in petty social status games. 

Most of all, the next time you face a nasty experience, just know that the person has what we call the 7 syndrome.

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