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Why patience is an underrated skill in dating.

Maybe she writes back, maybe she does not.

You texted her, and she did not text back, already 24 hours have flown by.

You messaged her on the app and she never messaged back, a couple days have flown by.

So you think, maybe you ping her again. Maybe you text her again. Maybe you send her a text telling her how you really feel about her unresponsiveness. Perhaps you think that she is leading you on and your emotions get the better of you here. Every inch of you wants to come up with that creative text to send to get attention and get her attention again. She could have forgotten about you!

Not so fast my friend!

As Lee Corso would say, for any of you who watched college football growing up. Put down that phone, as South Park would sing. Put it down!

That’s right, give it at least a week and until then, put it down. Put down and move on with your life.

Put it down and enjoy the rest of your day.

Put it down and maybe meet other women, in which case don’t really put it down.

Patience though, patience my friend.

If you don’t.

Then you have played your hand and shown her how desperate you are.

You have annoyed her when she likely does not want to be annoyed.

Chances are, you have shown yourself as more desperate of her time than she would be of yours.

What if she is genuinely busy.

Contrary to what a lot of red pill logic will preach, women do have lives and some of them, very busy lives.

Maybe there is stuff going on with her family and parents.

Maybe work has put more on her plate than she can fathom.

Maybe her life is currently a rollercoaster and even if she genuinely likes you, she is slowly trying to work out a way to find the time.

You never know, but…..give it time and soon you might!

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