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The best superpower you will ever have in relationships.

Been a while since I posted and got on here, a lot has been going on in my life. Somehow, it all just happened all at once and it centered around quite a few themes. At the same time, I realized just how much emotions from events in life can overwhelm you and get the better of you. I realized how you can waste entire weekends consumed by powerful emotions because well, they’re powerful emotions.

I also learned a personal thing about relationships which you have heard said many times but applying can be as difficult as ever. It’s like when people tell you to eat right and work out to lose weight, easier said than done. When I say relationships, I mean relationships of almost all types and not just romantic ones.

So what is this superpower I am about to mention.

Gift of the gab?

Model looks?

Tons of cash?

Ability to read minds?

No, it is none of that.

The best superpower you can have in a relationship is the ability to walk away without having strong feelings.

Once people realize that they can lose you and that they need you more than you need them? They will start bending to your ways or at least respecting you. In fact, once people realize this, they will start becoming a lot nicer to you unless they genuinely did not need you. We call this not being taken for granted.

I started to realize this in relationships in my life, I just respected the person more when I knew the reality of losing them tomorrow. When you know someone can walk away on the drop of a dime and end the relationship the next day, you are almost forced to be nice to them or at least try to win them over. Compare this to people who are always there and just seem to fall to your whims at every turn.

You can use this for work and all kinds of relationships. Once your employer knows that they can lose you and you can move on to something better? They will fight hard to keep you or at least not treat you like crap. As soon as they realize you have options, they will start playing nice. Same with friendships, people want to be friends with people who have lots of friends.

If you want to feel powerful in relationships of any kind, cultivate a situation where you can walk away at any time and not feel that hurt by it.

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  1. Makes sense..actually when we have self-love (but not narcissism), we stand independent.. and that’s new age we have shifted into.. the Age of Aquarius : Self-empowerment.💪🏻😍✌🏻

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