Life, politics, and how August has changed me.

For the longest time, ever since I really found this blog, I stood on the sidelines when it came to politics. I thought that nothing good can really come of it as violence, intimidation, and cancelling people who truly express how they feel has become the law of the land in American and even western politics. I had thoughts and even on here, I kept them to myself because I believed you can just ignore it and live your life.

Then in early August, the news of the proof of jab came in my city which you can read about here. Ever since then, the rules have become even more strict which you can all read about in the news. While I have no strong stance on the jab, the way it played out angered me. I saw how one side reacted angrily and with extreme prejudice towards the other side in the same month when we had far bigger problems to deal with as Americans worldwide.

Most of all, I saw it affect my own life regardless of whether or not I got the jab. It’s likely going to be needed if you want to travel to other states as well through air so if you are someone who has not received it, then you are practically forced against your own will. I have friends who are in the process of packing up almost everything they own so they can leave NYC before it gets to that point.

Worst of all? No one in that situation knows when they might immediately pass that law or make it a requirement to show proof of the jab if they want to travel. Imagine how bad the situation is when you have to live every day or even week putting all of your fate into politicians who have their own agendas.

My job is not to go against the system or end up being one of those idiots that causes a scene. I never was the one to care about politics all that much because I thought that people take it way too seriously when they could just be working on ways to improve their own lives. After seeing how things have played out, I realized I was being quite naive. I realized that politicians can change the lives of masses with just one swift bill passing.

Now, I have started to see myself more as a messenger that has the purpose of letting you know what is happening so you can live your best life. I do not want any of my readers to end up being one of those idiots who does something stupid which makes headline news for all the wrong reasons, instead I rather have you not make the news at all.

I have taken it upon myself moving forward to discuss politics, the ridiculous nature of our times, and give you as much information as possible to live a great life by putting yourself in a situation where the crazy politics of the times does not affect you.

Starting off, I am telling all of my readers something I never thought I would tell them, get out of NY if you have not received the jab. If you are in NYC, make plans to leave as soon as possible and as quickly as possible. Pretty soon, you are going to face even more restrictions than ever before. Even as a liberal, I am forced into a situation where I am going to tell my readers to consider a red state with relaxed restrictions.

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