Ways naturals and incels differ.

At this point, I am hoping you had the chance to read my encounter with Gage. If you have not, here is part 1 and here is part 2 of the story. My encounter with Gage taught me a lot but when I think back to how different Mark and Gage were, it showed me just how naturals and incels really do differ.

Incels are out to prove something, naturals are just out to be.

I noticed how Gage was trying to prove to us how he was the football all-star in high school and how was the man in those years. Gage looked down on us for just having a good time because he thought everyone should have already gotten the drinking and partying out of their system. Mark on the other hand was just out there to be, he wanted to learn about you and spread good vibes. Mark had nothing to prove to anyone.

Whether it is desperately trying to outsmart the other man or just trying to show how their life is so much better, you notice how incels are always getting into petty competitions. Not all involuntarily celibate men (proper word for incel) are like this, some are just flat out lacking in any confidence whatsoever. A lot of incels however are big on trying to be right and trying to win a petty situation.

Meanwhile, naturals could care less. Naturals do not care if your lifestyle and story is better than theirs or if you were the man back in the day, they are just there to soak in all of the good vibes and spread them around.

Incels take themselves too seriously, naturals can take a joke.

Gage lost his cool the second Brad made a joke at his expense, further making a fool out of himself. Now while a witty comeback can be huge in winning you social points, an outright emotional outburst trying to prove how tough you are is just embarrassing.

You will notice that a lot of incels actually have a very short fuse and a short temper, they are emotionally vulnerable. Gage was such a guy, the alcohol just brought it all out of him and it made him into a truly nasty person. Most of all, here is someone with a delicate ego who took himself way too seriously.

Meanwhile, I saw Mark getting ripped on by a girl’s friend and even having a few funny replies. Mark took jokes at his expense and made everyone laugh with him. When he bumped into the tall blonde and she spilled her drink, he made a witty comeback after she accused him of blaming Irene (“blame the girl huh”) and said “oh no its the pigeon that did it!”. The blonde laughed and it won her over there.

Incels are ironically very judgmental people, naturals are accepting.

To Gage, everyone sucked. Gage was the former all-star football player who got the fun out of his system and everyone else was just a peasant. If you drank alcohol and partied hard after high school or college, something was wrong with you. You should have got all of that out of your system anyways.

Now Mark was different, he was accepting and cool with all kinds of people. To Mark, everyone was a person worth knowing. You never felt judged or on edge when you were speaking with Mark or in his vicinity, you were always accepted and at ease. In Mark’s world, you could be yourself.

Now this important for women who already risk being called sluts if they are loose with their sexuality, how do you think they will feel about goody two-shoes like Gage?

Incels live in the past, naturals are either in the present or future.

Incels long for how things used to be, naturals look at how things are and how they can be.

You will see it with incels constantly whining about how social media is ruining women and ruining society. Things were so much better back in the day when hypergamy was not so rampant, now life sucks. Everything right now sucks, it is hell, and we need to go back to the past.

Gage was living in his past glory and would always bring up who he was in high school. Here you had a man in his twenties, well-removed from those years, talking about how life was so much better and how it all sucks now. Who in their right mind would want to be around such a guy who talks about how much life sucks now?

Mark on the other hand lived in the moment, for him it was taking in the good vibes and being present. Who cares what he was years ago, we actually find that he was a hell of a baseball player, it is all about who you are now. Naturals and charismatic people have a way of making you feel good by either being in their presence or by painting a picture of how great the future can be.

Incels have a lot of hate in their heart, naturals not as much.

Gage had a lot of hatred in his heart once you got the alcohol in him, a lot. To Gage, everyone had flaws and if someone did not live life by a certain standard, they were doomed to hell. You feel like Gage was at war with the entire world and that really made him a bad person. When he tried to get all of us fired through blatant lies, you also saw what great evil a sexually frustrated ma is capable of.

I long theorize that sexual frustration may as well be the root creation of a lot of evil men. Men who feel entitled to sex but have their pride hurt when not getting it will turn to great evil against their fellow human being.

Meanwhile, Mark was just a laid back guy with a lot of of good in him. To Mark, life was a joy worth living and he wanted to soak up the good moments. Now for all I know, Mark could be a psycho in disguise who just puts on a charming face, who knows. In knowing him though, you only received good vibes.

Incels lie to themselves often and live a life not true to then, naturals are more true to what they want.

We saw Gage preach about the evils of sex before marriage and how stupid people who got drunk after college were, only to find a quick switch when he got a drink in him. Gage lied to us but most importantly, Gage was lying to himself. Deep down, Gage longed for his glory days from high school and wish he could still have that fun but maybe he peaked back then. Yet, all along, Gage was trying to show us what a goody two-shoe he was and better everyone for it.

Mark was who he let on, some laid back Florida kid who was out to have fun with life. For Mark, life was all about fun and taking in the good vibes. I even noticed how he was direct with women he wanted and not afraid to show his intentions with them. Even more so, Mark was forward with his thoughts on partying and alcohol which made him earn a lot of respect.

You see it with incels all over the web who talk about how evil women are but obsessively talk about sex. You see it with how they talk about “self-improvement” and how life is best lived without thinking about women only for them to post this shit on a pickup forum. Incels are like a little baby crying out for mommy, he wants attention. All along, their ego is too delicate to accept the truth themselves which leads to them mentally fucking themselves to live a lie.

Even with “nice guys” you see it, they are indirect about their intentions with women. So when the girl goes off with the honest bad boy, they are bitter about it.

So that’s that, obviously there is more to it and this not all black and white.

Now there are obviously naturals out there who are damn evil people. You will have a lot of incels that are otherwise happy people who genuinely do not want sex. You will have incels who are probably none of the traits listed above and vice versa for naturals. I am just sharing what I have found to be true most of the times.

Feel free to add other ways you have seen naturals and incels differ.

2 thoughts on “Ways naturals and incels differ.

  1. Any actionable advice for an incel (well, or just a virgin) at 25-30? It just never happened for me, I was focused on school and I never really figured this stuff out as I always deemed myself not really good at it so I just focused on what I excelled at. I have had a few dates and a kiss but thats it. Not to mention I was a Indian-American CS major and barely even knew girls to begin with.

    I understand “going for your market” completely. For me the blond party girl isn’t my type. I much rather be with a cute nerdy Asian or Indian girl honestly. Wouldn’t say looks are my main issue, though I am skinny in case that is contributing. Primarily the issue I feel is my social circle and my few friends left in my area are all guys who also aren’t very good with women. And well online dating isn’t great for me, maybe around 1 or 2 matches bi-weekly but thats it. Sometimes none. I don’t really have a social media instagram presence, but I don’t care for it-maybe it makes it harder but its not easy to build one either at this stage and the type of girl I want doesn’t care (the few dates I have had, they didn’t like it either).

    Do you think someone in their late 20s still can have success at least getting a relationship? I don’t really care for hooking up and all that, I’m satisfied if I were to be with just one girl and get married. But these days you still need the “hook up” skills to get a relationship.

    I’ve heard often times I should focus on making female friends first. But even that has been tough for me as usually even as friends they get distant after some time, and its hard to become close enough to them such that they could help me. I’m way behind on this stuff.

    1. Yeah I’d first work on getting to a big enough city and then work around committing to hobbies you are passionate about. High quality photos are a must and you have to offer some quality to be given a chance. Please read my posts on social life as I have wrote about it extensively on here.

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