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The best thing you can do in these hectic times.

For all of my fellow Americans who have been watching the news and seeing the political shitshow unfold, I am sure you can all relate. We thought 2020 being over would bring some great things to light but 2021 is not missing a beat from the shitshow of 2020. It’s really crazy to think about the kinds of turbulent and uncertain times we are living in, they are really unlike any other. I talk to people much older than me who survived other periods and say that this time is just something out of hell.

Many have lost their jobs, our safety is threatened now more than ever before, we are more divided as a country than at any other point in this century, and things are really starting to boil over. One can only wonder what may come in the future because you can only avoid the politics for so long. We saw lockdowns and safety measures around the pandemic impact where we can go out to and how we need to conduct ourselves in public. The times are quite troubling, without question.

For all of my readers though, especially those of you who are enduring through these trying times, here is one advice I can give you to get through them.

Practice gratitude.

Sounds really cliche and motivational speaker-like correct? Well, I can’t help it.

It is so easy to think of how bad things are right now that you lose track of the good things in life that you do have. Reflect on your accomplishments and be grateful for the things and people in your life that are starting to go right.

Pull out a notebook right now and write down everything you are currently grateful for in life and appreciate that.

I say this because back in 2019, when things were going quite well for me, I was not grateful enough. I took the weekends going out to party as well as making lots of new friends for granted. Looking back at it now, I wish I had been more appreciative of my situation and really made the most of it. All too often, we keep looking ahead without truly appreciating what we have in the given moment.

As hard as it may be to do right now, appreciate what you have in life. Practice gratitude for five minutes daily, ideally at the start of your day. Be grateful and be happy with what you have in your life because right now, the world is struggling.

Appreciate what fate has put in your life and do know that one day, the sun shall rise again.

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