My theory on how the USA became so culturally fucked up

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

G.Michael HOPF

Cancel culture, radical politics on both sides, micro-aggressions, and you all know what I am trying to get at here. The fact of the matter is, as an American and even as a westerner, we live in a world where whatever you say can easily be taken out of context to where you get cancelled and have your livelihood ruined. Then I observe the uproar which has happened over the movement behind those who got the jab feeling like they have to police everyone in NYC as well.

I thought about what has happened to America, politically and culturally, for weeks actually. How is it that we live in such a sensitive and outrage culture and most of all, the outrage and sensitivity seems to come from those who are privileged enough (white, at least middle class, and not starving). As much as we blame media, politicians, and celebrities; I know it all had to come from somewhere deeper. I kept thinking about it and came up with a theory.

It is in the human condition to struggle and look for confrontations.

By nature, we as a people are inclined to always strive for something. We need food, shelter, safety, community, love, and a host of other things to feel fulfilled in life. Throughout history, people have always tried to conquer, claim more, and overcome a struggle in their lives. At our very cores, we as a people need a struggle to overcome in order to give purpose to our lives. For some, it can be being the best at their jobs but it is something that pushes us to be our best so we can appreciate what we earn.

For generations, it was like this in the US.

From the founding of the country as it rebelled against British Control to the Civil War and both World Wars, the American was a survivor. Both men and women of the United States lived with the fact that their security is not to be taken for granted and it was not until after World War II that the US became the unquestioned superpower of the world.

I remember talking to older generations who speak about having to hide in bunkers in case of a nuclear attack or the fear of being drafted into a war. For such a man or woman, the daily life of comfort was not to be taken for granted, it was a gift and a privilege.

Then it changed.

Overtime, I would say from the 80s and onwards, things started to become easier. The economy thrived and technology took off like crazy. Even though we did have a serious threat in 2001 along with two wars we were entangled in, it did not come with mandatory drafts or the thought that a powerful foreign country could come to our shores and invade us. For the longest time, the millennials enjoyed a technologically advanced society with most of their basic needs met.

Even though the economic crisis in 2008 put a dent on future earnings for millennials, they still had a home to live in and enough technology and comfort to keep themselves busy enough. Even when things did get tough for the millennial, their safety, security, and basic needs were still met. No fear of being invaded by foreign entities or having to fear for your life, only the realization that you are economically in a tough spot.

Basic needs are met, source found here.

We had no more formidable enemies, so the group that had it so easy started inventing them.

I think about the whole movement of those getting the jab bullying those that do not get it. Living in NYC and reading the toxic subreddit for my city, it dawned on me. When I look at outrage culture and the kinds of people freaking out on social media over perceived racism and sexism; it is not the demographic you would think.

After all, shouldn’t women in places like Afghanistan want to be the most feminist of all given the situation in their country? Yet, feminism is largely run by privileged white women who grew up in the west in a society run by a group of men probably the most supportive of women’s rights. Similarly, it is white college kids being the most outraged over who gets the jab or not. Most of these were not even the kinds who played sports in high school, instead they were likely subject to helicopter parenting and stayed in playing video games or just going through their emo/goth/hipster phase.

Now think about it, these are not the people who had to go through being drafted for a war, hide in a bunker, or fear losing their basic security due to foreign threats. I would say that this group of our generation has access to some of the greatest resources in regards to being able to easily access the internet, not have to fear going hungry, having access to a college education, and being in a safe enough society.

Yet, it comes down to wanting that challenge.

Past generations had a real formidable adversary whether it was the Nazis or the Vietnam War Draft which could easily change their life. Instead, they enjoyed a relatively cozy life in the suburbs and a greater access to international travel and technology making things significantly easier. For our generation, the struggle became social media likes and clout. You see this very thing play out with putting up black squares on Instagram or playing vaccine police to everyone around them.

Every man and generally every person needs their obstacle to conquer, it is in a person’s condition to struggle for something. In the first humans to walk the earth, it was to fend themselves from wild animals and hunt food to eat. As we kept on advancing as a society, the struggles and obstacles became a lot more different. The worst thing that can happen to a society or to a man is that lack of a struggle in life, this is partly why spoiled kids are some of the most messed up people you will ever meet. We are seeing that pent up desire in our generation which was subject to helicopter parenting, participation trophies, and coddled by their parents come out in this militant behavior of being the vaccine police or taking part in outrage culture.

Let me post it again because I just have to…..

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

G. Michael Hopf

This is their D-Day.

Past generations braved through serious threats in order to secure America’s place as a global superpower, just so the modern generation can have the comforts it has. The problem is, Millennials got way too comfortable which led to the generation inventing enemies through what they were taught. Outrage culture took over and played out over the years to what you see today with people trying to take their frustrations out on those who have not received a jab. It’s not about health or well-being or even wanting to get back to normal, it’s about a hero complex to compensate for an easy life without struggle and having that feeling like you conquered something.

And what can you really do?

You talk back to them and your livelihood can end in a matter of minutes. You can’t reason with them because they are so emotionally fueled due to years of repressed desires. Media and all of the big corporations are on their side and even using them as their little social justice soldiers. Sometimes, even going to a more sane part of the country as opposed to the elitist liberal cities is a temporary fix as these kinds of spoiled people are going to find their way everywhere.

I stay quiet and avoid topics that involve politics and whatever the news say. Yet, I have decided that I cannot stand on the sideline on this blog anymore because ultimately, politics and their effects on society have an impact on how your dating life turns out. I have seen how weak leadership has turned a once great city into a proof of jab police state where you cannot even go to the gym or eat indoors unless you have been jabbed.

While I will not go into conspiracies like a lot of other bloggers have, I find it my duty to supply to my readers sources of truth outside of the mainstream ideal which you can also view.

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