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Why the red pill won’t help you long-term

I am sure that almost all of the readers of my blog know about the red pill movement and the reddit sub that ended up being quarantined. While many take the moral high ground on why the red pill is wrong, I actually want to talk about why it is not effective in getting you to where you want to be with women, dating, and life. You read this right, the red-pill won’t actually make you the guy who gets laid like a rockstar despite being over the age of thirty-five.

You should really question their claims.

Lift, be “alpha”, get “red-pilled”, and accept that women peak earlier than men. Well, that is all good in broad strokes but here is where you should start to dig.

What is that man who is living like a rockstar in his thirties doing? Ask for specifics!

What does that life of being that older guy that peaked actually looking like? Ask for specifics!

What kind of lifestyle does that guy really have? Ask for specifics!

How exactly is he meeting most of these women? Ask for specifics!

And as soon as you ask..

Expect them to get defensive.

Ever wonder why MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), Monk Mode, and “life purpose” somehow got so popular in the red pill movement?

Well, its because guys realized that becoming “red pilled” and showing up was not going to get them laid. Most guys learned the hard way that they had all of these fantasies, fell into all of these false promises, and brought into the story being told. Well, here is why they failed, they had no fucking plan.

Don’t let the red pill or pickup movement fool you, getting laid consistently with above average looking women is really fucking tough. Most women, except for the most naive ones, can easily spot your BS and will see right through it. In order for most of these dark triad tricks to work on her, you already have to have power over her or be someone she is attracted to a lot on a physical level.

See, these men had these empty promises and false hope to go on, they just had no plan.

Being “rich”, lifting, and “being alpha” are not having a plan for your ultimate end goal: to be a single guy who gets with a lot of decent looking women.

To make matters worse, they started playing the denial game.

“Life purpose”

“There’s more to life than pussy bro!”

“It’s just pussy mayne”

Crap spoken by a loser with no life experience who also struggles with women. The kind of crap you’d hear from an internet warrior who cannot talk to a girl at a club. Most of the stuff you’d hear from a wannabe expert who actually doesn’t get laid at all. Anytime you hear these phrases, run like hell.

Eventually, that’s what happened with red pill, the denial game. Most of these men cannot live with the reality that their lack of a plan to live the dream life they want gave them nothing but loneliness and being that weird old guy. A lot of them could not live with the reality that their dreams faltered because they had no plan.

Yeah you wanted to be that Hugh Hefner type, we all did.

Most guys would trade lives with that guy but most guys lack a plan and then the follow-through.

The reason the red pill ends up being bad for you is because it feeds you false hope and poisons your mind in the process.

Bad news kids, you are not going to magically become a rockstar at 30. You are not going to hit your peak at 35 while the girl who rejected you lives a life on her own with her many kids. You are not going to live that Hugh Hefner lifestyle that they promised you.

Want to know why?

Because you have no fucking plan.

You have no step by step for yourself with a strict timeline of how you are going to get to where you need to get to with women, dating, and life in general.

Meanwhile, the red pill painted the world as a bitter place and women as the evil demons out to get you. You grew more bitter, angry, and odd as the years flew by. The poison that you read made you so bitter that people did not even want to be around you anymore.

Talk about getting hit from both sides.

If you want to use negativity to cope with not being the guy others want to be around, have at it, you’ll just be even lonelier in a few years. If you want to fantasize about a life where all of those beautiful young women have their karma coming to them, have at it, they’ll likely be better off than you anyways.

Or, you can have an actual fucking plan.

Write it out, where do you want to be at 35?

What kind of life do you actually want to live?

How do you want your dating situation to be?

How will you actually be meeting women?

How will your lifestyle actually aid you?

How will your location aid you?

How will the things you do supplement your dating life?

How long will it take to get to that point?

What is going to make you that guy others, including beautiful women, want to be around?

Why are you going to be able to do the very thing most other men did not?

If you haven’t answer all of these questions, and then some, I have some bad news.

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