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Your limiting beliefs are probably legit

So I have been getting a lot of emails lately around dating as guy if you are not the prototype of perfect. We all know what that usually is which is tall, of a dominant social group, and handsome (along with a lot of other positive features). I constantly have guys telling me how their height or race or poor social development is stopping them from having dating success. A few men have even debated me with statistics and studies.

Usually, a lot of guys will talk about how you can overcome, racism isn’t real, height discrimination does not exist, and how “game” is the greatest equalizer. Well, I am not here to do that. I am actually here to tell you the truth which is, your limiting beliefs are actually very real.

A lot of women, beautiful ones at that, will pass you up for your race.

Your height will be a roadblock for you in terms of dating.

Yes, you heard it here first, the fucking truth. All of your limiting beliefs? They are legit! In fact, the further away you get from the ideal, the harder dating gets.

So am I going to leave you with just this?

For most of you, yeah. If you truly feel like your race will stop you from dating beautiful women, I would encourage you to abandon the goal of dating beautiful women. Even if one by chance wants to give you a chance, your lack of belief in yourself and just overall “fact based” mindset will kill that attraction anyways. If you feel like what you have is a serious setback when it comes to dating, I seriously encourage you to either give up dating or lower your standards by a lot.

Do not read another post by me or on this blog, there are many movements catered to you. To be honest, a life of making money and playing videogames in your spare time is not that bad at all. With the amount of great videogames they have out, I think it might actually be better for a lot of guys out there to resort to this kind of life. I don’t even want to call it resort, I think this kind of a life is actually quite peaceful and can lead to much more happiness than the brutal world of dating.

Every now and then, I will get a guy who acknowledges that yeah, limiting beliefs exist. Such a guy might even know of them and at the same time, want to go out there and play the game. Sure he might be far from the ideal, but he puts in so much work that he minimizes his weakness in those places. Such is a guy who refuses to give up and chase after his dream despite the “facts”, “findings”, and studies out there.

Maybe some are in the middle and a bit confused by it all, they don’t know whether or not to believe this stuff.

So here is my question then for those who are not entirely convinced being short, poor, late blooming social skills, or member of a non-dominant social group will stop you from ever having dating success…..what do you have to lose by being your best and trying?

Maybe instead of 50 out of a 100 beautiful women wanting you, only 5 do. Well hey, you have a shot with 5 beautiful women.

Maybe you don’t live the playboy Dan Bilzerian lifestyle, fine….what’s the harm with finding that one lovely girl to be your wife?

My point being, whatever you get out of trying and being the best version of yourself beats whatever you could have gotten just throwing your hands up, whining, and not doing a thing. That’s all I have to say for now.

4 thoughts on “Your limiting beliefs are probably legit

  1. People do discriminate physically… and that is free choice of humans.. but what’s even better, is to work on one’s self-worth, I feel. If one is comfortable living under one’s skin and is peaceful within, then one can become one’s best partner in life. Even when that person is alone, the person won’t feel lonely. 🙏🏻😇🙏🏻

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