I often get messages from my readers who say they have done everything right with dating but it is not all coming together. Now if you subscribe to the red pill and pickup school of thought, you know how they tell you to lift, be alpha, and “learn game”. You are supposed to go out and approach 100+ women in a span of a year, kind of like they did in those pickup videos.

Look at the link and observe carefully, notice how most of these guys are on college campuses and in major cities? So why is that countless pickup forums and men’s dating advice websites entirely ignore that part of the equation? Why don’t movements like RSD do their bootcamps in small town USA? Okay, well forget small town USA when even cities like Toronto are catching on.

Here is the key detail that you continue to miss and a tough piece of advice you will have to come to terms with, demographics are destiny. Your dating life will suck horrendously if you live in small town USA where everyone gets married by 25. As a matter of fact, your life will suck if you live anywhere outside of a major city with decent gender ratios.

You don’t like it and want to cling to this old school of thought around how you can overcome it all with “good game” or by “being alpha”? Have fun getting chased out of the town with pitchforks.

An average guy with good logistics and favorable demographics always beats a better guy without those.

Wanna know why?

Okay come on, guess……

You have to actually be near the very women you want in order for you to actually have a chance. Even in business, this is why marketing and sales teams get paid so much, because the product has to get in front of the prospect first. An average product that gets in front of the customer is going to sell versus an above average product that does not.

I describe a good bit of my readers with good jobs and decent looks as that above average product with a poor marketing and sales team behind it. Forget the elevator pitch, you are not even in the fucking elevator with your ideal client, how are you going to sell?

Meanwhile, there are so many below average products out there who get sold because they make it in front of potential clients. In case you got lost in all of that, there are guys uglier and less attractive than you getting with decent women because they just happened to be in the vicinity.

Then, we have you, someone who is not getting in front of their potential clients. Forget not going out, you are just wasting time away in a small flyover town to save some bucks as your prime slips away from you. You’re living with your parents and driving out to local malls to approach annoyed women who do not want to speak to you. Meanwhile, the winners are actually becoming independent and putting themselves near amazing women.

A word on race/ethnicity.

I get a great deal of messages from my readers who are not white, usually Asian and Indian men. As a curious guy, I peek at online discussion communities where Asian and Indian men cry about their sorrows. So much discussion is made about the crazy white devil and how unfair life is but absolutely zero discussion is had on demographics.

Here is a fact, whether you like it or not, some kinds of women are more inclined to be racist than others.

Even here in NYC, a well-to-do Jewish girl raised in Manhattan is far more likely to date an Asian or Indian guy because her parents raised her to be more open-minded. Due to her being more educated and likely having Asian and Indian friends (due to having gone to an elite school), she is not likely to discriminate. Meanwhile, her more middle class counterpart from Long Island whose dad works a blue collar job and probably voted for Trump is going to disqualify you based on your race.

Now let’s put up a hypothetical scenario.

An idiot will likely move to Long Island where the racism is quite strong, try to blindly approach all the women, get shut down, get angry, and then cry on the internet all day about it. A smart guy will be more wise and decide that it is a waste of time playing in a very unfavorable location. The smart guy gets a place in Brooklyn or Manhattan, where the crowd is more open-minded, and lives out his life.

Again, demographics are destiny. Idiots deny it and give you the whole “but yer game bruh” or “just be alpha bruh” speech, smart people accept it and get in where they fit in.

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