Tell me about that Leopard!

Alright kids, circle around, it’s story time.

Before the lockdowns took place and COVID-19 had hit, the last three months of the year were always some of the most fun times of my life. I always noticed that I went out more and my friends were more down to go out in these months. Call it Holiday season or people wanting to get the drinking and party another go before they have to head home somewhere peaceful for the holidays.

A week before Thanksgiving, a couple of my coworkers and I decided to head out to the bars in the Meatpacking District. One of my coworkers, we will call her Riley, was a tall blonde with a fitness instructor body and face similar to Sienna Miller’s. My other coworker was a guy named Tre, a buff black guy who looks a lot like NFL Player Mark Ingram.

Compared to my other coworkers, I probably grew the closest with Riley and Tre. Tre was from South Carolina and Riley was from Florida, both were fun people to be around. The rest of the office was a lot more uptight, angling in office politics, and judgmental. The company I was with at the time was also going through some major transitions which made our otherwise friendly boss a dick, something that was rubbing off on all of us. Me, Riley, and Tre somehow built a bond that lasts to this very day to where we will meet for drinks.

After work, on a Friday, we all head out without letting anyone else know. We had already stayed an hour after work because we had more to do and thought it would make sense afterwards to head out. Riley called her boyfriend, a tall buff friendly Redheaded guy named Jeff to join us. Jeff called a couple of his friends too and Riley’s sister was also in town so she joined.

Tre called in three of his friends and I just joined the crew myself. We started the party at around 9 or so at a local bar, got a few drinks in us, and as it went a little over 10 we went to one of the bars in the area without much of a door policy. For my fellow New Yorkers, you know how strict the door policies can be in the Meatpacking District but a handful of bars and clubs are lax on that. The one bar we end up heading into is labeled a “Bridge and Tunnel” bar, meaning that the Jersey crowd floods in there on Fridays to enjoy the Manhattan party scene.

“Short lines, we better get in fast,” said Tre, as we approach the place.

“Man, I hear this place is kinda trashy though,” I reply.

“Bruh chill out, not every place is a fancy cocktail lounge,” replies Tre.

“Yeah, you get really judgmental sometimes dude,” says Riley.

“Fine fine, let’s go, never been but let’s go,” I reply.

I was weary of the bar, it has about three floors to it but I always heard how it gets very trashy which means fights break out. We go in and order some drinks, everyone gets a Vodka Redbull. At this point, I am about 6 drinks deep while Tre and his crew are at the same level. Riley’s sister is pretty wasted but she seems to be having a great time. We all gather around and play a drinking game, the loser in each round has to do something the winner wants them to.

Somehow, it lands on Tre as having lost and Riley’s boyfriend tells her to approach a tall blonde at the bar. The place is mostly packed but the ratios seem decent. Tre ends up approaching the blonde who is super into him, it goes pretty well. A guy, whether it is her husband or boyfriend or just friend, approaches the two and talks to the blonde. The guy has a receding hairline and is shorter than both Tre and the blonde but he seems to know her. Guy seems to be convincing the blonde it is time to go while Tre just smiles as the blonde plays with her hair.

Me and Riley are laughing, if he is the blonde’s husband then Tre is gonna steal his girl. The blonde leaves holding hands with the guy while looking back and smiling at Tre. Tre comes over to us smiling and we ask what happened.

“So that’s her husband’s brother,” he says.

“Yeah well, she seemed really into you,” I said.

“Yeah, she asked me how big I am down there,” he replies.

“Oh my god, wow,” says Riley, laughing.

An hour had passed and the place was starting to get packed, our table was slowly dispersing. Tre’s friends were moving around the bar looking for opportunities while Riley and her crew are talking about personal stuff. I walk around the bar and check out the floors, the talent is not that bad at all.

As I head down, I bump into two tall blondes and try to make an approach, get ignored. After that, I try to chat with a cute redhead only for her Asian friend to drag her away from me. I get another drink and randomly move about in the bar. A group of guys truck past me which makes me almost spill my drink but I get out of their way, they seem pissed. I turn back only for two blondes and a dark haired girl to look at me smiling.

“Let me guess, you guys rejected them?” I ask the blonde close to me.

“No, they were shouting and arguing back there,” she replies.

“And no fight broke out, damn that sucks, I’d boo them now that I know that,” I say.

“Why,” she replies, laughing.

“I mean all of that build up only to peacefully walk out? I mean come on,” I said.

“Yeah well, that’s men for you,” she says.

“Not all of us are like that, some of us just start throwing hands without shouting,” I say.

“Oh no, you better get that away from me,” she says, laughing.

“No way, you look tough and could probably put me on my back,” I say.

“Well, we are from Boston,” said the dark-haired girl in the group wearing blue jeans and a leopard top. The girl had black hair, a light olive tan, and a cute face.

“So how’d you kill that thing? Did you shoot it or kill it with bare hands before wearing it as a coat?” I asked, softly pinching her leopard top.

“Bare hands baby,” she replies, laughing.

“Not even a Leopard fucks with someone from Boston, lesson learned,” I reply, laughing as she playfully shoves me.

At this point, the two blondes in the group are talking to themselves as they look at her. I chat with the dark-haired girl, her name is Shannon. I cannot help but look into her cute brown eyes and she had a really sexy vibe to her. We talk and I put an arm around her waist due to how packed the bar is getting.

“Hey, you guys want some drinks?” says a random guy to the two blondes and Shannon. Old me would have worried and wondered if the guy is with the group but I just ignore him while keeping an eye on Shannon.

“No thanks, we’re good,” replies one of the blondes.

“Cute Leopard shirt,” says the guy to Shannon.

“Uh thanks,” says Shannon, turning back to me.

“Uh thanks? Jeez,” replies the guy.

“Dude, seriously,” says one of the blondes giving the guy an angry stare.

“Okay, snobby cunts,” says the guy as the two blondes ignore him and Shannon gets closer to me.

“Now I know why women have to be snobby, some men do not get the hint,” I whisper to Shannon.

“They really don’t,” said Shannon.

“You should tell them “I’ll do to you what I did to this Leopard!””, I say, as she shoves me again while laughing.

I bring my mouth closer to her ears and have an arm around her waist. The bar is loud, packed, and I want to escalate with her. Shannon has a powerful smell on her which is arousing but kind of natural too, it gets me hard. I ask her how long she is staying for, she says the weekend since she is from Boston.

Now comes the tough part and thank god I am not drunk beyond repair. I want to escalate with Shannon but her friends are right there. So I ask Shannon if she has been to the rooftop of the bar, the conversation just headed that way. Shannon doesn’t know that the bar has a rooftop, now comes the challenge of moving her through the crowded before. Before I can even do that, Tre and Riley see me as Shannon is grabbing on to my collar.

I smile at them and get Shannon through the hectic steps and crowded bar, finally making it to the rooftop. Surprisingly, despite how packed the bar was, no one bothered to approach her. I don’t even care if they did, she was already invested in me. We finally get to the rooftop and it is a pretty view, only about ten or so people there and they are all a large group.

“So, do you ever see yourself living in this city?” I ask.

“Ugh, no, I mean it’s too messy,” she says.

“Yeah that is true, we are all a mess sometimes though,” I say, putting my nose and mouth close to behind her ears.

“Yeah but some more than others,” she replies.

Somehow, I know I had to turn this into us ending up sleeping together. I tell her where I live in the city and at this point, I am trying to hang in there. We go to talking about sports, she played Tennis in high school and college, I did too. I then go from there to tell her how I used to wrestle and do BJJ, the most taxing thing I have ever done.

Shannon calls me out and says why I didn’t go against the guys who had trucked past me at first. I tell her that when you have sparred and been in some fights, you almost hate fighting. The guys who love it are the ones who have not fought much and overestimate how well they can fight. Shannon calls me out and says she needs proof.

“Well, I am not going to put you in any leg locks out here, but I can definitely show you some things when it is just the two of us,” I reply.

“Oh yeah, show me some things,” she says.

“I will show you a lot,” I say, leaning in and going for the kiss. Shannon turns her face to the side so I kiss her neck and behind her ear which makes her run her hand through my hair.

“I won’t be as easy as that Leopard,” I whisper, grabbing her ass and softly squeezing as I kiss her some more.

“You don’t wanna end up like that Leopard,” she whispers.

“Well well, looks like you got a lot to show me too then huh,” I say, going for the kiss as we lock lips. I am aroused, Shannon just smells in a way that arouses you. Minutes later, I go for the close as it is already past midnight.

“So, you’re heading back to Boston after the weekend. I want to show you more of New York outside of this place, let’s go,” I say.

“It’s too early, I want to enjoy the view,” she replies.

At this point, I am wondering how I can present to Shannon that she needs to end up with me. We have a pause for a couple of minutes and see the view, I don’t say much, seeing the view with her. After a few more seconds, I get an idea.

“How many of those buildings do you recognize?” I ask.

“I mean, well, not a lot,” she replies.

“Yeah well, that’s because you’re looking at Jersey,” I say.

“Fuck,” she replies, playing with her hair.

“Let’s take you to a place where you can see the Freedom Tower and Empire State at the same time,” I say.

“I mean, I have to ask my friends,” she says.

“I don’t think someone who kills Leopards with her bare hands needs anyone’s permission to do anything,” I reply, as she laughs.

“This is not about the views is it,” she says, smiling.

“Hey, I got a lot more to show you than just a bunch of buildings,” I say, leaning in and whispering to her.

“Oh yeah, a lot more, huh,” she says, breathing a bit hard.

“So much more, neither of us need any permission to do anything from our friends right,” I say.

“Okay, fine,” she says, smiling.

At this point, my breath is getting deeper and my heart is pounding, getting really hard down there. Shannon texts her friend or someone something as we try to head out of the bar. Meanwhile, I run into Riley and Jeff as I am heading out with Shannon. Riley is a good friend because she gets what is going on and smiles. Downstairs, I see Tre get into a shouting match with some other dude as the bouncer breaks up the fight.

Tre is my friend but as soon as I head out, I try to keep away because I need to get this girl home. My good fortune puts a cab right in front of us dropping someone off so I wave the cab over, me and Shannon get in.

We chat a bit more, get to know each other better, making some small talk. Shannon is Italian and went to Boston University, she brags about her cooking skills. We got on the topic because I ask her how her hair are so dark and naturally beautiful. We kiss a bit more, I cannot help but sniff her because her smell gets me hard. My fear is I hope I don’t cum right then and there, this girl has a way of getting a man hard.

Finally, we arrive at my place and I pay the cab. We get out and are in front of my apartment, which is a twelve floor walk up as I live on the second floor. I put Shannon on my back and go up the stairs, get in my apartment, and it is time for action.

I strip down fast and Shannon is quick to do it too, her black bra and panties go so well with her olive skin. All I down to is my boxers and I cannot help myself, she takes off her bra and I just grab her, making out and sucking on those soft shiny nipples.

We had a fun night and it was the best sex I’ve had in a while, something about the way she smelled kept me going. I regret not wearing protection but it all happened so fast, glad I didn’t catch anything. Caught myself really kissing, biting, and licking parts of Shannon’s body due to her smells. We spooned and she rode me cowgirl style, thankfully my roommates were all away on vacation.

Comes to show, it can all happen so unexpectedly. We probably fucked close to five times that night and spent the morning just making out and chatting. I carried her to the kitchen and we had bagels together. Shannon is a freak though, she put cream cheese on her hands and stroked my hard cock before sucking me off. Probably one of the best blowjobs I have had to date.

The only downside is that even though we are connected on IG and text here and there, she is not visiting NYC anytime soon. Maybe I hit her up when I visit Boston one day.

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  1. Hey man. I notice from reading your stories that you tend to drink a lot! Do you ever go out sober, or would that not be fun? Just asking because I’m sure there’s a lot of guys out there who cannot drink due to a myriad of reasons (e.g., health, intolerance, religion).

    1. Haha, yeah well the drinking adds to the fun for me and gets me in the mood. Plenty of men can do it sober. For me, the drinking helps deal with the loud music at bars.

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