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Maybe Astrology is kind of real.

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know that I kind of do believe in astrology. I am not talking the newspaper horoscope stuff or stuff about your one sign in particular. You guys can Google things about Astrology yourselves, I am not just talking “well he is a Pisces and she is a Cancer” type of stuff. I am talking Natal Charts, if you have not done one, I highly recommend you get one done.

You’ll need your birth date, place of birth, and exact birth time.

You see, when we think of Astrology we think of common stuff like how today is going to be for Virgos or how an Aquarius acts. In reality, you are more than just one sign, you are actually a mixture of many signs that sit in different planets.

Once you get a natal chart done, it will show you various aspects of your personality such as how you appear to the outside world (Sun Sign, this is what you tell people your zodiac sign actually is), how you process emotions (Moon sign), how you communicate with people (Mercury), how you love (Venus), how you go to war (Mars), etc.

Now it gets even deeper than that, you will notice other planets that are more outside planets like Saturn (all about restrictions) and Jupiter (all about expansion). You’ll notice your Ascendant sign (how you look and act) as well as Midheaven (career and calling). Then it’s like in your chart, all planets (ruled by various signs) make contact with each other to explain the complicated thing which is you.

You will then have houses where each planet falls into that kind of tell the story of your life and also its theme. For example, if a lot of your planets fall into the 12th house, you are probably an introvert and loner who prefers to stay away from people.

My experience.

One day, I might share my natal chart but right now is a bit too early. After examining my chart though, things started to make a lot of sense.

For example, I hold grudges and have a really good BS detector when it comes to dealing with people. Now it just so happens, the ruling planet and the most dominant one in my chart is Pluto. Pluto rules obsession and transformation as well.

My friend’s ruling planet is Mercury so he should be the one writing and giving speeches since his planet rules communication, it also means he cannot shut the fuck up which I’d say is accurate.

Your ruling planet, which there are calculators for, tells what your personality is like and what is important to you.

Unfortunately, stereotypes do exist per ruling planet and they are not always nice. For example, my ruling planet is Pluto if you were to Google things about Plutonians, you’d get that we are an obsessive, batshit crazy, intuitive, and all or nothing kind of bunch. Some of the stuff is good but other is not so flattering (I promise I am not batshit crazy, as said by most batshit crazy people…..).

Now it started to explain things, why I can get so obsessive over a goal and why my memory is so long. I always noticed even when I was a kid, I had a tough time forgetting a slight. If someone wronged me, I had to make a point and create a situation where they would not be able to wrong me again. Even now as an adult, I have a hard time at letting things go. Earning my trust can be tough because I do think that it is a dog eat dog world out there so I try to think positively.

But perhaps the most powerful saying in Astrology is this: Stars impel, they don’t compel (warning: darker layout!).

In other words, while certain influences might cause you to be a certain way, you can always change if you want to. As a Plutonian for example, I am naturally prone to paranoia, seeing the worst in people, and just seeing life as a dog eat dog world. I had to work on myself over the years to overcome this pessimistic view of humanity.

In some ways, I am glad I retain parts of that personality when I see how my friends who lack street smarts are talking loudly about their last big paycheck as the crime rate and poverty in the city goes up. I know not to foolishly do that and avoid showing off in any way given how tense things are right now. I have had to bring some sense into my friends who have acted foolishly as sketchy characters gathered around us hunting for their next meal.

As for Astrology, here is my suggestion for any of my readers, especially the males.

Maybe it isn’t real at all, there is very little scientific proof saying it is. Perhaps it is a load of bogus and you think that way. What I will suggest is that if you are not one for following traditional religions and are looking for some answers in life right now, just peek at it. Get a Natal Chart done (you need you exact birth time for this) and then read it. You may walk away surprised at how accurately it portrays your personality. At the very least, you’ll have something interesting to talk to women about.

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