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Your end goal if you remain a bachelor.

I am going to assume that if you are still reading this blog, most of you do not want to get married and have kids. In my previous post, I stated why the red pill does not help you long-term. Now, unfortunately, at some point, you are going to get to that age where meeting women might become somewhat more difficult if you decide to remain single. At some point, you might get too old for the bars and clubs filled with twenty-somethings.

So you don’t want to get married and have kids.

You don’t want to really commit to a woman either.

What you really want is that revolving door of women in your life.

Then we face the harsh reality which is that the things you could do in your twenties, you cannot really do at an older age. You cannot go out and party five days a week without your liver and health taking a hit. You might even stick out in a way at the traditional college bars or nightclubs at some point. A part of your pickup lifestyle might even fade to black as you realize that you have lost all of that drive you had in your younger years.

You get to a point where you do not want to be that old guy spam approaching because it just looks odd. At some point, you realize that it is too much work and effort to put into dating if you remain a bachelor and you are not getting any younger. Women themselves find it odd if you are still trying to live like a 21-year old at your age and do not respond in the same way.

So there are all of the barriers with age and bachelorhood long-term as age closes off so many avenues. You might even find a lot of friends that you are losing to marriage and relationships as well. Here we are right, so much of your life closed off as the barriers pile up with age. Even if they are not there, it feels odd and redundant to “daygame” and especially “nightgame” as you get older.

How do you counter this?

If you have read this far, you feel discouraged. You feel like the red pill lied to you which it practically did. You feel like you got sold a fantasy and that life after 30 gets harder if you want to remain single and play the field. This post is making you feel sad, angry, nervous, and a mix of everything. So what should be your response?

Monk mode?

Go your own way?


Pursue some cheesy “life purpose” that some red pill burnout told you about?

Drink and party yourself to death before you turn 35?

No, relax, although the last one was not the worst idea of the bunch. I am going to help you out by giving you the correct answer and best way to get by it all.

For starters, you have to plan your situation out right.

Figure out the logistics, the city you will live in, the culture, and how accommodating it will all be for an older bachelor. You are not going to enjoy yourself in some small southern town if you take the bachelor life. If you do not have the logistics, location and the local culture figured out for your future home; you are going in ill-prepared.

Logistics, location, and the culture are probably around 70% of the battle for you. If you win that, you will have an opportunity to get lucky through cold approach and online dating. Yet, as we discussed, you do not really want to do that as you get older because it can get odd. So now for what you need to do to close the deal.

Find the one skill or avenue that will bring a steady flow of cool women in your life even as you get older.

The bad news? It is tough.

Yes, it is so tough to actually find this kind of an avenue and actually get something out of it. You see, while such avenues exist, they require your heart and soul being in it for them to work. If you are not a party animal by nature who loves the loud music, nothing in nightlife will really help you.

While such skills, avenues, and paths exist that can pay dividends; they will fall flat if you are not naturally inclined to them. It is not enough for you to get into them, you have to genuinely enjoy them because that vibe will rub off on the women you encounter.

For some, it could involve traveling. For others, a business idea that makes you money yet also puts you in contact with a lot of cool women. Maybe it is being the DJ on the side of your CEO job. The list goes on and on and on, it requires a lot of creativity and it won’t be easy to pull off as you fight with the perils of aging, peer pressure, and just about everything else.

Yet, deep down inside, you knew this.

You knew that for something as glamorous as being the older guy who consistently has above average looking women coming into his life, it was going to take work. You knew that deep down inside, there is a reason most men say “fuck it” and just stick with the marriage route. Deep down inside, you knew that it was going to take some serious work and planning on your end. If you are smart, you knew that what the red pill sold as a fantasy was like some magic weight loss pill.

So how do you get there?

You plan.

You get creative.

You start to think of the many roadblocks that will be on the way.

Focus on building a system for success so you do not wing it with wild approaches. The tough part is just beginning, I hope they told you that your goal was going to require an assload of work.

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