For those of you who know me and know me well from my writings, you know that I am no stranger to believing in astrology. I used to doubt it like crazy until I really got into it and realized that it made a lot of sense. Overtime, I have realized that people reflect the traits of their signs and more importantly, their natal chart quite well.

Now you cannot actually judge everyone based on their “sun sign”, which is actually the “zodiac sign” people talk about. You can read more into it but we are really all a combination of various zodiac signs, hence a natal chart. Over the years though, I have realized that the sun sign does matter and to a degree, people do reflect the traits of that very sign.

I started to notice that women, in particular, also reflected the traits of their sun signs quite well. Aquarius women were quite worldly and oddly judgmental. Scorpio women had that intensity to them and you knew they would mess your life up if you rubbed them the wrong way. Libra women were calm and beautiful sweethearts. As someone who has been with a few women, I did find that there is one zodiac sign of women that need to be avoided at all costs for any type of a serious relationship.

That sign is……


Anyone with a November 23 to a December 21 birthday would fit this very sign. Represented by the archer and ruled by Jupiter, it is a fire sign. You can read more about the broad traits here and also Google some things up about the very sign too. My purpose though is not to provide you with anything that you can find on Google, instead I am here to provide you with my observations which you can nod or completely disagree with.

Here are all of the reasons you need to avoid anything serious with Sagittarius women.

They will cheat on you in a heartbeat and fuck your worst enemy because they feel like it.

Sagittarius women have no sense of loyalty whatsoever which is fine if you are looking for a fling or one night stand. When it comes to an actual woman you want to be with long-term, this is problematic. What she will do is throw eyes and hints at your worst enemy and if he happens to be charismatic, he might even sweep her away. In fact, she would prefer to fuck your worst enemy just to “try it” more than anything.

They will laugh at whatever joke comes at your expense because well, you are just some random spur of the moment arousal for them. As soon as they get bored of that, they will move on without any worries.

She’s not yours, it’s just your turn.

In other words, they are sluts. Most of them have had a long line of flings and men they are involved with. Majority of them find nothing wrong with sleeping around and even expect you to be okay with their slutty ways, even if it means cheating on you. For them, fucking different men is a hobby and one they feel entitled to. Everyone is supposed to be okay with it because it is their life, meanwhile they want the stable guy to settle down with.

They lack all self-awareness.

A Sagittarius woman does not know how her actions impact people and she doesn’t even care that much. In fact, she will even take pride in pissing people off and hurting them because it was just her being “independent” and “herself”. If you ever had that one girl at a party who made a fool out of herself and continued to do so throughout the night, she was probably a Sagittarius. Most of them have zero self-awareness of their very own actions.

Almost all of them have some sort of a personality or development disorder.

Whether it is difficulty paying attention or a mental issue, most of them have some kind of a problem around that in their lives. Majority lack that natural charisma that comes naturally for say a Gemini or Aries woman, instead being more oddball and weird with their antics. The typical hot and cold personality like a Gemini but lacking all social grace and awareness of their actions, worst of all worlds.

They stink, like literally.

Every single Sagittarius woman I dated had that natural body odor to her that stunk once you got down to business. At times, it becomes overbearing and you almost want to vomit after getting with her. The whole ordeal is their way of trying to be all bold and independent because they think wearing deodorant or showering is somehow conforming. Expect her to be that one woman at the table who opened her legs and made Chernobyl happen again.

They’re not really that pretty either.

As per Astrology, Venus rules beauty and it is at home in the signs of Taurus and Libra while being exalted in Pisces. Now this means that in the signs of Scorpio and Aries, the planet is in a bad spot while it really sucks to have it in Virgo. You can read more on this on the web but as you can see, Sagittarius is somewhere in-between. While they are not hideous, Sagittarius women are also not that pretty. Combine the countless personality flaws, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

They will make you cringe and you will be embarrassed of being with them as a man with any pride.

Ever met that woman that tries to be funny but fails?

How about that one girl desperately grabbing for attention but being ignored?

How about that one girl makes a total fool out of herself trying to be cool for attention?

Guaranteed she was either a Sagittarius or had a lot if it in her chart. The trademark trait of a Sagittarius woman is the lack of self-awareness on her end, a total weirdo.

At the end of the day, a true narcissist who will change her mind on the drop of a dime and is only out for herself no matter what you do for her.

A Sagittarius woman is only out for herself at the end of the day and will drop anyone quickly no matter what they have done for her. The kind of girl who will turn on you in a heartbeat if she feels that it benefits her to do so. Arguably the most disloyal of all the signs and least likely to stand by your side through the tough times.

She will always look back to “logic” and try to argue rather than being a human being. Obviously, facts go out of the window when they pertain to her.

Never expect anything in return from her which is why her entire history is flooded with men who pumped and dumped her, they just knew better than to stick around. After reading this post, hopefully you will too.

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