Why Astrology will be discussed moving forward.

As is no mystery for any of my readers, I am into Astrology. Now given that most of my readership is male and men generally dislike Astrology, I understand that I am going to lose quite a bit of fans here. Men pick on other men who are into Astrology and think of it to be something that only women are into. I had to give this a lot of thought because in a way, I do want to talk to my readers and this site does care about what you guys are into. After sitting on it for weeks, I have decided that Astrology will be discussed a lot more moving forward. I just realized that I was holding back with a lot of my writing by not posting about Astrology more often.

As for my own personal why.

For one, it is my site after all.

Look at me, I sound so selfish here. Running a website costs money, a lot of money, especially when you have your own domain that you are paying for. While I do want to discuss topics you guys want discussed and mail me about (and I have), I also think this site should be a reflection of who I am. You should all get a version of me that is raw, real, and also an insight into what is going on in my mind. As I do want to have topics to discuss that you guys message me about, I also have to continue to be true to myself just so all of you know who are dealing with here.

Continuing on that…it would suck to have another site for just astrology.

I cannot imagine paying for another domain to talk about astrology itself. Ideally, I’d want to integrate all of that conversation in with what we usually talk about. A lot of past posts have kind of been all over the place so I thought it to be right to add a new topic in here. Rather than having multiple aspects of who I am on different sites, I am going to have it all in one here.

It is somewhat personal to me.

The site after all is not just you receiving advice from me, I refuse to consider myself any kind of a dating coach. Instead, the site is more so of a chance of you read about my thoughts and experiences and then see if they can help you in any way. While I have been a Christian for a lot of my life growing up, I found Astrology to speak to a lot of what I was going through and in some ways serve as a guide. I mean, I believed the story of a man who walked on water because doing so otherwise would have made me a social outcast (or worse) so I am not against the idea that the day you are born has a lot of effects on you. A lot of people think it is fake, I don’t. I know I am taking a controversial stand here compared to what masculinity believes in but I don’t really care.

It can be a great conversation topic when you talk to girls.

I have found that a lot of women believe in Astrology, more than you would initially think about. Even if you find it to be kind of fake, the truth is that it can be a great and entertaining topic to tease women with and have great conversation about. Plus, for those of us who do believe in Astrology, I do think that it can be a great way to gage interest of certain women in our lives (look up synastry). It is actually quite entertaining.

For those of you who have not stopped reading my blog and do want to explore, it can be life changing.

I am not talking about knowing your sign, I am talking about your full birth-chart. For this, you need not just your birthday but also your birth place and exact time at which you were born. You will start to realize how accurate a lot of what is described by your reading is in terms of your whole life and why things happened the way they did. Astrology was able to tell me that I had parental issues with a father who was repressing me which led to me working on those very issues to where I could live the life I am living right now.

I rather trim the fat and have lesser followers who believe in what I am about than a lot more followers.

Same with my friendships, I rather have 5 very good friends than 50 acquaintances who will leave as soon as life becomes tough. Now this is why I have decided that I am ready to lose a lot more followers to this site and trim it down to the people who can appreciate me for just who I am and what I offer. As a result, I have decided that I am not going to hold back or care. You are going to get my unfiltered views however weird, controversial, or provocative they may be.

The plan.

The plan is that I am going to discuss synastry and other Astrology related posts moving forward. You are going to get at least a couple Astrology related posts per week which talk about how it ties into relationships. Primarily, this site’s message will focus more on travel and dating as it has overall.

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