Alternatives to partying hard if you want have fun and meet people.

In recent days, I have spent my time telling you why I quit the party lifestyle and why it is not really all that conductive to meeting new women. I would not leave any of you out in the dust wondering what better alternatives look like so today, I am going to focus on those better alternatives to meeting new women which are also better for your life overall.

We have to start off with nightlife itself, except places where you can actually, you know….hear people!

Quieter rooftops, Speakeasy type of spots, cocktail lounges, and even the quiet areas of nightclubs. The mindset is that you do not go out with a large crew like you did when partying, you go out by yourself or with a cool wingman to these areas. You have maybe four drinks maximum and call it a night by around 1 AM if nothing has happened. The key here is that you can have conversations, meet new people, and not deal with the hectic atmosphere that comes with a nightclub. After all that is done, you can even get decent sleep and get back into the game the next day!

Happy hour type of spots.

You go out on weekdays to more chill bars where the vibe is more of a happy hour than a loud nightclub. The key is the same here, you meet higher quality people and are less likely to meet seedier people. Most of all, you can meet women that are worth dating as opposed to only being good for a one night stand. Tuesdays and Thursdays can be great days to go out as the vibe is more chill on these days, I’d generally avoid going out on Fridays altogether.

Day drinking.

Continuing the theme of alcohol, you go to day drinking spots on a beautiful day. What this could mean is going to a place that would normally be a nightclub moreso during the daytime when there is less of the intense party scene. Ideally, you go to brunch type of spots with a socializing type of area as well and you should be in a good place. Meanwhile, you can catch up on some sleep during the night and not be as compromised there. You can count watching sports at your local bar during the day here too.

A nice rooftop bar.

Ideally during the day but nights can be fine too as long as it is a more quieter rooftop, its fine even if it is on top of a nightclub. You can use the rooftop as a more quiet place to approach and talk to women while everyone else gets thrashed in the nightclub. Help yourself to a classier drink and likely nicer bartenders who are not as stressed out servicing a packed bar.

A nightclub with many quiet areas.

Find nightclubs that have a lot of quiet places such as an outdoor lounge or smoking area if you can, these can be great places to meet new women. Meanwhile, avoid nightclubs that are only packaged into one giant place with loud banging music everywhere. The quiet areas can be a godsend for getting away from it all.

Noticed how all places I have mentioned are still alcohol and heavy on going out?

I don’t really want you to be one of those losers that quits drinking for good and lectures everyone else about the dangers of the party life. We have too many of these types in the red pill movement already who put on the MGTOW mentality and warn about the dangers of game because they got burned. The reality is, I want you to go out and have fun in life as you drink responsibly. Now let’s say you want to ease off on the drinking a bit as well.

Local events in your city.

Some sites (such as BucketList sites) are dedicated to having a tour guide or putting you in a group as you go through and meet people on the tour. We have boat tours for people living in the city who want to get the views, they can be a great time for meeting new people and even women out and about for men.

Hobby classes.

Very specific to you and your hobbies, the usual yoga classes and other things get thrown around as well here. I will throw intramural sports and other events in here as well. Ideally, you go for something you are passionate about and from there, you will find your fit.

Day game.

Oh yeah, the dreaded day game which scares men but it does not have to be scary. You can do it at parks and other areas but don’t be too pickup artist-like about it. It can be a great way to iron out some social shyness if you do it in a more natural type of a way. I’d recommend doing it to get warmed up and speaking to strangers in general, as long as they do not look sketchy.

Coffee shops.

If you are like me, you love getting work done at a coffee shop. I recommend making it a part of your routine to do it at the coffee shop, lots of cool women go there. Talk to great people who want to get things done and be productive over caffeine.

Many more can be mentioned, but they are city specific.

In some cities, it can mean playing co-ed volleyball while in others it is joining a church. So much depends on the city itself that you have to learn that city’s culture in order to find that best fit. I am not the biggest fan of MeetUp since it attracts old horny dudes and women creeped out by them. Learn your city’s culture to find some more social outlets, it can be as simple as going to a park.

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