Over the years, I have heard a lot of guys complain about how bad American women or just women from the “Anglosphere” are compared to women who are not a part of western culture. Entire movements support this idea and it has certainly gained a lot of traction in movements such as the red pill and other masculinity oriented spaces. As someone who has traveled to a few countries, been with women of various nationalities, and lives in a world class city that draws in people across the globe; I wanted to weigh in.

I’ll use American interchangeably across this post to also include Anglo women of all kinds.

Yeah, there are negative traits to American women.

The narcissism, little regard for the lives of others, social media crazy, vanity, “lack of femininity”, and there are plenty of lists out there around it. You will most certain find your Karen who embodies the worst ideals of the man-hating feminist, they are without a doubt out there. I myself have run into the man-hating feminist types and I can tell you, they are certain full of a lot of hate.

How exclusive are these traits to American women though?

That brings in its own host of questions and becomes the central theme of this post. We say American women are these man-hating psychopathic feminazis who are only out for themselves but how exclusive is all of this to American women? More importantly, how exclusive is this to women in the “Anglosphere” as a whole? Do American women happen to embody these traits to a greater degree than women from other cultures do?

Well, I didn’t have much of a sample size in my adolescence when I was growing up in Podunk to really say much. I always thought that a magical Brazilian woman or some European angel with that smile would come into my life and have almost no personality flaws. So when the chance presented itself, I traveled and moved to the capital of the world, New York City. As I interacted with different nationalities, cultures, and ethnic groups; I started to formulate my own opinions before I came to a conclusion.

Yeah, American women do have their flaws.

But, I was being naive to think that these flaws were exclusive to them. Perhaps I placed foreign women on too high of a pedestal and placed too great of an expectation on them which led to me having the rude awakening I had. I hate using the word bitch or cunt to describe a woman but truth be told, some cultures do indeed produce far bigger bitches and cunts than American and western culture.

Whatever negative traits we use to describe American women, there are cultures that produce them to a far greater extent than western culture ever could. Even worse, when you mix the worse of those cultures with the worst of American culture, you get a demon spawn for a woman.

So you think western women are “princesses” huh.

I love how masculine centric male spaces have made American and western women out to be “princesses” that expect everything handed to them, strongly disagree here. As a matter of fact, I have found that American women will pay for their half on a first date and be willing to pull their own weight.

Quite a few cultures produce women who embody the “princess” entitlement mentality to a far greater degree than western women do, Latinas come to mind. If you ever go on a date with a Latina, expect to pay for everything. Rarely will a Latina pull her own weight or pay for herself unless she has been raised in western culture. Spoiled and entitled? Any halfway decent looking Latina embodies this to a far greater degree than a western woman ever could.

Now that’s just the tip of the iceberg, try dealing with an Italian or Middle Eastern woman, the word spoiled is not nearly enough to describe them.

You think western women are queens of mind games and sociopathic right?

Sure, stories come out of the Casey Anthonys of the world but is this kind of sociopathic behavior exclusive to American women? Even more so, do western women embody it more than other cultures? I would say no. From my experience, the reward for the most sociopathic culture when it comes to women goes to the Mediterranean, particularly the Italians.

A woman from Italy or Spain is the queen of drama, mind games, and stirring up bad emotions in men. I would even say a lot of Latinas could probably run circles around your typical Katie or Karen when it comes to driving men mentally insane. Ever wonder why these cultures are so loaded with “passion”? The reason is because the women from these cultures thrive off of taking advantage of men and making them their servants. Even worse, unlike western culture, you cannot even call women out on their shit.

Are American women really that materialistic?

I would say that when it comes to being materialistic, western women could not even take bronze medal if they gave it their all. The reason for this is because western women actually do want a guy that is fun and exciting, being the most willing to overlook material wealth for it. Why else does the exotic fling, the bartender, the dance instructor, and all of these “fun” jobs that do not pay too well (except for bartender) do so well in the western world?

Well, because western women grew up around wealth and are taken care of, most do not really have that much of a need for a rich guy until they settle down.

Try Asian women, Middle Eastern women, and to be honest almost any other culture than western culture for materialistic women. Have fun trying to impress an Asian girl if you do not meet her checklist in terms of career and other factors out of your control (such as skin color).

But they are a bunch of raging feminists right?

Yeah, the feminist movement was started in the west but the whole man-hating mentality? You’ll find this in women in a lot of cultures. I was surprised to find how many Brazilian and Latin women I know who pride off of making life hell for men. I already remarked on how in some cultures like those in the Mediterranean region, women are beyond spoiled and can do no wrong.

While the whole anti-male movement might seem significant amongst your Karens, it is not really as exclusive to them as you may think. While women from say Asian cultures might not come off as raging feminazis, they still treat their men like shit in exchange for foreigners. Perhaps American women are vocal about it but women from other cultures are also about female empowerment.

More of all, you’ll see that women from repressed cultures that seem conservative turn into hardcore manhating feminazis once they get a taste of American culture. Middle Eastern, Asian, and Indian women that assimilate into American culture are a great example of this.

Okay but western women are so racist, I can’t possibly get hot girls as an Asian or Indian guy here!

On the contrary, I find that western women care by far the least about race if the guy is of value. Compare this to women of most other cultures who would take a Roland Schitt lookalike over a handsome guy of a minority group because their culture worships blue eyes and lighter hair. Yeah, you think American women are “racist”, you don’t know shit about prejudice until you hear women from other cultures openly saying how they want their kids to have white skin and lighter-colored eyes.

From my own observation, the men who struggle in the west do not do so because of race, they do so because they are just men that come from weak cultures. Most Indian men I have known in the US have been awkward, poorly dressed, in a terrible physical condition, and had poor hygiene.

Western women are probably the most willing to overlook race and ethnicity than any other group of women out there. On the contrary, I find that Asian women and Latinas are extremely picky about race to the point that a below average looking white guy is more desirable than a handsome darker guy.

But I’ll agree with you, depending on where they are from, western women can really suck. When western women suck, they REALLY suck (cue crude and dirty humor).

Your typical Orange County or tri-state area girl, really any girl from the coastal elitist areas can suck and embody the worst traits of American women (or humanity in general). Yet, to say that same thing about American women the country over or women across the Anglosphere is a bit unfair. Give me a cool Florida girl over a bitchy entitled Brazilian woman any day.

When American women suck though, they really suck. A western woman has the ability to drag your ass through the courts and beat you on all levels, something women from other cultures are not as good at. I’d sooner piss off a Latina or Asian woman before I got on the bad side of an American woman because the latter knows all the ways to fuck you over in a big way.

On the same token though, I would say that western women have a very high ceiling for being a great life partner. I notice that western women pull their own weight more often than women from other cultures who just wanted everything handed to them and lack that independent attitude.

So why the bad reputation?

I think that the bad reputation of western women is due to a few reasons.

Western men are more vocal about their frustrations.

Your typical American, Aussie, Canadian, or Brit is far more likely to take to the Internet and voice their frustrations compared to a guy from a third world country. The opponents of western women are just more vocal and have further reach from which to complain about their women. A Latino for example might not have that same reach from which to complain about women of his culture, especially not en-masse.

Grass is greener on the other side.

Well, at least it was for me. When you are only growing up around Karens, you fail to see how bad a Maria can be. All it took was for me to move to NYC and travel the world to see that women from other cultures can be equally as bad, usually much worse.

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