As the city reopens, officially in July, I think back to the years I spent going out in Manhattan before COVID-19 hit. What amazed me is that even in those years, some things just never really changed. I will say that even as the city reopens, I will observe the same politically incorrect things to be true. Some of what I say will come off as racist and offensive, you’ve been warned and can stop reading right now if you so please.

My observations are based on years of not just going out and observing from a distance, but also from years of interacting with people from all walks of life. I base this off of what I have seen, friends I have made, and what I have experienced in interacting with all sorts of people. Overtime, I started to notice certain trends that cannot be ignored. Statistics cannot back most of this up so you’ll either have to believe me or think I am some lunatic that makes shit up, in which case I’d love to hear your own observations.

And a here we go……….

The barbacks are mostly short Latinos, bouncers almost all black, and bartenders white.

I find this to be so much more different than other cities I have lived in where at least in the bouncer and barback role, you found more variety. Not at all in Manhattan, almost all barbacks are short Mexican/Hispanic men while bouncers are almost all black guys. I contrast this with my time in southern cities where you’d find a good bit of barbacks and bouncers who were white.

In some spots though, particularly the Lower East Side, you do find more diversity amongst bartenders as you will see black, Hispanic, and Asian men bartending. You can tell a lot about a place best on the kinds of people that bartend there.

You can tell a lot about where a woman is from based on her opinion of Manhattan’s nightlife and culture, California girls hate it here.

If she is used to having a legion of followers and men who would drop to the knees for her, chances are she is not going to like Manhattan too much. The real reason is that there is too much competition for her compared to a Los Angeles or San Francisco where men greatly outnumber the women. Whenever she hates the nightlife and whines about it, it is largely due to her not getting the same level of attention she used to get.

I started to notice that a lot of California girls complained about NYC, when drilling down, it was due to them not getting the same level of attention. Meanwhile, women from places like Florida or areas where the male thirst dies down tend to find life in Manhattan to be a lot more fun.

Calling a place “Bridge and Tunnel” is a nicer way of calling it trashy.

Especially if the crowd comes from Jersey and Long Island. Every time someone says a place is “Bridge and Tunnel” or attracts a “Bridge and Tunnel crowd”, it means that you should avoid it. Usually, the place will have a lot of fights, tight knit high school cliques, and be full of people that look like they are getting ready for a Jersey Shore audition (if they were to bring the show back).

After being out enough, you start to notice why the locals hate that crowd.

“MB, you’re being so judgmental man!”

You try going out to a bar and noticing that its sleazy meatheads willing to fight on the drop of a dime, and usually do end up fighting. Then find that the Snooki-clones and her crowd have infested the given area. The vibe becomes a trashy country-club sort of vibe where everyone is closed off and with their high school cliques.

Yeah, the same people who whine about outsiders paying those expensive rents in Manhattan take the pilgrimage to the borough every weekend. Hmmm…I wonder what’s wrong with drinking and partying Jersey now, it’s so much cheaper right? For my South Park fans!

Feisty guidos and guidettes? Deal with them for a night and you’ll realize why locals are weary.

You know a place has become too mainstream when you run into too many Californians there.

California, the place where high school never ends, especially LA. If you run into one too many Californians or notice yourself feeling like you are seeing the case of The Hills in a given venue, congratulations, the place has gone mainstream. What this means is that everyone trying to grab Instagram selfies and seem popular will be found there. The second you find this crowd, you are wasting time at the venue if you want to make any friends or meet amazing women.

While opportunity can be found in this place, I would not bank on it. Most of the women there are there for the glamor and Instagram likes, the attention from thirsty men works too.

This doesn’t just apply to Californians, it also applies to people from any place in North America which overemphasizes popularity and social status. Places like Toronto and most major southern cities to a lesser extent (Atlanta and Dallas) would also be front runners.

If you are going to a household name in the city that everyone raves about, expect to find this crowd there.

The household names in nightlife are quite hit and miss.

Sure, everyone loves the PhD and Hotel Indigo’s Rooftop but a lot of household names where you have to pay to get in are largely hit or miss. The reason is that you run into a lot of tourists who are only there to see the city and the logistics make it tough to do well with them. Then, you also run into groups that are naturally tough to speak with and closed off for the most part.

Bridge and Tunnel crowds, underaged girls, social media hungry tourists, and time wasters. Such are the crowds that flood up the mainstream household names. Some of the popular bars are a lot less shitter than others but I’d avoid anything in Midtown for the most part.

Almost all quality bars and nightclubs have Jewish owners.

Well, this conversation just got a lot more politically incorrect.

The places which are brimming with talent and have lines out of the door? Pretty good chance the owner is Jewish. Jewish people have a lot of power in Manhattan, being even more dominant than WASPs on a social and cultural level in the borough. Sure, you will get crowded nightclubs where the owner might not be Jewish but usually, those nightclubs are a waste of time and the kinds of places under-aged girls go to.

Once you come across the bar with good ratios and a lot of hot girls but it has that exclusive vibe and isn’t as mainstream, you only know about it if you are a local, pretty good chance the owner is Jewish.

It’s surprisingly hard to find international talent in nightlife, you have to actually look and be proactive.

NYC is a surprisingly American city, by this I mean that you are far more likely to run into a former sorority girl type or basic bitch than your Euro or Latin queen. While it can vary by area, I was shocked to find that most women I approached and talked to were American women. Even more so, quite a few women were local and from the northeast itself.

“International women” in NYC are a lot more rude than their American counterparts.

Everyone wants to say how American women suck and are rude right? Wrong. The meanest and iciest women you will find in NYC nightlife will be European women, particularly Eastern European girls. Yeah, I get that there is hype around them and they’d be nicer in their home countries but in the US? They take that bitchiness and narcissism to the next level and make even the most shallow American girl seem like Cinderella.

Every nightlife venue will have its vain and narcissist Euro girls working there and even in the crowd turning their nose up at everyone. The attention hungry narcissistic accusations men make of American women? Eastern European girls take that to a whole new level and make even the stereotypical Orange County girl seem humble in comparison.

I’d say the typical twenty-something crowd in Manhattan is quite fratty.

Go to Murray Hill to find that you are in Big 10 Greek Life 2.0. Go to the Lower East Side to find that most of the crowd is fresh out of college and usually went to some large party school with a big Greek Life scene. The one caveat is that the same sorority girl who would have ignored your GDI’ass in college becomes very open to going home with a random than her college days.

Can you find your Brazilian or Swedish princess in Manhattan? You can, but you will have to be really proactive and accept that the international crowd in nightlife is quite niche.

Indian guys are very uncalibrated and creepy, especially if they are older.

Almost every mainstream nightclub is going to have its sleazy older Indian guy and after being there enough, you will notice that Indian men are responsible for their own predicament. Poorly dressed, out of place, and creeping out girls left to right. It’s a comedic site to say the least but also sad at the same time to notice that no one told these guys to be more composed and get in where they fit in.

On one hand, you have to respect these guys for putting themselves out there. On the other, you almost wish for their sake that they didn’t or at least that they put more work into their look. I still remembered a fat balding Indian guy who would approach everyone at the bars trying to get attention, he approached us and I tried to be nice but he didn’t get the hint when others wanted to be left alone.

Jewish women are actually really hot.

The stereotypes towards Jewish women may be unflattering but if you have been in NYC long enough, you’d have to practically be gay to not find Jewish women attractive. Go on any dating app and if you find some dark-haired beauty with good looks? Pretty good chance she is Jewish. While you may find a Sarah Silverman lookalike, you will also find a lot of Gal Gadots and Emily Ratajkowskis.

Nightclub and nightlife staff don’t want to be your friend, just get your drink and have fun.

Obviously don’t be an asshole and not tip at all but don’t expect that bartender who you tipped well to remember you. It is rare for you to tip a bartender well and for them to remember you to the point where they will treat you better on the next go-round, no matter how much of a regular you are. Now, this is especially true for the more popular establishments in the city such as those in the Meatpacking District.

Most staff are just looking to make their buck and get as much out of you as possible. If you tip well, no worries, they will find others to do the same thing. The nightclub and nightlife staff in NYC have a lot of power and they know it. Do not expect you tipping them well or being nice to them to buy you any favors. Maybe things change in the reopening?

You can tell how long someone has been in the city based on the kinds of bars they frequent.

Regular at all of the super commercialized and popular places? Guaranteed to be in their first couple of years there. I know the type, they usually want to game the crowd there and try to be buddies with the staff, they will learn.

Regular at more low key lounges? Figured out the game and realized how a lot of the popular spots on most nights are a waste of time.

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