Why I walked away from the partying and drinking lifestyle.

I hope all of my readers had a great weekend and have a lot of fun things to look forward to this week. Given that the weekend just ended, I thought I’d share something we all do on weekends whether habitually or time to time.

When I first arrived in NYC, I would go out every weekend and at times even on weekdays with the intention of getting as drunk as possible with the friends that I had made. For the longest time, I saw my partying and drinking lifestyle as a rebellion from my sheltered upbringing. I was not allowed to party in my teens due to strict parents and growing up in Podunk which let to me spending a lot of weekends inside. To me, the alcohol fueled party-life was a breath of fresh air, until I walked away from it.

For a while, I idolized that partying and drinking lifestyle, especially since I was not able to do much of it in college. I was a late bloomer and alcohol did not touch my lips until I was a little over the age of 21, it sucks to admit but it is true. I envied the college kids who would wake up the next day about the wild stories from last night while I was the one staying in. The younger me longed for those nights of finally getting my hand on heavy liquor at a night club and having the time of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I think ALL men should try it once and I am sure as hell not going to get all self-righteous here, hear me out!

Whether you are a college kid out on his own or someone in his thirties that had a very sheltered youth, I highly recommend testing your alcohol tolerance and having a go at it, get it out of your system while you can. I even party from time to time when my friends are in town or when it is a special occasion, not nearly as much as I used to. Before I say anything else, let me make it vehemently clear here that I am not in any way shape or form advocating the crap that the red pill community does of abandoning chasing women, giving up on a great sex life, and getting married with kids.

Let me also define what I mean by partying lifestyle.

Going out to a cocktail lounge and having drinks in a place where you can hear people talk is not a partying and drinking lifestyle. Having a few beers on a nice rooftop is not a partying and drinking lifestyle. What I define as a partying and drinking lifestyle is having pre-games with your friends which involve you downing a whole lot of alcohol as loud music is played and then heading out to a bar or club where you can barely hear anyone, only to drink heavily until you almost blackout. In other words, I still go out every weekend, just not in the way I used to.

Now for why I walked away from getting blacked out drunk and waking up with hangovers.

For one, it was impacting my health.

I had friends who woke up in the hospital with the amount of drinking they did and some who looked a mess after a while. Meanwhile, I had managed to gain over thirty pounds due to the nights of going out to drink until I was blacked out drunk. All of that alcohol coupled in with the hunger for junk food afterwards started to add up on my waist line, I ironically looked worse which impacted the success that I had with women. I also hated waking up vomiting all over because I felt like shit from the hangover, not fun.

It kills your wallet, fast.

Most of the nonsense in the party life is bullshit whether it is cover charges, drink minimums, tables, or overpriced drinks. All so you can be at a place where you can barely move, barely hear anything, and get blacked out drunk. Oh you wanted to be here to meet women and live that wild sex life right? Yeah let’s talk about it.

I cannot understand a fucking word you’re saying, I am trying to stop myself from going deaf!

I sometimes wonder how much my hearing is going to suck because I have spent so many years at places blasting music to the max. Good luck understanding or talking to anyone at these places, you will have to yell at the top of your lungs or just be uncomfortably close with them. After a while, you start to prefer a quieter venue or at least a club that has a quiet area in it.

You spend more time socializing with your own circle than you do approaching women.

Everyone who goes into the club usually sticks with their own crew. You start to realize that in those nights you go out with a big enough crew, you stick more with them than approaching other women at the club. After all, why not? You have a group of women with you already so you are going to be spending time having fun with them rather than going out and risking rejection from strangers.

Now your game takes a hit.

Let’s see, nights out mainly interacting with people you are comfortable with and drowning yourself with enough alcohol to get blacked out drunk so you can barely talk to women? Yeah, not gonna come up with any good techniques or any natural things to get a girl going. Nope, you are going to rely on drunk hookups to happen where you might not even be able to get it up after all of that partying. See, this is where that life really hits you, your game takes a hit and regresses overtime.

It’s actually much harder to meet women, at least quality ones.

The reality is, as I discussed in my post about nightclubs, most women who are at a nightclub are not there to be picked up. Most women at nightclubs are there to party with their friends and the crew that they came with, not to talk to random guys. If you try to pick up at nightclubs and packed places where everyone goes to get blacked out drunk, you are going to fail and get rejected a lot more often. The reality is, most of the best looking women are there with a guy they already know.

You ruin your plans for the whole weekend of meeting women and cool people after that.

Go out at around 11 at night while you have an assload of alcohol in you from the pre-game and then get wasted at a nightclub, next thing you know it is 4 AM and you are heading out. Now it’s the next day and you are sleeping in until the afternoon, barely time to do anything else. No time for hanging out with friends or doing activities that can help you meet more women because your liver and basically your entire body is scorching hot from all of that drinking the night before. You went all in on a low success rate at nightclubs, only to lose the weekend not being able to work on anything else.

The people you meet in that lifestyle are usually toxic and most of the times trouble.

Can anyone say drama and tears from spoiled girls who cry over everything? That’s the lifestyle right there.

Now throw in more drama, fights, seedy people, and trouble waiting to brew at every corner. Such is the reality of the hardcore party life or at least the people that take part in it. The party lifestyle is stacked and loaded with people who thrive off of drama, gossip, and don’t really have much else going on outside of that. Even in college, where it is hyped up to be the best, you realize that the people taking part in it are nothing but trouble and usually the ones who flunk out fast.

The people working at these types of establishments also suck, a lot.

Whether it is the try-hard promoter, the grumpy bouncer, or the entitled bartender; the people at the establishments that promote getting blacked out drunk usually suck. Most of them are vain, not as attractive as you may think, and often trying to compensate for a lack of the many things in their lives. I have a friend who was a bouncer at one of the prime places in NYC and he talks to me about how rude the staff would be towards a lot of the people in the club.

The reality is, they can get away with it too because they know enough people will come to their place. Most of the slutty plain-faced women and the simps after them will always pour into these establishments so there is no need for them to really change anything in what they do. Bouncers happily throw out whoever they want, often power tripping, while bartenders overcharge for drinks because they have all of the power. In most cases, the people working at nightclubs kind of suck.

The quality and good looking women are very rarely taking part in it.

In reality, nightclubs and the party life are breeding grounds for 7s; above average looking women who want attention. Most of the times when I went out and looked, I found that the women in this lifestyle were just very dolled up and put in the extra effort to look good but they were rarely the Irina Shayk lookalikes.

Even back in my college days when I did get in on that lifestyle, I noticed how quickly the best looking girls had grown out of it and they did so fast. Most of the best looking women grew out of that life and they went for greener pastures as they grew up. Instead, you found a lot of 4s to 7s in that party lifestyle, the 4s usually trying to stop you from getting with the 7s.

Think I am wrong? Go out to a nightclub with a girl that looks hot, see how much eyes and attention she attracts compared to most of the girls at the club.

You start to realize just how thirsty and depraved the males at these places are.

Even in NYC nightclubs, a city known for having favorable ratios for men, the scene is full of frustrated and bitter men. Most of these men come to the places with the hopes of getting laid and meeting the woman for the night only to find that these girls are there with another guy. You’d be surprised to find how bad gender ratios get at the nightclubs where the drink and party hard lifestyles are encouraged.

Needless to say, it is easy as hell to get into a fight or get into it with the wrong guy. Even moreso, it is easy to get guys that want to start fights with you because they did not get laid. Such alcohol fueled environments which are loud often result in men who are willing to fight on the drop of a dime for minor pride.

So there you have it.

I get it, some of you might want to take part in this lifestyle and I highly recommend you do. I think all men should get this out of their system before they move towards greener pastures, it is almost a rite of passage. Occasionally, I too will come back to this lifestyle of partying and drinking for the fun of it but I have stopped making it a lifestyle like it was for me when I first moved to NYC. The reality is, I found better ways to meet more attractive women and cool people, be on the lookout for that post!

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