Synastry, what it is and why you should check it out.

As I previously mentioned, Astrology will become a topic of focus on this site. Now one branch of Astrology I have become more curious about is synastry. In simple terms, synastry is just how two people relate to each other. Ever had someone who you just did not click with at all and even butted heads with a lot while other relationships it seemed like they were a long lost friend? Synastry explains that. Same with why some girls you hit it off with from the get go and others you just cannot get a thing going with.

To play around with it, you need your birth details such as birthday, time, and birth place. You also need the other person’s birthday and birth place, ideally a birth time as well but that is weird and hard to ask. I have experimented without the birth time to get a general sense and found it to make a lot of sense for the relationships in my life. In future posts, I will be speaking about aspects in synastry I experienced and after reading about them, how they affected me and my relationships.

Stay tuned folks!

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