The Asian guy and the blonde

A year ago, more like late 2019 now that I think of it, my friends and I were sitting outside having brunch in West Village. We have a great time because it is a beautiful day and the mimosas are really lightening the mood. Next to us, a group sits down and in it, there is a couple. The guy is tall, kind of buff, has long dark hair, and is Asian. The woman has light blonde hair, blue eyes, a face similar to Heather Graham, and is wearing a black hat.

The girl was definitely a stunner and other guys in the vicinity were checking her out, but she made it clear that she was with the Asian guy.

Maybe confirmation bias hit me but throughout the city, from 2018 and onwards here, I started seeing a lot more blonde women with Asian men. The reason I even bring this up is because I remember a number of my Asian friends saying back in 2015 how rare or unheard of it would be for the All American Blonde bombshell or the blonde beauty in general to get with anything other than a white or black guy.

Come to think of it, I noticed this back in 2015, it was not nearly as common for the stereotypical hot blonde to go for Asian men or really anything other than a white or black guy. One of my friends who was born and raised in California swears that this sort of pairing would have turned heads, basically a hot blonde with anything other than a white or black guy would have been a shock even in such a state.

Yet, it just seemed to change.

Now some can point to the media being less racist towards Asian guys or the rise of Asian countries attributing to more interracial dating but I saw something else. Come to think of it, it seems like interracial dating trends in general seem to change a great deal. Even now as I walk around the city, I’ll spot a handful of couples in which the guy is either an Asian or Indian guy and the woman is a blonde white girl.

If I talked to my Asian or Indian friends years back, they’d have said this feat was impossible to pull off. Then again, my Asian and Indian friends were honestly a far cry from being alpha males for the most part.

I’ve even seen it happen a lot in recent years with interactions I have observed, blonde girls seem to have a thing for guys who look “different”.

But most of all, your takeaway from this should be to never be a victim to the trends if you have a type.

It can be frustrating to have a “type” but notice that the “type” does not go for men who look like you. One of my friends is an Arab guy who loves Mediterranean women (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, etc.) but if you know anything about that part of the world, Arabs are not very welcome there. Compared to their sisters in Northern Europe, women in the south do not go interracial that often and really frown on that idea.

When I get to see him in action though, I notice he acts very desperate with women of that background which makes them lose interest. Meanwhile, one of my friends who is a Pakistani guy with an English accent has found a way to do well with this demographic. Before getting with his girlfriend from Spain, he was regularly hooking up with Italian (albeit Italian American background) women somewhat regularly.

While the trends can tell you certain things, like go chase blonde girls if you are an Asian guy, you should never let yourself be a victim to them. Go chase the women you like and you may help kickstart a new trend.

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