Signs that it is time to quit the drinking and partying lifestyle.

Throughout this week, I have been talking about my experiences with the drinking and partying lifestyle and what led me to quit. Now I have a lot of readers who go out a lot at nights and I encourage this, a lot. As I have said repeatedly, there is a difference between going out to meet people versus getting wasted at pre-game just so you can end your night with your crew at a loud club.

As it needs repeating, everyone should try this lifestyle at least once, get it out of your system folks!

Most people would have had this lifestyle in their college years with their crew where they are having alcohol for the first time. People who do not experience it in college will experience it at some other point in adulthood once they find their crew, usually in a big city. No matter which one you are, try it for a while and get it out of your system. Have those wild nights with your friends so you do not end up being one of those bitter older people. Every guy is best off having this period in their life when they are getting it all out of their system.

Here is when it becomes time to quit.

It is seriously impacting your health.

Maybe you have gained quite a few pounds from going out so much and been at the end of a few hospital visits because you could not control your alcohol. Perhaps you realize that you are becoming kind of an alcoholic and it is messing up your sleep schedule in a big way. The headaches, migraines, and other health complications keep on piling up.

It is getting in the way of you meeting new women.

As I discussed previously, it is tougher to meet new women when you party because there is more focus on your crew and the women in it. Whether it is screwing up your game, messing up your schedule for other avenues to meet women, or just leaving you looking like a total mess for your date the next day; the party life can ironically ruin your dating life. If you feel that deep down those nights at the club are leading to more drinking and hangovers as opposed to talking to good looking women you are attracted to sober, it may be time to back off.

You are not satisfied with the quality of women in your life.

You wake up only to realize that the girl who you thought was a hot blonde when you were a few shots deep on that liquor looks like the witch from Conjuring the next morning as you wake up next to her. Every time you go out, you realize that the women you see are far better looking than the women you are waking up next to. The girls in your circle do not have the looks or personality to fulfill you and the women you want in your life are just not in it.

It is messing up your wallet.

Hundreds of dollars in alcohol and club charges that leave you spinning your head the next day, man oh man! If your party life is putting financial stress into other areas of your life, it is time to back off and look for a way to cool down from it. Go out less during the week and start finding alternatives to those Ubers. The VIP section and bottle service is not worth it!

You feel like the people you meet through it are a drag on your life now.

Your friends that you used to get drunk with are asking you for money or mooching off of you. A lot of your acquaintances that you meet through this lifestyle are dragging you down and stopping you from getting to where you want to be in life. Deep down inside, you feel as if you can find better friends with better values while having outgrown the values of partying five days a week. You know something is off and your social circle needs an upgrade because you are tired of your crazy friend always needing to be bailed out of jail.

You are having one too many scares and close calls.

A night spent in the hospital because you drank too much, waking up in a mysterious place and not even knowing how you ended up there, getting into a brawl and worrying about the legal repercussions, and a night that could end up in you spending time in jail; it’s time to have an epiphany! At this point, it is time to realize that your entire life can change for the absolute worst and Lady Luck is throwing you a lifeline, take the hint.

It is getting in the way of you making money.

Too many hangovers on your way to work and way too much sleeping in for those working remote. Your business and job are leading to you making less money or actually just going under because you party too much. Same goes for college kids reading this, if those grades are slipping then you are going to find yourself at your local commuter school fast if you don’t get a handle on things. As soon as your livelihood starts being affected, it’s time to call it quits.

You feel like you’ve hit your limit and seen enough.

You have enough crazy stories to tell that can last an entire lifetime for now. All of the brawls, crazy shenanigans, and the whole A through Z; it’s enough for you now. You feel like whatever you wanted to experience from the party life, you experienced and it is now time to move on. Your bucket list is now filled with items with a check next to them, it’s time to move on.

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