Synastry Sundays: The most intense relationship I ever had in my life.

As a good bit of you know from recent posts, we will be discussing astrology more on here and specifically, synastry. Moving forward, I am going to invest more and more time into discussing synastry on Sundays and astrology overall on weekends.

When I think of synastry, I look to one of the most powerful, overwhelming, overbearing, and emotional impactful relationship I ever had in my life. The relationship was with a coworker who wasn’t exactly my boss but was more senior than me so what she said mattered in whether or not I got to my keep my job.

For a while, I knew something seemed to be off in the way we were working together. I take pride in being intuitive enough to know when someone wants what is best for me and when someone wants me to fail. In the situation with my coworker, I noticed that she had a bubbly and positive personality but towards me, she was different.

It all started in my third month where she constantly forgot the work I had done for her and during a company-wide meeting, indirectly threw me under the bus. I tried to wonder why she did what she did but in the coming months, things would change some more. At times, I’d get on video calls with her to see that this normally bubbly brunette had a feisty and angry look on her face of someone that wanted to kill me even when I did nothing wrong to upset her.

After some time, I noticed that the partnership had turned into a lot of deceit on her end, as if I was being gamed. I found that she had gone around my back and given credit of my work to others and expected that I not found out. All of our interactions were extremely intense and very overbearing, emotionally heavy like none other that I had ever experienced.

I realized that the deceit she put me through woke up so many intense emotions in me that I was blood boiling mad at her. At the same time, even though I was mad, I felt like I could not let go, it became like an addict needing his fix.

Whenever we were near each other, it was a different vibe.

The woman was a tall slim brunette in her fifties, looked a lot like Courtney Cox and to say that she had aged well would be an understatement. I found myself regularly dreaming about sleeping with her, as embarrassing as it sounds. Even the twenty-six year old me could not handle the kinds of arousal she gave me, it was something powerful. Needless to say, we fucked, a lot. We spent entire Saturdays just fucking, not being able to get off each other even though we were both sweaty and stinky.

Sex could not be rivaled by anyone really. We fucked and fucked and fucked, endlessly. Whenever we fucked, it was hot but had a lot of violence in it too where we were constantly trying to outperform (pun totally intended) each other. I would cum and she would have her orgasm but we’d keep going. At one time, I came about seven times in a day but just kept on going well past that, it was like my cock instantly got erect right after I came which is something I cannot explain.

What got me was that there was nothing lovey-dovey about this ordeal at all, in fact she had that intense look on her face the whole time our eyes locked. We’d kiss and lock lips, only for her to slap me hard on my cheeks and kiss me again. She’d call me nasty names like “dirty filthy animal” and even hit me at times when I could no longer fuck.

“Weak little shit, get that cock up, that’s all you’ve ever been good for, filthy bitch,” she said. I remember those words as my body burned on the inside on a hot NYC summer, she was punching me in the ribs as I laid exhausted. Afterwards, it was enough for us to go for another two hours.

“Looks like we might need to take a break,” I told her, as a serious stern and intense look consumed her.

“You know I would fucking tie you up, inject your body with adrenaline, make you take viagra, cut off your dick while its hard, and keep it in a jar if you ever did anything like that,” she said, cold and with conviction as I gulped in fear with my heart pounding.

Later on, this woman cooked me dinner but I was not allowed to eat it immediately. What she did next was take some icing from a cake and lather her hands with it as we both stood naked. Her icing covered hands stroked my cock gently before she dropped to her knees and blew me, an intense demonic look consuming her eyes as she looked up at me. After a few minutes, I came and let out a loud moan before almost falling to my knees.

We had dinner nude in a room, it was on a couch with her sitting on my lap. I had finished dinner only for me to want to get up, she gave me an angry look and slapped me. I told her that I needed to get water because I was kind of thirsty.

“Wah wah, I want water, wah, just shut the fuck up already, god, here,” she said, shoving her breast against my mouth and making me suck her nipple as she put an arm around my neck.

It was intense, crazy, and it seemed so dirty and taboo.

When she touched me, I felt like I was immediately aroused, a feeling very few women could get out of me. The few times I had touched or rubbed up against her by accidentally (or so I like to think), it elicited a powerful stare from her and her wanting to lean closer to me. I found that it was tough for her to keep her hands off of me and whenever our skins rubbed against each others, there was intensity in the air. My breaths would always get deeper as we touched and my heart would pound violently, something I saw in even her as she would stare at me and lick her lips.

But then, she got very bossy and tried to control me.

It was a game of her trying to get me to do things her way and micromanage me. I noticed her telling me more and more and more in our meetings “we do this my way!”. The demeanor got very bossy to where I found it ridiculous and still did my own thing.

One day, I noticed that she had put time on my boss’s calendar and I found out a week later that it was to complain about me but not about anything personal we had. Needless to say, I get called into the meeting with my boss who informs me that in all of his years of being involved with her, he had never seen her that livid. My boss told me her face turned red when she was raging and told me that I have to either work on fixing this partnership or find another job.

When I asked my boss what I did wrong, he told me that I had cancelled a meeting I had with her. Not only that, he said that I was bailing out of my meetings with her early which was pissing her off. On top of this, she hated that I slacked her about giving me credit on certain projects as well as talk to her about difficulties I was facing at the job.

A few days later, I have a meeting with her and my boss to talk about what I did being wrong. I notice a different vibe in the meeting, she showed up smiling and full of upbeat energy. We get told that everything is okay, she accepts my apology (smiling as she did it), and my boss and I are both dumbfounded.

In the coming months, what transpired was a tornado of powerful emotions and power moves on her end. I noticed that she was kind to me one week and then the next, the same raging madness came on. A lot of her words became more brash and she regularly threw profanity and sexual undertones into our conversation. I’d have some video calls with her where she would be doing her hair in a ponytail and even taking off her cardigan to only have her tank top on.

In a way, I was possessed, entirely.

I thought about her so much and I seemed to bring out emotions in her that no one else could. One moment, I wanted her to fall off the face of the earth, the other? I could not live without her. Very few women had managed to get such reactions out of me in my entire life but she did and I do not even know how and why. I could not get her out of my head, she was in there, eliciting powerful emotions in me.

I was so afraid to lose her but when I told her of times I feel like its not working out, she fought back because she was afraid to lose me. We knew eventually that we would have to stop working with each other but we just didn’t want to stop. It got to a point where we could not have a fun week unless we talked to each other.

I worked harder for her than I did for anyone else at the company or even in my career. No matter what I did, I could not stop working hard. Just trying to do something for her had awakened a massive drive in me inside of my work that I had for no one else in my career. Weekends and even time after work would result in me going the extra mile for her.

So I turned to astrology, specifically synastry.

Thankfully, our company has an HR platform where you can find out when people’s birthdays are and doing some research, I got an estimate of how old she was. After checking a few sources, I was able to find out her birthday and do her synastry chart with mines. We had quite a few aspects such as a double whammy between Mars and Venus (both at a 1 degree orb) and Mars-Lilith double whammy, but then I shared the chart with an Astrologer friend of mines.

The culprit is found.

I explained my situation to my astrologer friend who said that the culprit was not exactly what I thought it was. While Mars and Venus are intense, the kind of intensity I describe is not as powerful and often the emotions do not get that out of hand. While sexual attraction was present, he said that the chart showed it may have been far stronger than anything I might have expected.

What we found was that we had a double-whammy between Mars and Pluto. To make matters even more intense, the double-whammy on one end involved the sign of Scorpio which is the ruler of both combative planets. Now to add fuel to the fire, the orb was very tight to where it was 1 degrees on one side and a conjunction while being an exact trine on the other.

One of the scariest, most addictive, and powerful aspects was sitting right there in our synastry and so I read more into it.

My experience with this dark powerful aspect looking back.

I was overwhelmed and possessed like none other by this woman and since then, don’t believe I have had as many overwhelming relationships that consumed me. In a nutshell, this relationship consumed me and drove such powerful emotions that none others really have. My well-being in so many aspects of life was compromised from the stress, drama, and volatility of dealing with this aspect in a relationship.

For a while, I knew she was bad for me and I knew sticking with her was bad for my soul but I still did it. I knew that in her I did not have a loyal partner and I had someone who would end me in a minute but something kept me pulled down. It was as if a witch or some spirit had made its way into my mind and my soul to the point that breaking free was not an option.

I couldn’t let go at all even though I knew it was in my best self-interest to do so, it was so painful on an emotional level. My diet, daily schedule, and everything went out the window as a result of working with her and the same happened to her. I gained a lot of weight and had almost taken a hiatus from all personal things just to be at work but really, it was to be more around her and be involved with her.

My gut and conscience told me that this woman is a cancer for me but still, I stuck with working extra hard for her. Why God? Why could I not break free from her? Why could I not let go and just move on? I could simply walk away and just forget about her but every single fucking day she was on my mind, she had taken over such a powerful hold that I could break free. I even poured cold water over my head whenever I could not get her out of my mind.

If anything happened to her, I was always curious. I had to know what was going on and why it was going on. Even the slightest thought of losing her scared me even though I knew working with her was temporary. I did not want to, I really didn’t. Even though she was so bad for me, I wanted to be near her.

Most of all, the jealousy, dear God the jealousy. Unless it was her husband, our company’s CEO, or her boss; I got jealous when other guys got more of her attention than I did. When other men made a move on her, it incited violent emotions in me towards them. If she favored other men to me, I imagined misfortune to go at her.

Whenever I tried to get away or distance myself, she would find me. I noticed a lot of covert and subtle yet powerful tactics used by her to pull me back in. No matter what I did, I could never escape her. Even to this day, I cannot escape her and live in fear daily of when she would arrive. I’ve had nightmares of her walking into my room except her eyes looking like that of a serpent ready to consume its prey.

Overtime, I have learned to deal with it and live a better life. I changed but it is a relationship I would never go back to.

What the crowd had to say about Mars Pluto contacts in synastry.

Being the naturally curious guy I was, I went to my good friend Google and found what everyone had to say about it.

Mars-Pluto aspects in synastry are viewed as aggressive and extremely volatile by various astrologers. Several have gone as far as to say that Mars conjunct, square, or opposite Pluto are the most dangerous contacts a couple can have. It suggests the potential of abuse, murderous desires, rape and violence in a relationship. While these interpretations are, to some extent, excessive, this contact is certainly not designed for the half- hearted and some couples do actually go on to face the violence of emotions that so often erupt.

from Astrology Membership

If any of you had an issue accessing the link through the quotes above, you can view the full post here.

I had this aspect with an ex. It was hard to break off. Like Antichrist said, it was addicting and primal. It was like animal attraction in a way. When he got nasty, violent, aggressive, mean, I got wet. I’ve got a lot of passive water signs in me, so, I was pretty helpless against his domination, and in some way, I enjoyed it and just let it happen. He ordered me around, took from me what he wanted sex wise. It was hot but it was also not healthy. I could…not…say…no and he realized he could dominate me easily by being aggressive. edited

– Amazafortunar on reddit

You can see the reddit thread here.

There is an extremely competitive energy between you as you seek to exert sexual dominance, power and control. Together you can be such a willful couple, intensely and possessively sexual, the drive generated between the two of you is so powerful the it can blot out every other meaningful aspect of your lives if you let it. When the first persons Mars is in conjunction with the second persons Pluto, your partner adds energy, primal urges, assertiveness and a fiercely competitive spirit to your willingness to go to extremes to penetrate to the essence of things. Expect fireworks of all kinds.

– Astromatrix

The link can be accessed here.

Only the hard aspects are this dangerous, though; the conjunction, sextile and trine of Mars-Pluto in synastry is one of the most transformative, healing, and sexually intense indicators out there.

– KFAstrology

Full link here.

You even see this aspect mentioned as one of the most explosive when compared to others.

This will be a competitive, intense, highly sexually charged union. These two planets natures are highly explosive so it’s pretty much like adding gasoline to a burning stick of dynamite. Be sure to have positive goals to channel this energy towards because it will not remain dormant.

– Astro-chologist

You can see full link here.

Mars/Pluto is more primal in a pure sexual way than Moon/Pluto which is more emotional and much more emotionally bonded. You can have Mars/Pluto with a fling and not feel a thing in your emotions.We have the same kind of weighting with the conjunction, trine, opposition and square as we did above.

To summarize, I would say that Mars/Pluto could be passionate sex and passionate emotions but no soul.If a chart had no Moon aspects and Mars/Pluto aspects, I would say it would be a fling.

– My CHristian Psychic

Full post can be seen here.

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