Why I refuse to go out on Fridays

5 PM hits and it is time to end the week, TGIF as they say right? I say TGIF (Thank God Its Friday) indeed but there is a caveat; I am not going out. I used to go out a lot on Fridays back in my early twenties since well, that is what you are supposed to do right? Well, not anymore.

Now I know I am going to challenge conventional wisdom here since well, it is the weekend right? Not quite though, not quite. While I used to think that Friday nights meant meeting new women and getting laid, overtime I felt that it was actually wrong, Thursdays and Saturdays were much better. I actually think that most men are better off staying in on Friday if their intentions are to meet new women and get laid.

For one, you are spent from the week!

You had a long week at work and finally, you are hitting what looks like your 40th hour of the week. Great, stay in and relax. You are going to go out less than a hundred percent and not really be able to bring that energy that you need to attract the kind of attention you want. Unless you have some serious help in the form of supplements and drugs, you are just going to be so spent and exhausted on Friday night.

People are there to chill with their friends and coworkers.

Happy Hours that go on for longer than usual? Check.

Friends in town and we need to have a wild night out? Check.

Wanting to get wasted because it is Friday? Check.

Notice what each of them have in common? The fact that all of these make it tougher for you to meet new women and get laid. You cannot meet new women anymore because the circumstances are not set up for you to do so.

It takes away energy from fun things you have lined up for the weekend.

Let’s see, you go out on Friday and stay out past 2 AM, what is the end result? You end up being so drained and spent from the entire ordeal that you barely have the energy for Saturday. Now you are sleeping in instead of getting the workout in so you can have the energy to be amped for Saturday night. Saturday comes and you have not been able to get on top of much, instead spending time catching up on sleep only to lazily get back to the club scene again.

So here is a better alternative.

I rarely make a post like this without proposing an alternative and the one I have is a lot better. You simply go out on Thursdays where you are likely to meet women down to fuck and then take Fridays off to rest. For Saturdays, you use those as the days to go ham and then use Sundays to rest.

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