As a Millennial, I can no longer deny that my generation is a complete and utter joke

I am angry, I am upset, livid, furious, mad to the bone, and outraged. The events that have unfolded throughout 2020 did upset me but I got over them. Yet, the way 2021 has played out has made me so livid and upset at my generation that I have zero sympathy for our struggles. I used to ignore the elders when they said that our generation sucked, now they are sages to me. It’s like my generation is so fucked up that people became desensitized as to how messed up of a generation it truly is, even much worse than the boomers.

First of all, my outrage millennial kings, where the fuck is the outrage over Americans dying in Afghanistan?

You know what, I am fucking livid and so angry over what has happened to my fellow Americans in Afghanistan. What makes me even angrier? The fact that Americans my age who are supposed to be “woke” are not as outraged over the very men who defend their rights to be “woke” losing their lives. Oh how the social justice Skillrex queen would cower when she has to live in a society where her face needs to be covered.

Meanwhile, what exactly are we outraged over? Oh that’s right, people not getting the jab for an illness with over a 99% survival rate. Yeah, we’re outraged over an illness not much deadlier than the common flu but not the fact that we are facing one of the biggest fuckups in history when it comes to foreign relations.

I cannot even wrap my head around how messed this all is. For a while, I even got a punching bag and punched it repeatedly, imagining that it was yet another outrage queen on TikTok crying over something less than politically correct a celebrity said. I cannot for the life of me imagine why my generation is completely ignoring the fact that we messed up a policy failure so much that the very troops giving their lives for us to live ours were in danger.

What happened to priorities? You want to be outraged? Be outraged over the fact that we are in for a shitshow given the eviction moratorium. Be outraged over the fact that our troops and thousands of Americans and westerners in Afghanistan are in danger of losing their lives because of how poorly the foreign situation has been handled. Be outraged over the fact that inflation is going up like crazy. Be outraged over the fact that the same women’s rights and equality you have riots over are going to be stripped from Afghanistan after it was making so much progress towards it. Be outraged over the fact that the US now has a weakened position globally as our enemies are smiling at us being weakened.

Nope, none of that is worth getting outraged over….

Instead, mean Tweets are worth getting angry over and others not getting vaccinated is worth the outrage. I wonder, what happened? How did my generation become this fucked up and this much of a shitshow? This reminds me of the South Park episode called Raising The Bar. Now we need James Cameron to almost come in to save the day.

And how did it come to this.

We ask how it came to this and while I will expand more on it in future posts, I think it’s because we simply got too comfortable as a generation. We have had it far easier than any other generation in the past with the amount of technology that has made our lives more than convenient. Past generations had to fight for their right to live a good life, our generation did not.

We got too comfortable and because we barely had to fight for anything from our freedoms to our lifestyle; we always took the path of least resistance. We didn’t question anything that the media threw our way and just regurgitated talking points from media and teachers with an agenda. Clout and attention became the biggest currency of a generation that had everything handed to it and based their entire existence off of social media likes and views.

Act like a fucking idiot for attention, protest things you do not know jack shit about, get outraged for attention, and be a brat in adulthood because it helps you get more views and sympathy online. All for a generation that didn’t have nearly as much struggle as past generations did. Now? Go around and police people for not getting a jab for an illness with over a 95% survival rate.

To all past generations, you were right. To all future generations, you are better than us because anything you do will be raising the bar. Apologies from a Millennial for all of the mess the cowards, morons, and imbeciles of my generation will leave you all with. The boomers were 10 times better than this. Millennials deserve to go down as the worst generation in American history, a complete and utter joke.

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