The next time you start wondering about her sexual history, try this.

Some of us are prone to doing this and this will inevitably hit a lot of guys who start to know a girl better. You start to wonder the kinds of guys she has been with and just how long her list of wild flings and crazy exes is. A part of you would start to think about this day and night, just what kinds of guys has she had her fun with before she ended up getting with you.

Now for the natural alpha males, this is something that hardly comes up much. For a good number of guys though, you will start to think who has been with her on her wildest nights and had her at her most excited. Yes, it shows insecurity, but quite frankly a lot of guys are insecure and will often fall into this trap.

For the reformed incel or the kinds of guys who grew up around hatred, you may even resent that women have their fun with certain kinds of guys. Where I am from in the US, the south, it is all too common for local guys to resent that a woman would get with a black guy. A friend of mines from Italy tells me that local guys would swear off a woman if she ever had her fun with an Arab or Northern African guy. A friend of mines from California says that girls are seen as lame or desperate if they get with a Mexican, Asian, or brown guy.

So what’s really the truth here?

Are women these wild sluts with a secret history who go around getting with a different guy every month? Are women actually just undersexed and can’t even be bothered with getting with that many guys? Well, the truth is, no one really knows the fucking truth because it varies from woman to woman. Some women can indeed be the type to get with a different guy every week and you’d never know it. Some women might legitimately not have that long of a sexual history because they find it tough to meet the kinds of guys who fit their standards.

I wish I could give you more of a truth but you will now have to live with an answer you were not looking for.

More importantly, what should you do the next time this thought comes to your head?

Just assume that if you are worried about her having a long history of sleeping around, maybe it is true. If you hate the idea of women getting with certain kinds of guys because of how you were raised to belief, then just assume that she has slept with a number of guys just like that and be okay with it. Maybe it is a weird mental cuck fantasy, who knows, but you’re better off just picking a position and sticking with it.

Chances are if you are the kind of guy to wonder about this sort of stuff, you will find it tough to believe when the answer is in your head is no. Your mind will play tricks on you and have you thinking about the possibility of her getting with the kinds of guys you do not like. Save yourself the stress and heartache and just assume that she has already been with guys like that.

In fact, have a special moment about it in your head where you can imagine her from years back getting busy with the kind of guy you’d hate. If you are a southern guy, imagine her with a black guy on some wild night. If you are a guy from the Mediterranean, imagine her making hot love to some Arab guy.

By assuming that it has happened and letting the emotions flow through you, you are already getting it out of your system instead of playing this time consuming game of whether or not she did it. Just let the emotions flow through you and then decide what you want to do there.

If you decide to leave her because you think she went with a guy you are not a fan of, then that probably says more about you then here. I am not here to tell you what decision to take though.

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