The cold hard truth about being a single guy over the age of 25.

So I get emails all the time from guys asking me if it is too late to have their fun, sow their wild oats, or learn dating skills. Now a lot of generic content out there around dating and pickup will tell you that it is “never too late” or that men “peak in their thirties”. While there is a great degree of truth to both statements, the reality is that there is a caveat with old age.

Think of it this way, what good is an amazing product if it is being sold in a market where there are just not that many buyers? What is attractive and high value is entirely subjective and based on culture as well as the times. So this leads me to tell all of you one harsh truth about being a single guy after the age of 25:

Your dating life, and to a degree even your social life, will suck unless you live in a major city with somewhat decent ratios.

You heard that right, it is something the pickup and red pill movement never told you, but it is the cold hard truth. If you want to live the life of going on dates with various women and sowing your wild oats, you just won’t be able to do it in any other place than a major city barring some rare exceptions (usually through social circle game).

Deep down inside, you know I am right as most of us know how things work in most typical places.

People have their coming out party in high school, go hard in college, and a couple years after graduation settle into family life. Now this is not just the case in Small Town USA or even small cities, even in a lot of cities that we consider to be “big cities”, this happens. You will typically find this to be true in the south and majority of the midwest.

Other areas like majority of the west coast are a lot more relaxed on the morals but you run into the issue of bad gender ratios where men grossly outnumber women. I would still consider a better option than the south although cities like San Francisco and Bay Area, in general, are known to be awful for men while Los Angeles is in many ways High School 2.0.

Location is life and demographics are destiny.

If you live in a small town with mainly married couples, it does not matter how charismatic and handsome you are, you won’t get to sow those wild oats in most cases. Anyone who tells you differently is lying their asses off. Now when the pickup movement was preaching about game, they left out this fine detail and how so many of their “bootcamps” are run in Vegas and Miami. Yeah well, there is a reason a lot of these companies did not run their bootcamps in flyover country.

So what does that really leave us with?

The answer revolves around world class cities, you can Google the list and sure, you will find LA and San Fran come up a great deal. Now world class cities work for most men because the career opportunities are there. If you are all in when it comes to getting it out of your system, the alternative is a party spot or a city meant for partying (like almost a resort). The downside here is that you are going to be throwing away career development as these places mainly foster party jobs.

Yes, it will be a sacrifice.

The first complaint will be cost of living and the fact that city life is very expensive. Well, want to know what else is very expensive?

The college experience, yeah, that’s really expensive. Add in Greek Life and other things, you are looking at throwing away thousands a year. In other words, it is a big investment for the experience which is why a lot of people do not really get to live it.

You have to decide how badly you want to live the life you want and sow your wild oats. If you are not willing to put in the financial investment, you are better off going to the married life.

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